Went to EuroPython, met new people, had a great time.

Updated gtkeggdeps, the interactive Python package dependency browser. Collaborated with Thomas Lotze, who maintains the engine (tl.eggdeps) that gtkeggdeps wraps, to resolve API mismatches. Moved the sources to launchpad.net, added a test suite, made it use zc.buildout for convenient development.

Moved the source repository of gtimelog, the simple desktop time tracker, to launchpad.net. Failed to do anything else with it. :-(

Tried to work on xdot, wrestled with git-svn merges, failed abysmally. Asked upstream to upload xdot to PyPI.

Released ZODB Browser, but this deserves a separate post.

Sent a bunch of pyflakes patches from my old branch upstream, created trac tickets for the rest. Wrestled with bzr-svn merges, failed abysmally.