IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2011-12-11

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DocScrutinizernobody testing openmode kernel? opensh?00:51
* Richlv isn't advanced enough yet :)00:54
lirax2432is it possible to install developer mode without wifi/3g? something like installing the packages? I searched in but can't install openssh from there00:55
Mekeven if you can find the .deb's somewhere, if you don't install them from the real repo they won't get the right origin and thus won't get the aegis rights they need00:56
lirax2432:S thanks I tought there was a way00:57
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jonniMek: that isnt entirely true, right origin remains if you get the debs, so in theory you can have all the debs in mydocs and isntall it from there.01:12
lirax2432and is there a way to get them?01:13
jabisif you get the signed debs that is01:13
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jonniapt-get --download-only install openssh, gets you the signed debs01:13
lirax2432thanks I will try it right now01:14
DocScrutinizerand yes, you probably *could* do this command on you rlinux PC ;-D01:14
DocScrutinizergiven you'd config all the right repos and passwords and whatnot01:15
jabisyeh - 403 is a bitch x)01:15
lirax2432but I need to be root right? cause I tried it and I got E: Could not open lock..01:16
DocScrutinizererr, you tried what?01:16
lirax2432apt-get --download-only install openssh01:17
lirax2432as jonni said01:17
jabisso let me get this right - you do or do not have internet access on the phone?01:17
DocScrutinizeron which machine?01:17
lirax2432haha I get it..01:18
lirax2432I don't have internet acces on the phone01:18
jabis(I was under the impression that you need the packages,but no 3g/wifi) so no dice with a command that sucks the package from the internet ;)01:18
jonniyou can use usbnet, if you kludge the route add default
DocScrutinizeron phone you can't apt-get --download without connectivity to internet. On PC you'll have a hard time teaching your apt to access the Nokia repos01:19
jonniI've installed through usbnet if there is no 3g or wifi01:19
DocScrutinizeryep, though usbnet isn't exactly easy to set up01:19
lirax2432ok, I'm searching about usbnet01:19
lirax2432so is there a way toacces nokia repo in pc?01:20
jonniwell if you can ssh into the device then usb net is up01:20
DocScrutinizerhmm indeed, kinda01:21
jabistho you'd need to nat/bridge the host if I'm not terribly wrong01:21
DocScrutinizerand also teach the phone about standard gateway and routing01:21
jonnijabis: not necessarily, its enough if your pc has http proxy, then you can just: export http_proxy=; apt-get --download.....01:21
jonnino need to teach about routing01:22
jabisif it's a windows host that might be a bit trickier - tho duely noted that's one option for sure :)01:22
DocScrutinizerI thought along the line of port forwarding via ssh01:23
Richlvi was thinking of suggesting to route through a laptop wifi, then remembered "no wifi" part :>01:23
lirax2432I know I can't just access directly to but you say that I'll have a hard time teaching myself to access it, just to be clear, is it possible to access from a pc?01:24
DocScrutinizerprobably easiest way is to take a walk to the next public hotspot ;-D01:24
Richlvlirax2432, btw, do you mean "no wifi access to internet" or "no wifi at al" ?01:24
lirax2432I have no wifi at all01:25
jonnilirax2432: its easier just to export http_proxy, there is a way to access from pc, but you need to fake a lot of things, ie you need to reverse engineer the headers it sends01:25
lirax2432that sounds hard01:25
jabisnot really hard, but takes some serious effort x)01:25
jabishard is subjective ^^01:25
lirax2432and how can I learn to do that? what do I have to read?01:26
jonni is pretty nice multiplatform http proxy protocol analyser, if you really want to learn to do that ;)01:28
lirax2432thank you01:29
jabismainly I'd like to know what your host (pc) operating system is?01:29
lirax2432arch linux01:29
jabiskk - then setting up a http proxy shouldn't be that hard01:31
jabisprivoxy or squid I'd reckon the easy to setup ones01:33
lirax2432ok will look into it01:33
lirax2432I used squid at school but nothing serious01:33
lirax2432I need to read a lot of stuff01:33
jabisnot really - set up the proxy on your host and export http_proxy on the phone -> done01:34
jonniapt-get install tinyproxy, if you want really small proxy01:35
lirax2432ok pacman -S tinyproxy for me01:36
