IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-06-11

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Octal__Hey, I'm trying to enable the developer mode on my N9, but it always tells me « Connection to the application provider was lost »00:42
Octal__I don't know what to do00:42
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Octal__Ok, I didn't change anything, and it worked00:55
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itsnotabigtruckOctal__: yeah, sometimes it's pretty unreliable03:50
itsnotabigtrucknow go one step further and get inception :)03:50
auseris it working on 1.3 yet?03:53
itsnotabigtruckthat's classified03:54
auserhmm ... well, I am still at 1.0 ... but I have annoying update message in my notification bar all the time03:56
itsnotabigtruckauser: it's probably offering to update you to 1.203:57
itsnotabigtruckdo the update, it's an improvement03:57
itsnotabigtruckthough, actually...03:57
itsnotabigtruckconsider maybe flashing it instead of updating it03:57
itsnotabigtruckpeople have had problems after updating instead of flashing03:57
itsnotabigtruckalso when you flash it, make sure to flash it with the 001 firmware03:57
auserit says 1.339.03.103:58
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auserversion 30.2012.07-1.339.03.103:59
itsnotabigtruckauser: i think that means you're already on PR1.2...03:59
itsnotabigtruckbut you're on variant 339, which is bad03:59
itsnotabigtruckyou want 001 because it gets updates first\04:00
auserI haven't updated anything ...04:00
auserthat was strange ... it says 1.2 ,,, hmmm i wonder how this happened04:01
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godofwar424Yo, has anybody else experience being down? Any info on it??12:36
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jonniyes, it was down yesterday for few hours, and also have been down today atleast few hours, some database problems etc12:59
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MohammadAGCrappy maintenance is crappy13:16
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MFaro-TusinoTMO issues?13:23
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petteriso it seems13:36
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Lava_Croftjust to check: my n900 media player nicely allows me to play icecast streams with it15:05
Lava_Croftthis functionality is absent in stock n9 software, right?15:05
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luke_dirtwalkeranyone can help me with a qml components question on harmattan? this one thanks in advance15:38
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Khertanis there a graphist in the room15:57
Khertanneed help for designing an icon15:57
Khertanfor a harmattan battle net authenticator15:58
MFaro-TusinoAnyone know how to alter the operator name? I have a feeling it can be done by altering an aspect of the simatk15:58
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jonniluke_dirtwalker: so your problem is? missing vkb, or something else?16:46
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jonnior just missing FocusScope?16:48
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Corsacgrmbl, is there a right way to trigger the zooming on text edits?17:04
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KhertanBattleNet Authenticator for n9 :
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merlin1991but but the screenshots have french text!18:21
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Khertanmerlin1991: not final version :)18:30
Khertanmerlin1991: the text is in french for the moment (some part in french some in english elsewhere) ...18:30
Khertanmerlin1991: and i m looking for an icon18:30
Khertanmerlin1991: and it s not packaged18:30
leiniralways found it really strange when developing applications (in a programming language which is inherently English in nature), and people insist on using their own language as a base language in the application... having to constantly switch language mentally while coding cannot be easy :P18:31
Khertanleinir: i use english ... normally ... it s just that i copy the text from elsewhere18:32
Khertanleinir: and at work, i use french language as the language to code is in french too :)18:33
Khertansi... sinon ... fin de si ... :)18:33
Khertanfin de boucle18:33
befordwhat lang is that18:33
leinirdauym... niche ;)18:33
leiniri stand by my previous statement ;)18:34
Khertanleinir, use french and language is in french at work :)18:35
Khertanall programming language aren't in english18:35
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leinirKhertan: i'm from a country where the whole localisation thing never took off (people tried to localise various computing terms to Danish, but it failed miserably, so much that it's now a comedy topic in geek humour), so... yeah ;)18:37
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leinirplus, i kind of like the idea of a lingua franca... oddly, of course, that it tends to be English out there in the wider world of business etc, just the French haven't noticed yet ;)18:38
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Khertan_n950noone would like to draw a icon for me ?19:00
