IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2011-11-26

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djszapiVenemo: o/00:18
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Sputdjszapi: madde works fine with cmake for me00:29
djszapiSput: except that what we suffered at the sprint00:30
Sputah, KDE-specific issues00:33
djszapiI would say madde-like "environments" and cmake.00:34
djszapiwhere you cannot get the --sysroot00:34
Venemohey djszapi :)00:34
djszapiand you need absolute paths for certain reasons. That effects the whole KDE Mobile project, but probably others, too.00:35
djszapiVenemo: how are you ? :)00:35
Venemodjszapi, well, thanks for asking. :) a little bit tired of this week00:36
Venemodjszapi, but at least I had a successful job interview yesterday :)00:36
djszapiwhat type of job ?00:36
VenemoC#/.NET development at Sense/Net00:37
djszapimobile world or desktop services ?00:37
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Venemothey're developing an open source ECMS00:41
djszapiVenemo: congrats :)00:46
Venemodjszapi, hey thank you :)00:51
Venemodjszapi, I'll begin there in mid-january00:51
w00tVenemo: grats00:52
Venemothx w00t :)00:53
vadimq_is it possible to port openvpn? I'm wondering if it would conflict with the aegis crap00:56
djszapivadimq_: read the log00:58
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vadimq_which log?00:59
djszapisee the /topic00:59
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vadimq_ok, got it, now which part of it are you referring to? I see nothing related to openvpn01:02
djszapitype openvpn into the search field.01:03
djszapiand follow the previous discussions.01:03
djszapiabout the same question essentially.01:04
vadimq_figured you meant something more recent, ok01:09
vadimq_Jare_: how's openvpn going? I'd be interested in giving it a try01:10
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djszapiDo you know know why my model role is not recognized from the QML code ? It worked for Fremantle, but apparently not for Harmattan. Here is the code:
Venemodjszapi, which line is it which isn't working?01:16
djszapitext: qsTr(projectName); and text: qsTr(projectDescription); return empty strings on the UI.01:17
Venemoso projectName and projectDescription are the roles which are not recognized?01:19
djszapithey seem to be empty, yep01:20
Venemoare the model roles properly registered?01:22
djszapiyes, works for fremantle, desktop, plasma and so on01:23
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Venemo_N950djszapi, sorry, I haven't the slightest clue01:27
Venemo_N950and one thing's for sure: first things I'll buy from my first salary are an SSD and 8GB memory for my laptop01:28
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djszapiVenemo_N950: lol01:34
Venemo_N950djszapi, this crap has 2 gb of ram, a slow hdd and a crappy cpu... it's slow as hell01:37
GeneralAntilles2GB of RAM01:41
GeneralAntillesMan that's shitty01:41
GeneralAntillesCrazy times we live in.01:41
Venemo_N950I could almost say, my phone has more ram than that...01:44
GeneralAntillesI remember when my parents paid $300 to upgrade a Performa 400 from 4MB to 10MB.01:46
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vadimq_I remember buying an 850MB hard disk, and thinking I'd never fill it up. Now 1TB is starting to get a bit cramped.01:53
Jare_vadimq_: thanks for asking, it's going quite nicely. I've shared the openvpn deb included with an aegis file in the meego forum thread:
Jare_vadimq_: i've also done ifup/ifdown scripts, which automate one openvpn tunnel. They are in testing atm, but i can share them to you too if you'll report back about them on the next week01:55
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vadimq_Jare_: cool, will take a look. And BTW, I would be interested in support for more than one tunnel. I have a work VPN and two VPNs of my own01:56
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Jare_vadimq_: mmkay, next week will be quite busy for me, but it shouldn't take too much effort to add support for multiple tunnels. So maybe in a couple of weeks i'll get it done02:00
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bjvanyone here get pink squares, instead of icons on harmattan?02:02
vadimq_Jare_: well, no rush of course, having something working would be a great improvement over not having anything :-)02:02
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bjvi restarted the device emulator, but the icon for this .desktop is still featureless pink02:03