jonniofcourse you could just ask someone to run apt-get --download-only on their phone for you can copy the packages :)01:36
infobotjonni meant: ofcourse you could just ask someone to run apt-get --download-only on their phone for you and copy the packages :)01:36
jabiswell knowledge > spoonfeeding x)01:38
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DocScrutinizerIroN900:~# ls -l /home/opt/var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb|wc -l02:04
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# ls /var/cache/apt/archives/02:05
DocScrutinizerlock     partial02:05
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psycho_oreosmaybe its similar to how fremantle is set, delete packages after finished installing. Surely a few hacks can get it going ;)02:09
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jonnipackage is removed by default after installation, --download-only only keeps it there.02:10
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DocScrutinizerpsycho_oreos: note though the IroN900 indicates it's fremantle where I get 1114 files02:49
psycho_oreosDocScrutinizer, I know I know, the latter is from N950 :)02:50
psycho_oreosthough surely there's probably ways around it, I wouldn't know because I don't even own N950 myself02:50
psycho_oreosI mean ways to make one accumulate deb packages02:50
DocScrutinizerhmm, I actually thought "well, I could provide those .deb while they are probably there anyway" - well they aren't02:51
DocScrutinizerwouldn't know which pkgs to apt-get install --download-only02:51
phunguyso with nfc, can I share to/from an android phone with my n9?02:52
DocScrutinizerI can't get NFC to detect anything I tested with it. Tried with RFID cards, RFID readers, dunno what else. No idea what it is supposed to do when it actually would detect sth, or what I need to do to make it search for stuff (I assume it's not constantly powering out some RF to power up battery-free NFC items)02:56
phunguythats no good :(02:58
DocScrutinizerwell, I got no android device here, and I dunno if it would share sth with such device and how you'd do that02:59
ieatlintDocScrutinizer: on the n9, nfc is turned off in factory default02:59
DocScrutinizerthere's a setting02:59
phunguywell if its just sharing a file over bluetooth nfc is just used to make the connection i'd think02:59
phunguyi turned nfc on02:59
ieatlintbut once turned on, nfc is always on whenever the screen is active/not locked (with some exceptions for p2p that have the transmitter turned off)02:59
phunguyits the n9, not the android phone03:00
ieatlintyes, the setting is in Settings -> Device -> NFC03:00
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: in general when the phone detects anything nfc you get a blue banner saying nfc03:00
ieatlintwhen you read anything via nfc, a blue bar will pop down from the top of the screen with a little "nfc" logo, and the phone will vibrate and play a noise03:00
merlin1991with the 1.1 pr you get prompts to open webpage if the tag contains url/ other stuff depending on uri03:00
ieatlinteven reading something it can't understand will produce that result03:01
ieatlintthe nfc transceiver is at the top of the phone, so you want to hold tags to it03:01
ieatlintyou need to be within 2cm to realistically make it work (they claim up to 5, but that's really sketchy), and it's better if the surface the tag is on won't be reflecting rf (so avoid metal surfaces)03:01
ieatlintif you have a credit-card sized tag, it may take a little bit of shifting the tag around to get the part for it to read in my experience, but then it will be consistently able to read it once you know where to hold it03:03
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* DocScrutinizer fetches his company door card03:03
ieatlintnote it won't read prox cards :P03:03
ieatlintif your company uses mifare desfire or mifare classic, it will twitch, but i don't remember if the current software gives an error, or just shows the blue nfc bar and does nothing more03:04
ieatlintif you have an oyster card, that'll definitely cause the phone to twitch03:05
ieatlintsame with the rfid credit cards, and an rfid passport should also cause it to detect it (but none of these will be readable by the base software)03:05
DocScrutinizerhard to tell what kinda card this is, anyway it does nuttin03:05
ieatlintif it says hid or prox anywhere on it, you can likely give up03:06
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DocScrutinizerit says nuttin, except some 2134 that looks like a sort of serial nr03:07
