A MagicPoint to PDF converter


MagicPoint is a presentation tool for X11. You write a plain-text file describing your slides in your favourite text editor, and mgp shows them on the screen.

I used mgp to produce slides for a Python course I taught at Vilnius University. However, since most of the students are not (yet) Linux users, they couldn't use MagicPoint to view my slides at home. There are some converters from MagicPoint to PostScript/HTML, but the result either looks ugly, or doesn't support Unicode characters. MagicPoint itself can produce a number of bitmaps (by taking screenshots), but those are big, and the conversion process is inconvenient (you cannot use your machine while mgp is busy rendering slides and taking screenshots).

I wrote a Python program to interpret MagicPoint commands and produce a PDF file using ReportLab. It can handle my slides (Lithuanian), but otherwise it is probably incomplete. Feel free to give it a try.


You can check out the latest version from GitHub:

git clone

Or you can browse the repository with a Web browser.

Authors and Licencing

mgp2pdf was written by Marius Gedminas. It is released under the terms of the GNU GPL.