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bjvi saw this forum post,
bjv*trying a new png, qemu very slow though02:04
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vadimq_Jare_: BTW, is it possible to have custom up/down scripts? My work VPN works in TAP mode, and provides addresses by DHCP. It also requires changing the MAC on the interface.02:06
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lardman|homeI seem to be missing the MDeclarativeCache header file, is this a known issue with the beta3 SDK?02:10
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Jare_vadimq_: yep, i was in the same situation a couple of weeks ago, but then i thought it shouldn't be too hard for me to write some scripts for using sip via an openvpn tunnel. And now here i am doing a much bigger project ;)02:13
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vadimq_Jare_: hehehe :-) Tends to go that way for me as well. Ok, I'll try to give it a try this weekend, and maybe we can cooperate on it a bit if I can find the time02:15
Jare_vadimq_: my scripts only control starting/stopping the openvpn process/processes, so imo those options should be configured in the openvpn tunnel settings. I don't know if openvpn supports defining the mac address of the virtual interface without scripting, but tap and dhcp should definitely work out of the box02:16
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DocScrutinizerany hints on what'S that system update I got 2 days ago, on a 40-4 N9?02:33
DocScrutinizerooh, meego terminal 0.2.2+0m602:35
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bjvhm.. i copied icon-l-rss.png from /usr/share/themes/bl*/me*/icons/ to /usr/share/icons/hicolor/80x80/apps/anomaly.png03:07
bjv.desktop says Icon=anomaly03:08
bjvName field shows up, but even with the copied icon-l-rss.png the .desktop icon is still blank pink square in launcher..03:08
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bjv*serves me right for clicking those Qt SDK deployment buttons03:12
bjvand assuming it knew what it was doing generating the .desktop03:12
bjvsupplying full path for Icon parm == works immediately..03:13
b3llyup, I had to do the same03:26
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merlin1991DocScrutinizer: i noticed it too, did you find out what the update to terminal does?03:46
DocScrutinizer51nope, not yet03:46
DocScrutinizer51shall I speculate? fix some too liberal policies in aegis03:47
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DocScrutinizerhell, I'm not trusting Nokia anymore, not even going to install a silly xterm update :-S04:15
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DocScrutinizerI mean, let's assume I paid lots of money for that device, and I took my time to check *thoroughly* if each and every aspect of the OS meets my needs. No they come and push some updates onto that device which will break properties I carefully evaluated as working, even worse they tell me they are "fixing things" by doing so. Am I entitled to return that device for full refund then? may I even sue them to compensate the scattering of all04:21
DocScrutinizerthe work I invested into this platform so far?04:21
DocScrutinizers/. No/. Now/04:21
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: it brings cut & paste04:23
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DocScrutinizerstill any potential commercial developer must be crazy to opt for this platform, when they never know if at all and when then for how long a $random_app will work until it gets broken its legs by Nokia pushing out a new policy. Potentially man-years of work were completely for the /dev/null04:26
DocScrutinizerfigure a 50 man team working 4 weeks on a high end game, just to learn Nokia decides in 4 weeks they lock down access to some GFX bits which will be mandatory for that game04:27
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DocScrutinizersidenote last page on local newpaper: "Nokia platsec killed another company of 50"04:28
DocScrutinizerwell, I guess that's what's been referred to by the quote in the middle of this factoid:04:29
infobot , or "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment.", or, or
DocScrutinizerall the "third party" software I ever seen needed one thing first and most: a STABLE WELL DEFINED execution environment that doesn't behave differently than documented or reasonably to expect and esp that doesn't change to the worse in that regard with each new update04:37
