Dozer is mostly known for its memory profiling capabilities, but the as-yet unreleased version has more:

Log capturing

This WSGI middleware intercepts logging calls for every request. Here we see a toy Pylons application I've been working on in my spare time. Dozer added an info bar at the top:

Dozer's infobar

When you click on it, you get to see all the log messages produced for this request. I've set SQLAlchemy's loglevel to INFO in my development.ini, which produces:

Dozer's log viewer

(Why on Earth does SQLAlchemy think I want to see the memory address of the Engine object in my log files, I don't know. The parentheses contain argument values for parametrized queries, of which there are none on this page.)

Upstream version displays absolute timestamps (of the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.ssssss variety) in the first column; my fork shows deltas in milliseconds. The incantation in development.ini is

use = egg:Dozer#logview
next = main

which makes it disabled by default. To enable, you run paster like this:

$ paster serve development.ini -n logview

(Upstream version lacks the paste entry point for logview; it's in my fork, for which I submitted a pull request weeks ago like a good open-source citizen. Incidentally, patches for stuff I maintain have been known to languish for years in my inbox, so I'm not one to throw stones.)

Next: profiling with Dozer.

Update: Tom Longson blogged about this back in 2008! And his CSS is prettier.