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Starting a Pylons project with zc.buildout

For software development I prefer buildout to virtualenv. This is because buildout has a text file describing the state of your working environent, which can be versioned and used later to recreate it, as well as during development to modify the environment slightly. To start a new Pylons project, first create an empty directory. Let's call our new project AlliterationSharing1, because everybody is sick of 'foo' and 'bar'. 1 Generated by randomly picking two words from /usr/share/dict/words, then chosen over among 120 other variants that weren't as good.

Playing with Pylons

I've an opportunity to get to know Pylons. Here's an unsorted list of first (and second) impressions: Pylons has great documentation, though I did stumble upon a few broken links Pylons has a great development environment (instant and automatic server restarts; interactive Python console in your web browser on errors) It seems that nobody using Paste is interested in logging the startup and shutdown time of the web server SQLAlchemy overwhelms with TMTOWTDI zc.