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: you checked the manifest file against that of last version?04:40
merlin1991I suppose yours is still the old so I can pastebin and you can pastebin a diff04:41
DocScrutinizerI mean the fact it comes with actually useful improvements doesn't preclude that it brings a worse policy as well04:42
merlin1991where would I find the manifest?04:42
DocScrutinizergood question - where's the friggin aegis manpage?04:43
DocScrutinizerI guess you could find something legible in the .deb04:43
DocScrutinizerI doubt I have the old deb pkg on this coffin here04:44
DocScrutinizerthere's that restok file somewhere? would it be the right place to look at?04:45
DocScrutinizerfind /var/lib/  -name '*restok*'04:48
merlin1991what's restok?04:51
DocScrutinizerRESourceTOKen? NFC04:51
DocScrutinizerPackage: meego-terminal04:51
DocScrutinizernuttin else, at least for meego-terminal. Could a pkg bring policies for other pkgs?04:52
merlin1991but that's still the same04:52
DocScrutinizerless +"/meego-terminal" /var/lib/aegis/restok/restok.conf04:53
merlin1991see ^^04:54
merlin1991it's still just the source == nokia04:54
villagerI don't think the terminal would have aegis restrictions, any restrictions on what you can do would probably be imposed by the shell spawned by the terminal, not by the terminal itself... after all, they'd want any restrictions to also apply to shells spawned by sshd and such, right?04:56
DocScrutinizerI'd love to say "just kidding" but actually I'm not, though I'm aware this particular update probably is "safe"04:58
DocScrutinizerwhile OTOH I don't mind anymore, I gave up on all this04:58
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villagerwonder if it's Mr. Flop trying to restrict the openness of the platform04:59
DocScrutinizertrying?? seems they are already there05:01
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DocScrutinizerwe already got a situation where anything that's not specified and exported in recent API of QML rather is sth that already is implicitly and shortly will be explicitly prohibited05:06
DocScrutinizerand you can scratch generic Qt stuff like dbus-send() in that equation, as for example you could send a dbus msg to mce to "please make indicator LED flash a pattern that'S already predefined in /etc/mce/mce.ini, KTHNX" but, surprise surprise, this is deemed "dangerous" by aegis and thus won't work though all the bits are in place and documented as good as it gets with Nokia regarding docs05:10
dymaxionHi, i'm plagued by constant 100% cpu use due to tracker,  I can't seem to stop it draining my battery in a couple of hours flat. :-(  ideas?  I tried removing the .cache/tracker directory and rebooting didn't help..    it was down to 2% cpu this morning, then it just kicked off again don't know what triggered it, maybe opening contacts app ? i dunno05:12
DocScrutinizerknown problem, unknown solution, unclear cause05:13
dymaxion:-(   darn... reset phone i read somewhere didn't help either...05:14
dymaxionmaybe a clean flash :-(  which means setup all over again ..grr05:14
dymaxionanyway I can disable the tracker daemon?  is it there to speed up file access / db / or is it integral to the system?05:15
DocScrutinizerit's a core component05:18
DocScrutinizersilly idea05:19
villagere.g. contacts are stored in tracker itself I think05:19
DocScrutinizerleme put it this way: QML doesn't even ship a file picker dialog any more05:19
DocScrutinizerkinda, or redoing the worms in $fruitphone, while the worms there were finally killed05:21
bjvah well.05:22
DocScrutinizerI suggest you pester Nokia care center ;-)05:24
dymaxionvillager, I guess that would make sense, that launching contacts triggered tracker 100% :-(05:34
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b3llhas anyone used DocumentGalleryModel in qml much?06:53
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gritomma: Create dynamic links? I did this that QtCreator finds the constants.js of qt-components11:20
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* lardman|home tries to work out why photoanalyser decodes a barcode perfectly, but mBarcode doesn't, even though the output looks pretty much identical12:01
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jonniDocScrutinizer: 40-4 == PR1.1, and newest meego terminal added copy/paster support.12:25
