IRC log of #meego for Thursday, 2010-07-29

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tremnite all, sweet dreams00:44
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tripzero what's the right arch to pass mic-image-creator so it's happy for armv5?01:46
yigalStskeeps and vgrade have obviously done an outstanding job getting the Joggler with GMA 500/Poulsbo to work with the EMGD driver.  Is there any chance to get another device with GMA 500 working, in my case an Eee T91MT?  I'm fine selling out and signing what ever I need to away to Intel, etc..01:48
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tripzeroyigal, don't sell out.01:49
tripzeroi'll offer you half the price for your soul01:49
yigaltripzero: right it's a matter of using Windows 7 or selling out in a smaller way to Intel +01:49
yigalI would prefer to sell half my soul then get half price on my sould01:50
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csd_tripzero: --arch=armv5tel01:54
Macerwell. let me go ahead and follow these instructions and work on this meego image :)01:55
tripzerocsd_, Error: Given arch 'armv5tel' is not found from the repositories.01:55
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Maceri'm sorry. i didn't stick around after i asked. Stskeeps said i need to use flasher01:55
Macerso does that mean i can only flash back and forth between maemo and meego?01:55
Macerit doesn't install a bootloader?01:55
Macerah. damn. :) well. that kind of hinders it a bit.01:56
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tripzeromeego does not come with a bootloader no01:56
Maceris there some other way to dual boot? like some n900 bootloader that is out there like the one for the n810?01:56
Macerthe fanoush one01:57
yigalso multiboot doesn't work?01:57
yigalsorry NITDroid is just so active, I just thought . . .01:57
tripzerodual boot claims to work with nitdroid and maemo501:58
tripzeroon the n900...01:58
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yigalbut not meego/maemo?01:59
tripzerowell, if android dual boot works, one can assume it can be done with meego as well02:00
tripzerobut i have no idea how...02:00
tripzeroor why... :P02:00
yigalLast post is SimonGie having problems booting Fedora,
MacerUnexpected arguments to repo command: ['\xe2\x80\x94gpgkey=file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-meego']02:01
Macerwtf? :)02:01
Macerlet me try the official nokia ks02:01
Macerthis is the same problem i had when trying debian to do this02:02
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Maceryeah. the nokia one seems to work fine.02:03
yigalowell, at least Nokia is good for something then02:04
Macerwell. the community ks doesn't seem to work for me02:04
Maceri get some messed up gpg error02:04
Macerat least it is building in fedora tho02:04
Macerso i can just go ahead and let it do its thing02:04
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yigalMacer: I went to this channel to see if I could get Meego on my netbook, I don't want to worry about my n900, not Meego is a bit more developed.02:05
yigalsorry for the typos02:06
Macerheh. well. hope it works out ;)02:06
Maceri don't see a need to put meego on a netbook but i could be wrong02:06
Macernot unless it was something like an ipad. mego should find a way to get it onto an ipad heh02:06
yigalit's because of the EMGD driver for GMA 500/Poulsbo - it's a 9" laptop/tablet02:07
yigalMeego has in theory better support than any other os OS.02:08
arjanfor gma500?02:08
arjansorry.. nope.02:08
yigalarjan: but,but what about the Joggler videos?02:08
yigalarjan: I got so excited when I saw those02:09
yigalif there is any portability with that work, that would be great02:10
tripzerowith the FOSS gma500 driver parts, you do get 2D accelleration02:10
yigalkind of, but terrible Flash support02:10
yigalvia vaapi02:11
yigalyes, and some get 3d02:11
ml-mobilePowerVR will be the bane of mobile linux for a long time to come02:11
yigalno I just should have done more research before I bought my netbook02:11
yigalit's on me, but now that I'm in this situation, what to do02:12
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yigalarjan: So am I missing something with that Youtube video?02:15
Macercould have been worse. you could have bought a touchbook :-P02:18
yigalMacer: The quality was bad, right?02:18
Macertalk about a total piece oc crap02:18
Macerbad is an understatement02:19
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Maceri hope that company went out of business02:19
Macerfor releasing such a disgusting product onto the public :)02:19
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yigalI remember how it was doted upon in talk.maemo02:19
