IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2012-05-29

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MorpogMohammadAG, whats the path for the alarns.desktop file?01:11
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MorpogMohammadAG, it works, but i made a backup of it ;)01:29
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ieatlintare you shitting me nokia? i can't pass a QGeoCoordinate into qml to use as a Coordinate for a Map element?01:37
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mzorzhi all, quick question: ovi store has rejected our app saying ACTUAL RESULT: The error message "Installation interrupted." is shown, on a N950, but it jus installs ok on RDA and a N9 I have, any ideas?01:54
ieatlintthe n950 firmware is slightly different... there must be something like a library mismatch or missing happening01:56
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ieatlintdoes your app use low level libraries?01:56
mzorzoh I see01:56
mzorzno it only uses networkservices01:56
ieatlintthen that is indeed weird01:57
ieatlinti assume you don't have an n950 to test on?01:57
mzorzno I don't have an N950 unfortunately01:58
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mzorzbut I tested it on RDA and it installed01:58
mzorzI'll check firmware versions, but Ovi's QA report doesn't give much information01:58
ieatlintwell, you can try just resubmitting and see if it gets rejected again, but you risk wasting time if it will01:58
mzorzI see01:59
mzorzsorry I correct myself, we're using SwEvent NetworkServices Location ReadUserData WriteUserData02:00
ieatlintassuming your app isn't scary, i'm sure you can find someone in here to try installing it02:00
mzorzcoiuld any of these be a cause of a problem02:00
ieatlintstrictly speaking those are symbian capabilities, and don't exist on harmattan02:00
ieatlintand if it works on the n9, then permissions shouldn't be an issue02:00
mzorzyou're right, it's scope is declared as in symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY02:01
mzorzanyone want to try installing the .deb file? the app just browses cinemas shows for a local cinema theatre branch02:02
ieatlintthe only thing that should interrupt the installation on the n950 when it works on the n9 is a library issue, but then, i may just be wrong :P02:03
ieatlintand yeah, let me go find my n950 and i think i can do it02:03
mzorzgreat, thanks so much02:03
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ieatlintok, have it here, i can do a dpkg -i on the terminal and give you the output02:05
danielcbitHi everybody. Does some one know if it is possible to know the direction of the movement in a qml ListView?02:05
ieatlintunless you can give me a url to grab it from, email might be easiest...02:06
mzorzyou can download the app from here
ieatlintah, good02:06
mzorzyou mean the direction of the movement as in up or down?02:08
ieatlintmzorz, looks like it installed without issue02:08
mzorznow it's weird then02:08
ieatlintyeah, app icon on desktop, launches fine02:09
ieatlintthere is a failure message there, and i'm afraid i don't know enough about aegis to give you a good explanation, but it appears non-fatal02:10
mzorzdanielcbit, listview inherits from flickable, you might want to bind some properties to detect dierction of movement, check
mzorzok ieatlint, great, I'll check it out02:10
ieatlintah, yeah, there is an issue there... it's not being installed properly02:10
ieatlinti can't delete it from the desktop by holding down on the icon02:11
mzorzbut it did run, didn't it02:11
ieatlintyeah, but it needs to have normal behaviour02:11
danielcbitmzorz: I already known this, but I can't seem to find a way to detect the direction of the flick02:11
ieatlinti suspect the gui installer calls that failure fatal... will try it via the gui installer02:11
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mzorzgreat thanks a lot ieatlint02:13
mzorzdanielcbit: you mean like, if it's vertical, you need to know if it's moving down or up, and if it's horizontal, you need to know whether it's moving towards right or left, is that what you're looking for?02:13
danielcbitmzorz: exactly02:14
ieatlintmrmlz_, installed without any issue via the gui... install screen all appeared normal02:14
ieatlintmzorz, and when i install via the gui, i can indeed delete it from the home screen by long-pressing on the icon02:15