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npmAny special tricks for downloading Firefox 13 from ovi store? I get "unable to complete installation" error19:23
npmalso tried uninstalling firefox 12 ... but that didn't work and now i got no firefox :-(19:24
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npmapt-get install fennect gives: "Failed to fetch exec:////usr/bin/osa --get 'fennec'  Size mismatch" ???19:36
npmhilfe help Apua  ?19:37
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TMavicaif chmod +x to a file as root, then run it as normal user, it still operation not permitted, whats the problem? thanks21:11
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fignewTMavica: a little something called Aegis...21:41
TMavicahow stop it21:42
TMavicai know, nth21:44
rigohm, if you know what you're doing, you can try
rigobut this changes your device entirely. So if you're not a dev, keep your finger off21:47
jonnior you can just say "aegis-exec file" to run it.21:48
TMavicano, i know that.21:49
TMavicaI just try a latest version of wazapp in github by Cepi21:49
TMavicaafter overwrite all file, i execute the wazapp, it said operation not permitted21:50
jonnithen you can most likely see the error message by running "dmesg". if you just overwrite existing installation with new file, it will say operation not permitted forever21:51
TMavicaI done with chmod +x to the file as root, but run in normal user21:51
jonnias if you dont first uninstall and then copy the files, then you overwrite will give sha1 missmatch to refhashlist21:51
TMavicaso what command I do with dmesg?21:52
jonnionly way you can fix it is to update sha1 checksums in refhashlist and resign it.21:52
jonni(or to copy the older releases files over the new files, so sha1 sums match again)21:53
TMavicathe that execute file is modified compare to old one21:53
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jonniyou need to copy the old one back21:54
TMavicaok, let me try, copy the old one first, then hows the new one?21:54
jonniyou cannot copy new files over the installed files, that will always lead to permisson not permitted error, if you want new version, you need to make .deb package and install with dpkg -i, that way it updates sha1 checksums21:55
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jonni(or the other way is to take sha1sum of the new files, and update refhaslist and tcb-sign them again, bug most of the average users dont know howto do that)21:56
TMavicayes, I am newbie, LOL..21:57
TMavicathanks . I give up21:57
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jonniI have 2 liner perl script which resigns all sha1 refhashlist missmatches in my personal device, but I dont plan to share that script anytime soon.21:59
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TMavicais fine, thanks22:00
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jonnibut if its git repo, then mostlikely just running dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot, will give you .deb packages that you can install22:01
TMavicaI dont have scratchbox this PC to build.22:02
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jonnimost likely you dont even need scratchbox for that, looks like qt sdk on windows would be enough22:07
jonnithat repo seems to be missing debian/rules22:08
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TMavicayes bor22:09
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rigojonni, BTW, fenix keeps on crashing without traces as soon as I want to change the imap folder, do you know how I can debug that crash, is it known?22:34
rigohave to find the library that is causing this and re-install22:34
rigofurthermore, fenix doesn't work well with exim and authentication22:35
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jonnirigo: /home/user/.config/Nokia/Fenix.conf   you can enable all 3 different kind of logs in there, you should be able to hunt down what causes the error.22:45
infobotjonni meant: rigo: /home/user/.config/Nokia/Fenix.conf   you can enable all 3 different kind of logging in there, you should be able to hunt down what causes the error.22:47
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fluxis there a way to make noise on a N9 over SSH? ..just wondering where I put it. it's also in silent profile :).23:26
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Venemoflux: can't you make it play some sound?23:27
fluxwell, how? there are no for example gstreamer tools in it.23:28
fluxI can log in fine.23:28
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fluxI managed to install mplayer. although, it said Package mplayer: denied 'GRP::audio' -- origin '' does not allow it during the install, possibly the reason why I cannot hear anything..23:33
piggzflux: how about ringing it and listeneing for vibrations?23:34
fluxwell, that might be possible, not sure if it's on vibrate23:35
fluxstill, it would be better just to make noise. I've used the same approach with n900 :)23:35
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fluxwell, found it the traditional way23:37
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fluxI might've been able to use x11vnc with it, but I would need some way to unlock the screen remotely23:38
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