DocScrutinizeranyway I wonder how much battery this feature will eat all the time - according to your info as long as screen is active03:13
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ieatlintyeah, which i've been told by the nfc team at nokia first hand, and also have independently confirmed03:15
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merlin1991DocScrutinizer: I tried to measure power consumption with and without nfc with the power monitor but couldn't make out any difference03:18
ieatlinttheoretically it shouldn't use too much, but if you never have occasion to read nfc, it may be worth turning it off03:18
DocScrutinizerieatlint: it needs to frequently send RF bursts that are strong enough to power a passive card03:19
ieatlintyeah, i know03:19
ieatlinti'm speaking anecdotally on power usage.. i haven't noticed a drop in battery life with it on03:20
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qronichey, is there any file like /var/malf that could give me a like-MALF screen after messing with installing opensh?08:48
qronicis it /var/clean-device dir?08:49
djszapiwell, very simple to make one08:54
qronicthough I guess I'm failing at in-kernel check...09:00
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djszapiso as of now, Berlios is gone. Gitorious is an unstable service. KDE repositories cannot be used for certain projects. I am curious what people use apart from these services. I am now not using any remote repository so far for an account plugin.10:19
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jonnidjszapi:    free and allows also private/hidden projects.10:31
jonniI'm using that for a few of my personal projects10:31
djszapiis it more liable than gitorious, as in: gitorious tends to have downtime for ages. Sometimes, it is impossible to delete projects you created. We especially suffer from that because we have a very old code on gitorious for our project, and newbies tend to find that first. We could not delete. Also, many other bottlenecks...10:32
djszapiI am now just tracking the version locally and upload the debian package to the remote server. I am fine with it as far as there are no other contributors.10:34
ieatlintthere's always github, but some object to their closed source base and profit model10:34
ieatlintgood enough for linux though :P10:35
jonnidelete works, can make git or svn, havent noticed that long downtimes recently.10:35
djszapiI do not really care about opensource and community stuff, if it is for free10:35
djszapiI would like to get it solved, not to make a philosophy about opensource and community, and get nothing done10:35
ieatlintuh, there are some restrictions on what's free10:35
ieatlintprivate projects are definitely not free10:35
djszapidefine private projects.10:35
ieatlintas i recall, public projects are free with an unlimited number of contributors10:35
ieatlintprojects that have read access restrictions10:36
ieatlintif you don't care that anyone can find your project and get the source, then it's free10:36
ieatlintgithub is one of the major players... as said, the linux kernel was hosted there for a bit after the hacking10:37
djszapiit would be nice if nokia can provide a remote repository for Harmattan projects.10:37
jonniin even private projects that can be personal or limited users only are also free.10:37
djszapiwe have Qt Playground for Qt5 projects, KDE Playground and scratch repositories for KDE projcets. It would be nice to talk to someone at Nokia to provide a remote repository for us making Harmattan projects, like an account plugin which is typically Harmattan specific, and not just another frontend/standalone for a Qt or/and KDE project.10:39
ieatlintwell i know the major criticism of github is that they run on a closed source model for their site, whereas gitorious is opensource... you can download their entire site and host your own gitorious on your servers (my employer does this for internal repos, for instance)10:39
djszapihave been using gitolite for ages instead of gitorious....10:40
djszapiway more liable....10:40
ieatlintnote that "liable" means culpable, and isn't associated with "reliable"10:40
djszapigitorious is ... well, like qtcreator and qmake for me. I do not even wish it for my worst antagonist :)10:41
ieatlintheh, i do fine with qtcreator and qmake10:42
ieatlintmy headaches are caused by scratchbox... not that i have a better alternative10:42