mzorzuhm ok I wonder what the guys at Ovi's QA did, if only they provided more information for us to track it down02:16
ieatlintmzorz, i will say i see two issues here though, but they're not the listed reasons for rejection02:16
ieatlintthe icon label on the homescreen is listed as "hoyts", and i suspect that should be capitalized02:16
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mzorzpoint taken02:17
mzorzthanks for pointing that out02:17
ieatlintand if you go to the manage applications screen and select your app, it gives the description and version details, but the contact is listed as "unknown < >"02:17
mzorzoops I think that's a cause for rejection, i'll correct that as well, thanks!!02:17
ieatlintgood luck... i had my own fun with ovi qa a few weeks ago02:17
ieatlinti'd fix those two things and resubmit02:18
ieatlintmaybe research that aegis error02:18
mzorzcool I'll do that for sure02:19
mzorzthanks again! btw would you elaborate on your experience wiht ovi qa :)02:20
danielcbitmzorz: any tips?02:21
mzorzdanielcbit: have you tried binding a function of your own to movingHorizontally and movingVertically, then checking horizontalVelocity or verticalVelocity02:22
ieatlinteh, my rejections were because they kept insisting my support page wasn't good enough02:22
mzorzdanielcbit: (under the assumption horizontalVelocity is i.e. negative for left, for instance)02:23
ieatlinti should just start screwing with them... put in a date check at the start of the app, show something inane for the time period qa looks at it, then something entirely different02:23
mzorzieatlint: ah I see02:23
mzorzhahaha that's probably a good one02:23
ieatlintcould be worse... could be apple's store02:24
mzorzI have to say I had crazier times with Samsung Apps QA02:24
mzorzsometimes they actually rejected a couple of our apps because they expected some thing to behave differently, as in.. they recommended features!02:25
mzorzor whcih features the app should have...02:25
ieatlintyeah, and i'm also happy it only costs 1EUR to be able to submit apps02:26
danielcbitmzorz: I tried with horizontalVelocity but cound't get a nice resolution.02:27
mzorzthat's true, it's good02:27
mzorzdanielcbit: but you did get a value that allowed you to decide whether the direction was left or right?02:28
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danielcbitmzorz: some times I got 0 of velocity while swiping to the left02:31
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danielcbitmzorz: sorry, it was to the right when I got 002:32
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ieatlintthat draws a scrollbar moving left/right with a high resolution02:34
ieatlintshould work as an example of how to do it02:35
ieatlintbasically just monitor the flickable's visiableArea.xPosition02:36
ieatlintif it increases, you're going right, if it decreases, left ... at least, that's how i'm reading it02:36
ieatlint(and the "bump" at the end of the listview may cause something weird with the visible area value, so you might need to account for that)02:37
mzorzdon't know if danielcbit got it but I did, and will use it :) thanks too02:38
danielcbitmzorz, ieatlint: Testing right now. I think it will do the work.02:40
danielcbitmzorz, ieatlint: Any idea of what signal I can use so the change is perceived more quickly ?02:40
danielcbitI'm using this to set the z property of my delegate in listview02:41
ieatlintthe on__Changed signal isn't doing the trick?02:43
danielcbitieatlint: The problem is to discover what is the best signal. I'm trying with onContentXChanged02:49
ieatlinti'd do this: "property alias xPos: view.visableArea.xPosition" and then "onXPosChanged"02:52
danielcbitieatlint: Interesting, but I still would need to compare it with something to decide whether the user is swiping left or right. Isn't ?02:54
ieatlintyou can cache the last value if needed02:54
mzorzyes and you might want to reset the last value onMovementStarted02:56
ieatlintso do like "property int lastXpos" and then in the onChanged signal handler, compare the values then store the xPosition in lastXpos for the next time02:57
danielcbitieatlint: Ok. I'll try this.02:59
ieatlintmight set lastXpos to an initial value of 0 or something02:59
danielcbitieatlint: Ok03:03
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mzorzbye guys thanks!03:10
mzorzleaving now03:10
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Elleoaquarius: have you seen:
