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Fri, 14 Jul 2006

Easy Zope 3 forms with formlib: add forms.

A short tutorial of zope.formlib.

Here's how you create an add form for a notional content object Fruit:

# This is the mypackage.browser module
from zope.formlib import form

from mypackage.interfaces import IFruit
from mypackage.fruit import Fruit

class FruitAdd(form.AddForm):

    form_fields = form.Fields(IFruit)

    def create(self, data):
        # In our example Fruit class has an __init__
        # that accepts all the fields as keyword arguments
        return Fruit(**data)

Here's how you register it in ZCML



Here's a zip file with full working code: formlib-adding-example.zip

Update: changed the link to point to the up-to-date version of zope.formlib.

Update: Martijn Pieters shows how to use the handy applyChanges function when you do not have a constructor that takes all the parameters.

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