Last Saturday I upgraded my laptop from Ubuntu Edgy (6.10) to Feisty (7.04). The upgrade broke down a bit (like every other Ubuntu upgrade before it, but in a different way): I left the update manager running, and when I came back several hours later, it was gone. Apt in a terminal complained about the upgrade being interrupted and prompted me to run dpkg --configure -a. I did that, answered a bunch of questions about which config files I wanted to override, rebooted, and that was it. I'm now running Feisty.

Good things after the upgrade:

  • Note pinning and bulleted lists in Tomboy
  • I can click on links in the channel topic in xchat-gnome again

Broken things after the upgrade:

  • bitlbee stopped working
  • ctrl-arrow keys stopped working in vim (and mutt) inside gnome-terminal (which now sends ESC O 1; 5 D where it used to send ESC O 5 D)
  • The laptop still crashes when resuming ever now and then