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GonzoTheGreat_woohoo - implemented my own qml wrapper around QGraphicsGeoMap and can finally display markers on a map. RIP Landmark junk.07:19
antman8969has anyone ever got "invalid installation package" when trying to install a deb?07:29
GonzoTheGreat_now  I just have to solve the SMS sending  issue.07:30
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Corsachmhm, is there a way to set the time for birthday reminder?09:04
Corsactwo days before looks a bit large to me09:04
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jonnienough time to go to shops and buy a present :)09:26
aquariusElleo, I've seen that it exists, but don't know how to get in touch with the chap, or run the software!09:30
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Elleoaquarius: might be a good place to talk to him about it09:32
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Elleothe project page in that post has the harmattan debs too09:33
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susundberghey any idea how to start remote vnc from command line? Mine is not working and logs shows up nothing, my client says 'authentication failed'. I had earlier problem with SSH rsa key not working since nokia backup restore seems to mess up my /home/usr directory permissions12:19
susundbergoh the log said it, thanks and sorry for flooding12:20
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rigoI made it work recently12:37
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djszapiStecchino: have you used the random number generation of the qca library ?13:53
Stecchinodjszapi: not directly, but I'm sure it's part of the way QOAuth signs messages13:53
Stecchinolet me guess, not readable by user?13:54
djszapiI just wanted to know how that is implemented13:55
djszapiwhether /dev/random, /dev/urandom, /dev/srandom on Linux, and Microsoft's CryptGenRandom on Windows.13:56
djszapithat is pretty much the only sane way in cryptography.13:56
Stecchinodjszapi: didn't investigate further but switched to KOAuth library13:56
Stecchinoonly QtCore as dependancy13:57
Stecchinoand it works13:57
Stecchinobut the code did need a port to an async interface13:57
djszapiok, oauth is not what I need.13:57
piggzon the subject of oauth, in oath2, is a refresh token valid indefinitely?14:05
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Corsachmhm, is there some kind of gsm info app for N9?14:32
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DocScrutinizer51like netmon?14:46
DocScrutinizer51I don't know if it got ported to N914:46
Corsacsomething like that yes14:47
DocScrutinizer51you could try simply installing it to a rooted N9 and see if it runs14:48
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DocScrutinizer51well, probably not, as it's a GUI app14:49
DocScrutinizer51I'm quite sure anyway that such kind of monitor would miss permissions on a standard HARM system14:49
DocScrutinizer51I guess it will at least need pnatd to work14:50
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MohammadAGhow does one toggle Wifi on the N950?16:56
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MohammadAGQtPlugins can be annoying17:00
* RST38h moos17:01
RST38hhow are things?17:02
RST38hNokia has closed its flagship store at the center of Moscow. The banner now says SAMSUNG17:02
RST38hLooks like it si going to be a Samsung flagship store, complementing Samsung Gallery at the other side of the street17:02
fluxthey should've paid for an extra month of rent regardless, just to make the transition less apparent :-)17:03
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* RST38h proposes a dead pool: who goes belly up first, Nokia or RIM?17:14
SpeedEvilNokia can still make tyres.17:16
RST38halso latex gloves and condoms17:19
virtualddidn't know they made condoms. they should throw in some specially designed ones with their phones, and maybe they'll sell more.. gloves too.17:23
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KhertanHi all !18:02
Khertansomeone know how i can reset the cellular modem ?18:02
CorsacI guess you tried flight mode?18:02
CorsacI think that the only available solution is reboot18:02
Khertanfrequently i ve cellular modem error on n950, and except reboot i didn't found a way to restart it18:02
arceancellular modem error?18:03