djszapiI will ask Nokia about this Harmattan project hosting, let us see...10:42
djszapiit would be better centralized and easier findable after all10:43
djszapiwhat Harmattan projects are running out there.10:43
djszapiso I do not think it is a lost match yet since it makes sense.10:43
djszapiprolly, but it is down10:44
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jonnimost likely lost match, when even qt code is hosted in gitorious.org10:57
djszapithat is a completely different story10:57
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djszapicompletely different organization inside Nokia as well. This would be a good idea10:58
djszapiso all they should perform: 1) Get the site back 2) Establish a subentry for Harmattan projects.10:58
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Stskeepsmorn wazd11:00
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jonnithats quite unlikely since there arent any repositories for 3rd party apps for symbian, m$ nor linux.11:01
djszapiHarmattan is not Symbian, but Maemo/Meego.11:02
djszapiThere is indeed a repository for Meego on gitorious11:02
djszapiand I do not see it a hard task to establish a formal subentry on an existing page.11:02
jonniyep, but gitorious is not maintained by nokia.11:02
djszapiI think it is just simply that, nobody required this strongely from that. They did actualy establish the repositories for Qt5 playground projects.11:03
djszapibut pdnc /is/ maintained by Nokia11:03
djszapiand qt5 is way bigger than Harmattan.11:03
jonnior /was/ :-)11:03
djszapiso I still stick by this: all they should perform: 1) Get the site back 2) Establish a subentry for Harmattan projects.11:04
jonniIn a perfect world yes, but I wouldnt hold my breath.11:05
djszapiI do not think they can afford to not getting that site back anymore11:05
dm8tbrit might be easier to get something up on formeego.org11:05
djszapiso if they need to get it back anyway, our problem can be solved without any works.11:06
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djszapipoked them, let us see the answers..11:12
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DocScrutinizerthe joys of /ignore: sometimes the whole chan gets mere gibberish12:14
DocScrutinizerstill gibberish is more healthy to my nerves than the whole unfiltered BS12:15
DocScrutinizerrecently we had a +q I heard, and I noticed this chan suddenly started to make sense again12:16
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djszapiX-Fade: would SASL make sense to be supported by OCS ?14:20
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djszapiN9X-Fade, we accepted thr oauth support for ocs. I will add it to standard tonight.15:34
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ZogG_laptopanyone willing to test my app?20:46
mgedminis it a good app?20:48
ZogG_laptopmedium rare20:50
ZogG_laptopmedium raw =)20:50
ZogG_laptopbtw how do i lock th screen20:51
mgedminpush the power button20:51
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ZogG_laptopi mean  viewer.setOrientation(QmlApplicationViewer::ScreenOrientationLockPortrait);20:52
RST38hMEANWHILE: Two drunken RIM executives on a flight to China fought staff and then chewed through their restraints after being subdued, forcing the pilots to divert the plane.20:52
StskeepsRST38h: again?20:53
RST38hStskeeps: You mean it is not the first set of restraints?20:53
StskeepsRST38h: no, just that were a case weeks back about exactly same, just not china20:53
Stskeepsah, it was same case20:54
mgedminis it supposed to be a surprise?20:56
lirax2432hi, I'm trying to install the package nano from here and I get invalid installation package, is there a way to install it from there?20:57
ZogG_laptopnope the app20:57
ZogG_laptoplirax2432: why not repo20:57
lirax2432can't get networkint on the phone20:58
mgedminooh, an imgur uploader! awesome!20:58
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: just alpha20:58
RST38hwhat is imgur?20:58 is a very good pastebin for images20:59
M4rtinKhmm, I see an upgrade for aegis-developer-unknown-source-policy on my N95020:59
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: thinking of gallery, description, delete and so on20:59
M4rtinKI wonder what it does...20:59
djszapivery simple, it updated the unknown policy...21:00
djszapias its name says...21:00
lirax2432so.. is there a way to install nano in my phone from a .deb?21:00
djszapijust dpkg -i ?21:01
lirax2432I don't have developer mode21:01
lirax2432I'm trying to install it21:01