jonniI usually dont worry about package updates, since if some package loses capabilities, its still quite easy to install own custom package as on top of it. Just like when develsh lost origin, I just added it back.12:34
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Jaffalardman|home: mBarcode on Harmattan would be lovely13:35
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hiemanshuJaffa: there is, you'll have to compile it yourself13:46
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grijonni: How do you add it back? Would be nice to know if this fixes my bug14:01
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gridid anyone else have to add his again to gitorious? Mine was already on the list but they denied pushing from today. Added the same key again and it worked.15:55
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Venemois it just me, or the N950 is indeed just beautiful?16:02
grino it really is16:05
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griI don't use the n9 since I like the n950 so much :)16:05
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Venemo~seen wazd16:09
infobotwazd is currently on #maemo (4h 51m 37s) #harmattan (4h 51m 37s) #meego (4h 51m 37s), last said: 'Milhouse: easter egg for geeks? :)'.16:09
Venemowazd, ping16:09
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wazdVenemo: wazzup? :)16:12
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Venemowazd, I'll query you16:12
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grianyone has an idea how to force the theme daemon to load new images into cache?16:30
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DocScrutinizerjonni: you're triggering some thoughts on a number of us ;-D17:38
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lardman|homeJaffa: sorry for the slow response, missed the message18:56
lardman|homeyeah, I've been working on it, but have had some teething troubles18:56
griyeah cool, you can kill the system if you accidentally exec the themedaemon and ctrl-c it again ...18:59
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lardman|homeI bet when I eventually find the problem, it will be the smallest most trivial thing19:26
SpeedEvilNaah. I bet it'll be really important, and time consuming requiring rewriting the whole platform.19:27
lardman|homedoubtful, I really can't see what it is, the input data are as close as possible to identical, but in one case it works, in the other it doesn't19:28
lardman|homevery odd, in once case am scanning for barcodes from jpegs saved by the camera app, and that works fine, in the other am scanning for barcodes from QVideoFrames19:31
lardman|homebut in both cases the data to be scanned are identical in format, 8-bit grayscale after conversion, proven by writing the raw data out from both apps19:32
lardman|homeframe size doesn't matter either, have saved data from the QVideoFrame version to a jpeg, then scanned it and it's decoded fine19:32
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SpeedEvilAre you sure you're actually decoding what you think you're decoding?19:34
SpeedEvilIt's not doing a blank frame or something wierd?19:34
lardman|homeno, I've written the data out to a file and it's the right format and contains the image19:34
lardman|homeThe confounding factor is that ZXing (or rather the example code) uses a class to convert from the raw input data to a Luminance image19:38
lardman|homeI have been saving the getMatrix() output (i.e. a large chunk)19:38
lardman|homebut I wonder if the ZXing code actually reads a row at a time, I should double check that is producing the correct output19:38
lardman|homes/example code/example code and therefore the code I've written to use the lib19:39
lardman|homehmm, I wonder if that is it, I've spotted a mistake in that code already19:40
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lardman|homehmm and that was indeed the problem19:42
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* lardman|home removes all the temporary file outputs he had to add in, from the wrong function19:43
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lardman|homewhat is it they say about assumptions..., I guess I should have investigated the ZXing code first of all, ah well19:46
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ajalkanehows the newborn lardy?20:41
lardman|homecrying atm20:41
lardman|homenot so newborn any more, 3 months + 1 week tomorrow20:41
ajalkaneHealthy babu tjem20:41
ajalkane* then20:41