Khertanflight mode didn't restart it ...18:03
Khertanarcean: yep :)18:03
Khertanarcean: and of course icd2 after failed too :)18:03
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Khertanit s really annoying ... occurs frequently18:04
arceanhmm, icd2 fails are common on harmattan18:04
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MohammadAGKhertan, remove the kernel mod18:08
MohammadAGat least that's how I reset mine after a sim change while keeping the device on18:08
MohammadAGcmt_speech, ssi_protocol, cmt18:09
MohammadAGin that order, remove and insmod18:09
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KhertanMohammadAG: cmt_speech is in use18:27
MohammadAGlsmod and see what's using it18:27
Khertanused by : 118:28
Khertanexplicit :)18:28
KhertanMohammadAG: any idea what can use it ?18:33
hiemanshuKhertan: lsmod | grep cmt :P18:34
hiemanshuit should tell what its being used by as well (if its a dep, its on the right side)18:34
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Khertanhiemanshu: yeah ... but it s not on the right side18:35
Khertanthat 's the problem18:35
hiemanshulol, thats odd18:35
Khertanit s used, because there is a "1" in the right column18:35
Khertanbut dep isn't listed18:35
Khertanthis n950 will made me crazy18:36
hiemanshujust use android or something :P18:36
* hiemanshu going to buy a HTC One X soon18:36
* Khertan will upgrade to an n90018:39
Khertanmust go on18:40
Khertanand thx anyway for help18:40
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antman8969has anyone ever made a deb for harmattan that installed fine with dpkg, but failed through the UI with "invalid installation package"?19:18
jonniantman8969: that depends if its user package or not19:21
jonniantman8969: if debian/control file doesnt have "Section: user/other" line then UI fails to install. Its a feature and not a bug.19:23
antman8969feature huh..19:26
antman8969I think I just left is as unknown.. .is that documented anywhere?19:26
ieatlintprobably, but the harmattan docs are about as exciting to read as any specification docs19:28
ieatlintbut there are simpler docs that tell you how to package things for ovi, which will specify all that19:28
antman8969well, hopefully this log will show up on google when "harmattan invalid installation package" is searched... thx for the help19:30
antman8969mmm. I used dh_make to create the debian files instead of using qtcreator's generated version, so mine was not even user/other, just unknown19:34
jonniUI just regexps to user, so it can be user/foobar, as long as user string is found19:35
antman8969out of curiosity, does the OBS have some kind of activity threshold that deletes your repos? I noticed that a bunch of my packages are missing19:36
jonni(or as alternative if you use "XB-Maemo-Flags: visible" UI will also accept your deb)19:36
*** hardaker has quit IRC19:37
antman8969do you need to explicitly mark them visible? I do actually have a lib that I plan to deploy as well19:38
antman8969reading the link atm..19:38
jonniif you have Section: user... then you can ignore that visible flag, its only usefull if you dont have user section.19:38
jonnithere is also a 3rd way, but as its not documented, I'll just say, that use user section :)19:40
*** elldekaa has quit IRC19:41
antman8969third way?? I'm intrigued19:41
SpeedEvilUse the force.19:41
antman8969that was the first thing I tried...19:41
SpeedEvilUse more force. Maybe with a hammer.19:42
antman8969poor n950... I've already dropped it on pavement and scratched some black away19:43
rigomay the force be with you! dancing around the device may help19:43
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan19:52
*** arcean has quit IRC19:56
*** antman8969 has quit IRC20:04
*** rZr is now known as RzR20:04
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan20:08
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*** tom_ has joined #harmattan20:13
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*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan20:32
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*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan20:34
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*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan20:45
*** guruz has joined #harmattan20:46
*** mgoetz has quit IRC20:46
antman8969jonni any more ideas for the "invalid installation package"? Changed to user/utilities and nothing...20:46