djszapiuse the pkg manager21:01
lirax2432from downloaded packages21:01
mgedminisn't nano pretty much useless without developer mode?  no ssh, no xterm --> no terminal to run nano in21:01
lirax2432I do have terminal21:01
lirax2432I downloaded meego-terminal21:01
djszapimgedmin: you are confused21:02
* mgedmin often is21:02
djszapilirax2432: try this: pkgmgr --install-file --file <your-deb-file>21:02
djszapiif it is in the user/* section, it is okay21:02
lirax2432ok, will try it21:02
djszapior if the maemo visible flag is set21:02
djszapiif not, you are out of the stroke of luck21:02
djszapibut you can rebuild the package with proper section, if you would like to do it with developer mode21:03
ZogG_laptopand maybe global mgedmin how is app? worked? if it says unresponsing, it's okay, it takes time to up large pictures and haven't figured out how to make signal to make busy state21:04
djszapiprogressdialog is your friend...21:04
* mgedmin is charging his n950 from dead zero to something more than that -- for some reason he is a bit reluctant to install alpha packages without sources on his n921:04
lirax2432I got error: package nano is not user package :(21:05
djszapithat is bad of theirs...21:05
RST38hmgedmin: aegis is going to protect you against evildoers!21:05
djszapithey should use the maemo visible flag, but at any rate ... 1) Use developer mode 2) Repackage with the proper section21:05
DocScrutinizer51RST38h: haha21:06
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: ok, haven't added src yet as only started21:06
djszapiyou can lose credentials with the second way though21:06
lirax2432and how do I repackage the app? I mean what do I have to change? the control file?21:06
djszapijust add "Maemo-Flags: visible".21:07
djszapiand leave the section as is21:07
djszapiI would like to warn you again, you might lose credentials, so make sure21:08
djszapicheck out the manifest file21:08
lirax2432what's the risk of losing credentials? I do not understand..21:08
djszapiand compare the manifest file requests with the unknown origin caps21:08
djszapisimple, you cannot do certain things needed.21:09
lirax2432for that package or for the system?21:09
ZogG_laptopso you can install maemo apps?21:09
djszapihuh ?21:09
djszapilirax2432: that package21:10
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lirax2432oh it's nano, I guess I can try and nothing bad will happen, right?21:10
djszapibut I have just done the job for you, and it does not contain any manifest files.21:10
lirax2432oh thanks!21:10
djszapiso a simple repackage should work oob21:10
djszapibut why not developer mode ? You might collide with such badly packaged packages in the future...21:11
*** juergbi has quit IRC21:11
lirax2432yesterday I tried to get usbnet working21:11
djszapiwhy not wifi ?21:11
lirax2432so as I don't have networking on the phone21:12
lirax2432I'm trying to download the packages myself21:12
djszapiusb networking is pretty simple as well, but wi-fi is even simpler21:12
ZogG_laptopmeh wifi is nothing, post pidgeons are way to go21:13
lirax2432how do I repackage as a .deb? I'm on linux.. I have a folder with all the files21:13
ZogG_laptoplirax2432: you can't without scratchbox21:13
mgedminactually, you can21:13
lirax2432:S I tought it was something simple21:13
djszapilirax2432: simple, download the src, debian and orig file21:14
ZogG_laptopor you can =)21:14
mgedminit's not _too_ complicated, but a bit silly21:14
djszapithen dpkg-source -x *.dsc21:14
djszapilirax2432: cd into the folder and then: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot21:14
djszapiand the debs will be generated21:14
lirax2432ok, will try it21:14
djszapimodify the control file before dpkg-buildpackage21:14
djszapiof course sb is not the only environment21:15
djszapimadde can be used for packaging as well21:15
djszapiand nothing silly in scratchbox, almost the best packaging workflow ever21:15
djszapisince you have all the tools in place...21:15
mgedminunpack with ar x filename.deb; tar xvzf control.tar.gz; edit the control file; pack it with tar cvzf control.tar.gz control md5sums (and also preinst/postinst/etc. if they exist); pack the deb with ar q filename.deb debian-binary control.tar.gz data.tar.gz21:15
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: waiting for result21:16
mgedminthen go sit on a rocking chair waiting for the unclean feeling to go away21:16
djszapilirax2432: I can repackage it for you21:17
lirax2432ok I created the .deb Imgoint to test it on the phone21:17