lardman|homeyeah :)20:41
ajalkaneMy 1 year old went to sleep a while ago. Coding time!20:41
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lardman|homewife and baby are heading to visit her mother tomorrow, so coding Sunday for me20:42
lardman|homeas well as raking the leaves, doing the shopping, watching some of the myriad programmes I've recorded about engineering stuff and have not been allowed to watch ;)20:43
ajalkaneLucky you. I'm gonna do a coding frenzy with help of alcohol and other assorted enhancing drugs now as wife is away and children are asleep.20:43
lardman|homealcohol helps the children sleep? ;)20:43
ajalkaneDon't give me THAT good ideas20:43
ajalkaneSo your baby is at the age when it smashes with hand everything in sight, trying to do a mess?20:44
*** heeeegua_ has quit IRC20:44
lardman|homewell she grabs things, or tries to, and normally leaves you with fingernail scars :)20:48
lardman|homesurprising how sharp those things are!20:49
ajalkaneYeah. It's like evolution made them a vicious predator.20:49
lardman|homewell vicious if you happen to lean over her anyway, not rolling over yet, but she looks like she'd like to be doing more than lying on her back20:50
ajalkaneEven as a 1 year old my son is efficient at scratching me. He studies my nose, grabs it, and hurts me with scratching.20:50
lardman|homethumb in nostril grab20:51
ajalkaneShe'll be crawling in no time when the interest shows20:51
lardman|homeyeah, amazing how quickly things change - neck really quite strong now and was really floppy a couple of weeks back20:51
ajalkaneI every time fall for it. He looks so cute studying, and it's just a little baby, so I let it grab my nose. Ouch...20:51
ajalkaneYeah that's great time. Lots of things happening.20:52
* lardman|home investigates QML listview models from C++20:52
ajalkaneListView's from C++ is another fascinating subject, bound to take a lot of time.20:53
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lardman|homeyeah, that's my worry!20:53
lardman|homeshe may be walking first.....20:53
ajalkanehehe yeah... well good luck, study fast :)20:53
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dm8tbrjavispedro: I'm starting to figure out the LiveView. So far it's not really 'just a framebuffer' (although I suspect you could emulate that), but a quite nice framework21:03
lardman|homedm8tbr: so can you replace the applications, or at least tell it what to display?21:03
javispedrodm8tbr: if you have to send the notifications as plain text, I envisioned that could happen and sowatch supports that21:03
lardman|homeso you're not limited to what comes with it that is21:03
dm8tbrjavispedro: yes, I can send it plain text notifications21:04
dm8tbrlardman|home: it's more like a minimalistic 'ui framework'21:04
dm8tbrI dropped a video the other day, need to still write a blog post...21:04
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, is there any way to get MMS notifications to display the text?21:05
GeneralAntillesThis stupid "Group MMS" shit that iOS 5 has got is infuriating.21:05
lardman|homethanks dm8tbr21:05
javispedroGeneralAntilles: auiu, you need to trigger a data connection to fetch MMS contents21:05
lardman|homeGAN, you've not defected have you?21:05
GeneralAntilleslardman|home, no, everybody I know has iOS21:05
dm8tbrvideo quality stinks, but that's the best I could do at that time21:05
GeneralAntillesand there's this stupid new feature called Group MMS which binds a bunch of different contacts into a single "chat"21:06
dm8tbrwhat you see is that python example code21:06
ajalkaneI don't understand why'd anyone use MMS's at all with smartphone. At least in Finland they're quite expensive.21:06
GeneralAntillesPretty much free with the plan I've got.21:07
ajalkaneIn that case they might be convenient. I miss the ability to compress videos/pictures when sharing with e-mail with N950. MMS does that.21:08
lardman|homeN950 is odd with MMS, I get a message telling me a website that I can use to download the message, then the message itself21:08
lardman|homeprobably Vodafone's fault21:08
ajalkaneSounds like vodafone. I get the MMSs directly.21:08
GeneralAntillesHow do people cope with the fake multitasking on iOS?21:09
GeneralAntillesand whatever it is they've got on Android.21:09
ajalkaneThey fake satisfaction. It happens.21:09
lardman|homeAndroid does multitasking doesn't it? I do have the fact you don't quite know whether something is open or not though21:10
