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Re: Web frameworks considered useful.

Martijn Faassen defends web frameworks in a rather longish post (you can tell it's 5 AM in the morning and I've nearly defeated the unread post queue in Google Reader). I'd like to propose a condensed version. Consider this slogan: Simple things should be easy; complicated things should be possible. Frameworks make simple things easy. Good frameworks keep the complicated thing possible; poorly-designed frameworks make the complicated thing more difficult than necessary; bad frameworks make even simple things complicated.

Review: Python Testing: Beginner's Guide

I've been testing (as well as writing) Python code for the last eight years, so a book with the words Begginer's Guide prominently displayed on the cover isn't something I'd've decided to buy for myself. Nevertheless I jumped at the offer of receiving a free e-copy for reviewing it. Short summary: it's good book. I learned a thing or two from it. I don't know well it would work as an introductionary text for someone new to unit testing (or Python).

Bye, bye, free time!

Things I've taken up to do in the nearest future: Read and review Python Testing: Beginner's Guide and Grok 1.0 Web Development for Packt. (The links are trackable to my blog, but I'm not getting anything out of it. Other than free copies of the e-books, which I already received, in exchange for a promise to review them on this blog.) Help Reportlab folks set up continuous integration (most likely Hudson, since Buildbot, while powerful, has a steep learning curve).