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N9 Hackathon in Vienna

Last weekend I attended the N9 Hackathon in Vienna. Nokia kindly sponsored all food and accommodation costs and, at the very end, surprised me with an entirely unexpected gift of a N9 phone. Vienna: great transportation system, delicious food (either that, or I was always extremely hungry when I ate), huge portions, restaurants open until midnight. Shame I didn't have time to see the city itself. The N9 is a gorgeous phone; much more so in real life than in pictures.

GTimeLog: not dead yet!

Back in 2004 I wrote a small Gtk+ app to help me keep track of my time, and called it GTimeLog. I shared it with my coworkers, put it on the web (on the general "release early, release often" principles), and it got sort-of popular before I found the time to polish it into a state where I wouldn't be ashamed to show it to other people. Fast-forward to 2008: there are actual users out there (much to my surprise), I still haven't added the originally-envisioned spit and polish, haven't done anything to foster a development community, am wracked by guilt of not doing my maintainerly duties properly, which leads to depression and burnout.