IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-06-10

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ZogG_N9lol i was banned on TMO11:09
ZogG_N9 ~ping11:09
ZogG_N9damn trains cell bars come and go11:10
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jonnitmo databases seems to have barfed up11:51
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ElleoZogG: what for?14:49
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n8noktsthello world16:51
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ladogais there any ftp clients for N9?19:12
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rzrladoga, there are a couple
ladogathanks rzr. i guess lftp will do :)19:45
ladogai looked at your site earlier but somehow missed it19:46
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ladogaI'll come here to bug you when i try to package yle-dl.19:55
ladogathe program compiles fine on scratchbox, but so far my package making attemps have failed miserably. :)19:56
ladogaI got some other packages done by copying the respective control file from debian and making changes in it, but I'd rather know what I'm doing.19:59
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* rzr OwnCloud on my #DebiaN #NaS and SynC my CaL w/ #HarmattaN HandSet. But how to keep Contacts out of the cloud ?20:22
* Arkenoi found out what was eating my battery, almost sure it was easyanswer20:37
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bluesleeusernames at seem to be case sensitive, can someone confirm this?22:08
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rzri can check22:12
bluesleerzr: thanks ... i cannot login as blueslee but with BluesLee22:13
rzri confirm22:14
bluesleerzr: so i wonder if there is another blueslee or nokia blocks different kind of name notations22:14
rzrthat's ur name22:15
bluesleeokay, there is another user22:16
bluesleethats not good:-)22:17
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bluesleethis may lead to confusions ...22:19
rzrfyi , i'll be at
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antman8969any one know of any documentation on uploading multiple debs with dependencies to the ovi stoer?22:43
befordnot possible afaik22:43
antman8969so we just need to rebundle them all into a single deb?22:43
befordunless those debs are from the nokia repo22:43
antman8969how about installing debs from the internet? Is there a better way than opening them in the browser and having the user click on the deb after it downloads?22:44
befordI suppose that wont pass OVI QA22:45
rzrantman8969, if your app is opensource i can host it in a shared repo22:45
befordbut I have no idea22:45
rzrantman8969, then the deb deps will be satisfied22:45
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antman8969rzr I actually still have an obs account, is that what you are referring to?22:46
antman8969it is open source (on gitorious) but I had hoped to sell it on the ovi store. Does the ovi store coperate with the obs?22:46
rzrbut there is a regular apt repo w/ like 400 apps22:46
rzrantman8969, no both are unrelated,22:47
antman8969is there any plan on including the repo in a future pr, similar to the n900?22:47
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rzri dont think so22:47
antman8969This is definitely more difficult than it should be22:48
antman8969I just need some way of installing packages on the device through my application22:48
antman8969thats actually intuitive22:48
rzri confirm22:50
rzror make a bundle22:50
antman8969Yea thats what I was doing before, but it really clutters the repo22:51
antman8969The worse part  that their package manager UI doesn't treat dependencies the same way as apt does. It wont remove my GUI because it things depend on it, instead of removing everything22:52
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