dm8tbrlardman|home: have you ever sent a MMS from your N950?21:10
lardman|homeNot that I've seen Android for a while on my Tab, been testing Nemo21:10
lardman|homedm8tbr: yeah I tried and it was rejected21:10
lardman|homemight have been the phone I was sending it to, not sure21:10
ajalkaneThe mobile OS landscape feels a lot like the end of 80's computers. With all that bullshit co-operative multitasking and other tricks.21:10
dm8tbrlardman|home: because many networks determine MMS capability based on if the device ever sent an MMS21:11
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:11
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan21:12
lardman|homeah I see, well I do receive them, just with another message too21:12
javispedrolardman|home: Android multitasks, the problems I've had is that system autokills your app when it pleases and hitting power button suspends your app unless you specifically request otherwise21:12
lardman|homejavispedro: yeah I've never looked to see whether anything is done while it's not fg21:13
lardman|homebbiam, baby holding21:13
*** vladest has quit IRC21:14
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest21:14
javispedrodm8tbr: you have the source for that?21:15
lardman|homemy opensuse laptop seemsunwilling to play those, will have to try pc later21:23
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan21:35
GeneralAntilleslardman|home, get a MetaWatch yet?21:36
dm8tbrjavispedro: you mean ?21:38
javispedrodm8tbr: I mean your test, or is that what you get when you run that snippet as is?21:38
dm8tbrjavispedro: yes pretty much, there was a one byte change, but not sure if necessary21:38
dm8tbrI need to borrow an android phone and try to trace some more of the protocol to understand it better21:39
dm8tbrone very important bit I want to figure out is how to wake up the watch and push a incoming call notification21:40
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan21:45
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan21:46
javispedrothe battery life on my N950 seems to be inversely proportional to the number of dead pixels on the LCD21:54
javispedroI now have around ~24 dead pixels and battery doesn't last through an afternoon21:54
ajalkanekind strange... you'd think they'd optimize dead pixels to not use power :)21:55
MohammadAGDoes the screen suck that much?21:55
javispedroI don't have the data21:56
javispedrowhat seems to be true is that once you get the first dead pixel it's game over, as the blob starts growing and even moving21:56
*** djszapi has left #harmattan21:57
hiemanshuyeah, its a mechanical thing21:57
hiemanshuor something weird21:57
MohammadAGjavispedro:  Ask for a replacement21:57
javispedronow that I have the touchpad btw, have to say its screen is superb and way better than the N95021:58
javispedro(willing to compare to an N9/AMOLED)21:58
MohammadAGNothing beats the galaxy's screen tbh21:58
Venemojavispedro, you've fallen to the dark side! :(21:58
javispedrolike qole!21:59
MohammadAGThe dark side isnt that dark21:59
MohammadAGI mean, i have 3 iDevices and its not THAT bad21:59
lardman|homeGeneralAntilles: no, though looks quite tempting :)21:59
ajalkaneYou could even argue the eLoppy side is the dark side21:59
javispedroMohammadAG: Vade Retro!21:59
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan22:00
djszapihi wazd, still no time for Ui design ? ;)22:01
lardman|homeHey the only reason to possess an Android device is to port Nemo to it22:01
djszapiand KDE ...22:01
lardman|homeyeah, plasma one22:01
djszapizz_gri: ping whenever you wake up :)22:01
djszapilardman|home: no...22:01
javispedrolardman|home: probably hard on those qualcomms due to gfx..22:01
djszapilardman|home: no workspace replacement, just applications on Android imo.22:01
lardman|homeand my hummingbird22:01
ajalkaneI wouldn't diss on android too much. After the Harmattan/MeeGo holocaust it's the only semi-open platform left.22:02
GeneralAntillesWorth it.22:02
lardman|homeUbuntu would be pretty easy to run, but the apps aren't finger optimised, but then I need to get opengles hw accel working for nemo to be useful, catch 2222:02
lardman|homeajalkane: sure, and it works pretty well tbh, I've had a Galaxy Tab for more than a year now22:03
lardman|homeajalkane: if only it weren't Java....22:03
djszapiit is working pretty well, nowadays we even have Qt...22:03
djszapiit is not just java...22:03
lardman|homemore faffing to do native stuff though isn't there?22:03