lirax2432I did what mgedmin said, unpacked control.tar.gz, edited the file and then repacked and I got an error, can't install damaged package21:19
djszapiimho, that is a bit overcomplicated workflow21:21
djszapijust do what I said really, 2 commands + edit :)21:21
mgedmindpkg-buildpackage in scratchbox is definitely a better and more reliable method21:22
lirax2432will try that21:22
mgedminsometimes my sense of 'ooh there's this totally unpractical but possible technicality' overwhelms my common sense21:23
djszapilirax2432: you do not actually probably need to repackage it21:24
djszapiif you use developer mode21:25
mgedminZogG_laptop, observation #1: imgur icon is a pretty arrow in a black square of a colour that slightly differs from the app launcher background21:25
djszapiand that is much easier approach21:25
mgedminZogG_laptop, observation #2: "NO FILE CHOOSED YET" is lolcat; English would be "No file chosen yet"21:25
mgedminand a button "Take file:" would look better without the colon21:26
mgedminand maybe a different label?  say, "Choose an image to upload"21:26
mgedminso, I choose an image, I'm back at the first screen, and it still says "NO FILE CHOOSED YET"21:26
mgedminwhere's the preview?21:26
mgedminthe button is changed to "imgur me!"21:27
mgedminmenu -> gallery -> there's no way to go back without selecting an image!21:27
mgedminok, I uploaded _something_, I dunno what21:27
mgedminclicking the link works21:28
mgedminit doesn't tell me the delete page url21:28
*** juergbi has joined #harmattan21:29
mgedminZogG_laptop, this concludes my testing21:29
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: lol cat is the imgur thing21:40
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: i asked person to improve icon21:40
mgedminstill, it appears to mean 'NO FILE UPLOADEDED YET'21:41
mgedminsince it doesn't go away after I choose a file21:41
mgedminit goes away after I actually upload it21:41
*** smokex|away is now known as smokex21:48
lirax2432I tried to repack nano, but there are a lot of tools that I need to install in order to get developer mode and I just keep getting can't install no user package, so thanks for your help I can't install developer mode offline21:49
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: wait a sec21:55
ZogG_laptophow to i set item in the midle from left and right?21:55
ZogG_laptopdid what you asked21:56
ZogG_laptoptrying to make preview in the middle and not left21:56
mgedminthere's that thing with anchors21:58
mgedminanchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter ?21:59
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan22:11
djszapiVenemo: o/22:12
djszapiinteresting, there is an ircclient example for qtdeclarative in qt5:,783022:12
*** npm has quit IRC22:12
Venemohey Venemo22:12
Venemohey djszapi :)22:13
*** npm has joined #harmattan22:13
djszapiVenemo: lol :)22:13
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: redownload22:15
VenemoZogG_laptop, wut is dis?22:17
ZogG_laptopVenemo: the alpha of my app22:17
VenemoZogG_laptop, what does your app do? :)22:18
ZogG_laptopVenemo: imgur uploader22:18
*** zk8 has left #harmattan22:18
VenemoZogG_laptop, I dunno what imgur is, sorry22:19 is a very good pastebin for images22:19
leinirit's sort of like a pastebin for images, with a social, memetic aspect to it :)22:19
SpeedEvilNo, it's not22:19
SpeedEvilIt's spammy22:19
mgedminhaven't received a single email from imgur ;)22:19
mgedminooh, really? evil22:20
mgedminwtf, n950, why won't you respond to my pings?22:22
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan22:22
djszapiwell, there is one thing worse than qmake: qmake + pkgconfig. /me superbloeeee :)22:23
mgedminstupid wifi that stops working but still shows 'connected'22:23
mgedminZogG_laptop, why you no increase version number? ಠ_ಠ22:24
mgedminpreview works, excellent!22:26
mgedminmy n950 keeps spamming me with "MEMORY LOW please close some apps"22:26
djszapiit is aegis ? :)22:27
Venemomgedmin, close some apps?22:27
mgedmintop tells me it's fenix -prestart and a bunch of other builtin apps22:27
mgedminno real apps running (just browser, imgrup, xterm and update manager)22:28
mgedminnow I close *everything*; ssh my-n950 free -m ==> 915 M used, 69 M free, 10 M swap used22:29
djszapireport a bug against free :)22:29
mgedminmy n9 with a web browser running shows 823 M used, 161 M free (well, and 228 M swap used 27 M free -- but no 'LOW MEMORY OMG' popups at least)22:31
mgedminsoftware is hard, let's go get drunk22:31
