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Submitting patches the Launchpad way

Today I happened to read about lazr.enum in a mailing list. I went to the PyPI page and saw raw ReStructuredText markup instead of a nicely formatted page. Now I know from prior experience that this happens when the package's description has an error in the markup. I thought I'd report a bug and provide a patch. Leap of knowledge: since I know lazr.enum was created by the Launchpad.net team I could safely assume they were keeping the sources in Launchpad.

Bug of the day

I think I'm going to blog about Ubuntu bugs I encounter during my day. Don't get me wrong—I love Ubuntu and haven't seen a better OS yet. But it has bugs. Why blog and not report them to Launchpad? Many reasons: producing good bug reports is hard work; bugs rarely show up alone, and if I start filing one, I'll forget details about the others; sometimes it's unclear whether something is or is not a bug until you've written it down and looked at it; Launchpad is slow while previewing a blog post on the local machine is fast.

X ate my keyboard, again

Last night I thought it would be fun to try to suspend my laptop with the 3G USB modem still plugged in and connected. This morning when I woke it up I had no keyboard. Ctrl+Alt+F1 worked to switch to a text console (when I pressed it twice). The text console wasn't garbled, which was nice. killall gnome-settings-daemon or gnome-screensaver didn't fix anything. Suspending and resuming again didn't fix things either (not that there's any reason why it should).