jonnido you have deb avail somewhere, I can have a look?20:47
*** guruz is now known as mgoetz||guruz20:48
MohammadAGsource on thp's shared git repo :p20:54
*** RzR is now known as rZr21:01
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC21:01
antman8969jonni sorry yes I do21:03
*** b0unc3 has joined #harmattan21:03
antman8969went afk21:03
antman8969let me get you a link21:03
antman8969both of the debs there won't install through the browser21:04
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan21:04
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan21:04
antman8969QA failed for the same "invalid installation package" error, so I would like to know whats going on if you have any idea21:09
*** Khertan has quit IRC21:10
*** xmlich02 has joined #harmattan21:12
*** rigo has quit IRC21:12
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*** shanttu has joined #harmattan21:15
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan21:16
*** e-yes has quit IRC21:23
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan21:27
denismantman8969: it might be that your package version is invalid. Just an idea21:32
antman8969the version? you mean the -0 part?21:37
*** artemma has joined #harmattan21:43
antman8969denism just changed the lib version to 2.0 and still nothing21:51
antman8969this is incredibly frstrating21:51
antman8969there is no aegis manifest, but my application does not require any privileges21:52
antman8969I need to log off now but if anyone has any ideas then please post them, I'll check the logs later tonight21:52
*** antman8969 has quit IRC21:57
gabriel9day to you all21:57
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:12
*** elldekaa has quit IRC22:13
*** tom_ has quit IRC22:14
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan22:20
denismantman8969: I mean - it might be that minor part is must. So 2.0 might be invalid. It should be 2.0.022:21
*** artemma has quit IRC22:22
shanttuwhen i install latest quicktweak (as root) I get  error setting permissions of ` N9_QuickTweak_ru_v6.3.pdf': Operation not permitted22:24
shanttuwhy oh why?22:24
shanttudo i have to set permissions to root as user or what22:24
deramis there an extra whitespace in front tof the filename?22:25
shanttuderam, my bad. No, i just cut the path out22:26
shanttui also got "data: internal gzip write error: Broken pipe" and "dpkg-deb (subprocess): failed in write on buffer copy for failed to write to pipe in copy: Broken pipe"22:29
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:30
jonniantman8969: libscenic was not a Section: user package22:37
*** romaxa_home has joined #harmattan22:38
jonniantman8969: you can do: su - user; pkgmgr install-file -f file.deb; and you see the error message why install failed, as that command will 'simulate' the ui install22:38
romaxa_homeis there are way to replace system package with custom one and get device bootable after that?22:40
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan22:40
jonniromaxa_home: yes, if you use exploited capas. Otherwise no.22:40
romaxa_homejonni: what kind of exploit I need?22:41
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan22:41
jonniromaxa_home: use google.22:41
romaxa_homejonni: I tried inception, but it did not help22:42
jonnithat provides enough capas, you just dont know what your doing.22:42
*** tom_ has quit IRC22:46
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:49
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan22:49
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC22:59
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #harmattan22:59
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:00
*** AlexZavalny has joined #harmattan23:01
AlexZavalnyHi, guys! Need your help! I am developing a game for N9 and cannot get antialiasing working! Using Qt Creator. I have a QApplication and some class inherited from QWidget. Drawing on paintEvent with QPainter. Funny thing, lines are smoothed on simulator, yet aliased on phone. Any ideas?23:01
AlexZavalnyI made special, small project with only 2 small code files: main function + my class drawing 2 lines. On simulator -- smooth (by painter.setRenderHint), on N9 -- aliased =( guys from Nokia seem not to know the answer.23:03
AlexZavalnyAnyone, please?23:05
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC23:08
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan23:09
