Hacked on XDot, which uses PyGtk/Cairo and the xdot intermediate format and thus sidesteps the limitations I encoutered working on dotviewer. My changes are in a Git branch created with git-svn. Get it here:

git clone https://mg.pov.lt/xdot-mg.git

Try it out

cd xdot-mg
./xdot.py sample2.dot

See the changes

gitk --all


  • Supports more .dot features.
  • Nicer node rendering.
  • Animated jumping between nodes.
  • Highlights node/edge under mouse.
  • Ctrl-drag zooms.
  • Shift-drag zooms an area.
  • File open dialog.
  • Zoom-to-fit reacts to window resize.

I must admit that git is nicer than bzr to work with, but a bit of a pain when you want to publish or share your changes.

I will not be sprinting tomorrow.