javispedroeven the blackberry has Qt, and no one seems to mention it22:04
javispedroand unlike Android they even did the port on their own22:04
djszapiactually, even qtopengl works.22:04
lardman|homeGeneralAntilles: you have one? I'm not sure about the up front cost22:04
ajalkanelardman|home: yeah my wife has Galaxy SII. It's fine. I vastly prefer Harmattan still. But in two years, if there's no Harmattan successors it's where I'll go to. The Java thing irks me too. Such a waste of CPU cycles on limited devices.22:04
djszapimuch faster than meego was on N90022:05
lardman|homeajalkane: I've no idea what I'll do re mobile, but Tablet-wise I'm still keen on Linux, somehow22:05
ajalkaneQt on Android is a bit annoying as long as you have to download megaloads of libraries to run every Qt program22:05
lardman|homeI'd not realised Qt worked on Android actually, will have to have a look-see22:06
ajalkaneI'm keen on Linux an open-source ad infinitum. The mobile landscape just looks barren regarding that, but Android is the best choise after Harmattan22:06
djszapiworks pretty well, seriously.22:06
lardman|homedo you have a link?22:06
* javispedro keeps thinking iOS is better than Android22:07
djszapicheck out the dev days slides.22:07
ajalkanedjszapi: Have you tested how big a simple application gets with Qt on Android?22:07
djszapiajalkane: I did make a qt application for android22:07
lardman|homePresumably compiled for Android? Most of my stuff uses C/C++ backend libraries which aren't part of Android, which is the stumbling block22:07
djszapiajalkane: at any is not any different than kde apps on harmattan ...22:07
ajalkanedjszapi: you remember how big the package gwas?22:07
lardman|homejavispedro: I've never actually used nor even held an iPhone22:07
ajalkane* was22:07
djszapiajalkane: like 3 MB22:08
ajalkanedjszapi: okay that's not too bad22:08
djszapibut it was qtcore only, and qtgui is 11 MB22:08
djszapibut still you are under 20 MB22:08
djszapiand declarative is 3.622:09
djszapiyou do not need the monster gui22:09
ajalkaneThat starts to be pretty hefty. If you could have shared libraries, download them once, use with every app, then it would be fine.22:10
ajalkaneDon't know if that's possible in Android Market22:10
djszapithat is not gonna work in  practice22:10
ajalkaneThat's what I was afraid of22:10
djszapiwhy is < 10 MB hefty ?22:11
djszapialso, you can make optimizations pretty easily.22:11
djszapido not install the stuff it is already there.22:11
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:12
ajalkaneThe biggest games I've downloaded are around that size. It's not acceptable for simple applications.22:12
djszapifail to see why...22:13
djszapithe same things you need on harmattan anyway22:13
djszapiexcept that you even more stuff installed by default than needed for your stuff22:14
ajalkaneIf every Harmattan application I downloaded was about 10MB, I'd have run out of space already22:14
djszapiplease read what I wrote22:14
*** stefan__ has joined #harmattan22:14
djszapialso, you can make optimizations pretty easily. do not install the stuff it is already there.22:14
ajalkaneOkay... if you can make the android installer so that you don't install the Qt libs that are already on the device, then it's all fine22:14
MohammadAG javispedro keeps thinking iOS is better than Android22:15
MohammadAGIt is22:15
djszapiSo as far as I can see, this is not22:15
djszapian issue22:15
ajalkaneI hope so. I don't have a big interest in this until few years down the line :)22:15
*** stefan__ is now known as hydro-b22:17
*** vladest has quit IRC22:17
*** vladest has joined #harmattan22:20
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*** artemma has joined #harmattan22:51
artemmais thinking about how to mock timed API and GConf on desktop22:51
* artemma is thinking about how to mock timed API and GConf on desktop22:51
* artemma feeling naked developing without a fast test net :(22:52
artemmawhat would be the way to check if given process (known by executable name or full command line) is running?22:57
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:57
artemmaI'd like my app to kill the older instances of itself (in case they malfunction)22:57
*** xnt14 has quit IRC22:58
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djszapiso can anybody take a look at my qml files why I do not actually see the result of the model roles ?
*** ajalkane has quit IRC23:53

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