AlexZavalnyAnyone had antialiasing problems with Nokia N9?23:11
ElleoAlexZavalny: yeah, I've encountered the same thing; I never bothered trying to fix it though23:11
*** b0unc3 has joined #harmattan23:11
AlexZavalnysh#t. my game looks like 5-year old made it, because of this. I have written 10+ mails to Nokia, still no help from them23:12
jonniAlexZavalny: are you using QPainter::Antialiasing or QPainter::HighQualityAntialiasing, have you tested if there is difference?23:12
ElleoAlexZavalny: I'll have another look at mine later today and see if I can work anything out, I wouldn't hold your breath though since I expect anything I try you've probably already fiddled with23:13
AlexZavalnyI am using both of them, actually. Could not notice any difference23:13
AlexZavalnyElleo: thank you. Can I put my email here so that you could give my some good news in case you succeed?23:14
Elleoalthough the docs do say that antialiasing isn't guaranteed23:14
Elleoit might be the rendering engine on the n9 just doesn't handle it23:14
ElleoAlexZavalny: sure23:14
AlexZavalnythank you, Elleo. it's alex@zavalny.com23:15
AlexZavalnyIn case you've lost your project -- I made mine just for testing this problem. So -- if you would need it, please do contact me too23:15
Elleookay, I know where mine is though ;)23:16
AlexZavalnyok :-)23:16
AlexZavalnyI am now already thinking about writing my own antialiasing, though I believe it can get it to hell23:16
jonniand you can tested to use only hqantialiasing without the norman antialiasing?23:17
jonnias there might be some software rendering vs opengl issues23:17
AlexZavalnyjonni, I will test it right now. everything is opened so, wait a sec, please23:17
AlexZavalnyOk, so -- by removing normal antialiasing and leaving hq, simulator stopped antialiasing23:18
AlexZavalnywill check on N9 now23:18
*** arcean_ has quit IRC23:18
jonnisimulator is most likely sw rendered vs n9 opengl es23:20
AlexZavalnyit didn't work though23:20
AlexZavalnygood thinking about opengl...23:20
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC23:21
AlexZavalnyyou were right, it was "software rendering" in QEMU settings23:22
*** b0unc3 has joined #harmattan23:22
jonniyou can ofcourse test raster rendering in hardware too23:23
jonniwith setGraphicsSystem23:23
*** tom_ has quit IRC23:23
*** DrGrov has joined #harmattan23:23
AlexZavalnydon't know anything about setGraphicsSystem. Any link ? :-)23:24
jonniQApplication::setGraphicsSystem("raster");  forces sw rendering23:25
AlexZavalnyadded this call.23:27
AlexZavalnysmooth on simulator23:27
AlexZavalnydeploying to N9 now23:27
AlexZavalnyaliased on phone =(23:28
AlexZavalnyI am using QWidget23:28
jonniyes raster usually sucks, so one shouldnt use that, just wanted to see if it made a differences23:28
jonnican you use QGLWidget instead23:29
AlexZavalnyyesterday tried QGLWidget, did not succeed, though I suck at gl code23:29
AlexZavalnyyep, probably I should try it harder23:29
AlexZavalnyyou tried it?23:29
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC23:29
jonniI still have my kludge example for qflwidged somewhere I think.. lets see23:30
jonni   I used to use that a while back in meego to squeeze some extra fps. havent tried lately if it still works.23:31
AlexZavalnyin QGLWidget23:33
AlexZavalnyyou do drawing using QPainter?23:33
jonnisorry nope, I havent been using QPainter, so have no idea if that is buggy or not.23:35
*** arcean has joined #harmattan23:35
*** jaywink has quit IRC23:35
AlexZavalnyyou were drawing with glFunctions? glLines, etc?23:36
*** b0unc3 has joined #harmattan23:37
jonninope, thats is my gludge fps improvement for QDeclarativeView.23:40
*** AlexZavalny has quit IRC23:41
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC23:42
Elleogah, found a way to get it working just as he disappears :P23:45
Elleooh well, at least he left his e-mail address23:45
MohammadAGhmm, crap23:49
MohammadAGa faulty toggle I made rebooted the device23:49
MohammadAGyay, MALF23:51
MohammadAGself-induced non-aegis malf23:51
MohammadAGis there a way to ssh before the UI is started?23:52
*** artemma has joined #harmattan23:53
MohammadAGor just remove a file from the fs23:54
mankelin950 rescue kernel23:55
mankeliload it with nolo. it exposes whole emmc thru usb23:56
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan23:56

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