mgedminthanks for the introduction to pkgmgr, btw!22:32
djszapinothing really worked, but you are welcome for sure ;)22:32
* mgedmin can't resist running pkgmgr upgrade-all and seeing what happens22:34
djszapiit probably installs ICS :)22:35
*** BrettQ_ has left #harmattan22:35
mgedmin"All packages upgraded successfully!" (those packages being openssh-{client,server}, meego-terminal, sdk-connectivity-tool22:36
djszapimmm, Qt5 running on N922:37
djszapinifty :)22:37
djszapialso, Qt5 on Windows 8, amazing!22:37
djszapiohh ah finally, QNX support commercially!!22:38
*** nid0 has joined #harmattan22:39
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: it's not even close to proper alpha22:42
mgedminit works, which is closer to it than either of my harmattan projects22:43
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: what projects? =)22:44
*** wazd has joined #harmattan22:44
*** wazd has quit IRC22:44
DocScrutinizer(<mgedmin> stupid wifi that stops working but still shows 'connected') I get this all the time, thought it's related to DHCP lease timeouts23:01
Jaremgedmin: linux likes to "use" a lot of memory, but most of it is actually in buffers/cache, so you shouldn't be concerned unless both free and buffers/cache amounts are low23:02
DocScrutinizermaybe dhcpd doesn't crank up wifi when in "suspend" ?23:02
DocScrutinizerso it doesn't renow the lease23:02
mgedminDocScrutinizer, I suspect bugs in the atheros driver of my openwrt install23:02
mgedminmy laptop sometimes gets this problem too23:02
mgedminbut then discovers it lost the connection when the next WPA2 group rekeying interval comes up23:03
mgedminthe n9/n950 doesn't discover anything; I have to disconnect and reconnect manually23:03
DocScrutinizerhmm, dlink dir-615 here23:04
*** lirax2432 has left #harmattan23:05
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan23:11
gabriel9how to pass text to function, i try like this: onClicked: text = MainJS.test(text);23:11
gabriel9but i get: Error: Invalid write to global property "text"23:11
gabriel9"this" is not pointing to current element23:12
tommawhy dont you use elements id?23:14
djszapigood night23:15
*** djszapi has left #harmattan23:15
*** tarantism has quit IRC23:17
Richlv<mgedmin> DocScrutinizer, I suspect bugs in the atheros driver of my openwrt install23:17
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan23:17
Richlvprobably won't help, but i have something very similar :)23:17
mgedminwe could start a support group :)23:17
Richlvalthough that is a pretty old openwrt trunk install23:17
Richlvi plan to update it... for a few years now :D23:18
gabriel9i wish to create n number of buttons and all of them will have id: bid1 bid2 ... so i don't know id of that components :)23:18
mgedminno apt-get upgrade, sadly23:18
Richlvif i restart hostapd, it comes back to life23:18
gabriel9if there are n of them23:18
ZogG_laptopwrong place23:19
gabriel9yes it is23:19
gabriel9tomma: do you understand now?23:19
*** lardman has joined #harmattan23:19
*** lardman has joined #harmattan23:19
*** mikelima has joined #harmattan23:28
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: btw you can change pi by clicking on preview23:32
mgedminyep, noticed and liked that23:32
gabriel9guys i can't find how to pass text of the element to some variable23:34
gabriel9sorry, to function23:34
ZogG_laptopi need ideas about up and desing and as well what needed? like name and descriptions23:35
*** lardman has quit IRC23:49
gabriel9Venemo ping23:51
mikelimahello all23:51
Venemogabriel9, pong23:51
mikelimaAnybody is using maemo-garage?23:52
gabriel9i think you had similar problem with your irc app. You have different irc chat rooms(windows)23:52
gabriel9you crete them on the fly? and how you keep them? they states23:53
gabriel9is there any way to get element attribute without id, function call is in that element23:55
Venemogabriel9, I keep them as a QList<ChannelModel*> in the ServerModel class. then from QML, I use them as a model for a repeater.23:56
Richlvif n9 contacts contain some of the entries 2, 3 or 4 times - how could that automaticaly be reduced to only one of them left ?23:56
Richlvis there direct access from shell to contacts, maybe ?23:56
RichlvPR 1.123:56
Richlvis that matters :)23:57
gabriel9Yes that is the best way, model-view but i don't know C++, i know some but i rock in JS23:57
tommayou can use ListModel in QML23:58
gabriel9hm i see it's nice, i hope it will work :)23:59

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