yigalthe idea was cool02:19
Maceryeah but then the thing actually came out02:20
Maceri bought into the hardware of it02:20
Macerbut when i got it02:20
Macerunresponsive touch screen02:20
yigalMacer: you bought one?02:20
Maceryeah :)02:20
Macersold it like 1 month after i got it02:20
Macerthe OS was worse than meego is now with over a year of development02:21
Macerbuggy piece of crap02:21
Macerand the worst part was...02:21
Macerthe advertised battery time was a lie!02:21
Macerthey didn't have the pm working!02:21
yigaleven the advertised battery life was a semi-turn off02:21
yigalhow long was it?02:22
Macerit was more like 5 or 602:22
Macerinstead of 14 like they said02:22
yigalha, rofl02:22
Macerthey should have been sued for that02:22
Macerthen using it in tablet mode was totally useless02:22
yigalcpu governor powersave, screen brightness 0%02:22
Macersince you needed to damn near press a finger through the thing02:22
Macerin order to get it to work02:23
yigalha, what people think of when they hear resistive screens02:23
Macerthe actual os interface for it didn't work in tablet mode02:23
Macerit was another lie02:23
Macerall it did was have the icons that moved around and didn't work02:23
Macerstatic images for battery/wifi connections02:23
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yigalthat's awful02:24
Macerand what makes it so bad.. if it didn't go out of business yet.. i'm sure it is still just as crappy as when i bought it :)02:24
Maceroh yeah02:24
Macerthen there was the random turning off of the screen02:24
Macerit would just blank out02:24
Macerso i file a bug02:24
yigallooks like it's still operational, go on though Macer02:25
Macerand the guy who runs the company says the most idiotic thing i've ever heard02:25
Macer"well.. it doesn't seem to be a software or hardware issue"02:25
tripzerooh, this touchbook wasn't good?02:25
Macerso the screen blanking was magic02:25
tripzerobased on the beagleboard02:25
yigalhe might have meant that it was a software AND hardware issue02:25
Maceri wish i had the bug # for that02:25
tripzeroi thought about getting one once02:26
yigalme too02:26
Maceronce i saw that i sold it to a mer dev02:26
Macertrust me.. an n900 is way better02:26
Maceri will NEVER preorder anything ever again because of the touchbook02:26
yigalother than the screen size, I'm very happy02:26
Maceri even waited a few months on the n900 because i was scarred for life02:27
yigalwow, I thought the Open Pandora preorder was a scandal,02:27
yigalMacer: ya, that's really incredible false advertising02:27
Macerhey. i was with them for the whole... "it's a beta OS" thing02:28
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Macerbut once the guy said "it doesn't seem to be a hardware or software issue"02:29
Macerand the thing was tipping over02:29
Maceri gave up :)02:29
Maceri mean cmon.. tipping over?02:29
Macerit was a great idea. and when it was released the omap3 stuff was still fairly new02:29
Macerbut in the end it was a total train wreck :)02:30
yigalya, killed a great idea02:30
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yigalalmost the perfect size for portable usefulness, what a bummer02:31
Maceri mean look at their page...02:31
MacerWith a simple finger press at startup, the Touch Book will run either our AI OS, Ubuntu, or Android. Mer, Gentoo have also been adapted to the Touch Book.02:31
MacerGoogle Chrome OS and Maemo are on their way!02:31
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Macer:) filled with lies!02:31
yigalhave you been able to post a review somewhere online?02:32
yigalIt sounds like it would be very good to potential buyers.02:33
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yigalOn UMPC the touchbook's "related products" are totally different in design to it.  The only one somewhat reminiscent is the t91 - my laptop02:35
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Macermaybe some day i will... but yeah.. the thing is a total piece of trash. not only that but it is now outdated non-trendy hardware02:36
Macerit will die on its own soon enough02:37
Maceralthough i do agree with you02:37
Macerthe size of the tablet portion would be a perfect meego size02:37
Maceri think the ipad is perfect meego size. hopefully nokia releases something like that02:37
yigalwell there is the JooJoo pad, nothing special hardware wise but?02:38
ScottishDuckJooJoo is terrible02:38
yigal12" screen never mind02:38
yigaldouble the size I want02:39
yigalScottishDuck: ya I know sorry for bringn it up02:39
aukeI know someone working on joojoo02:39
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aukeI wonder why he gave up his job for that :)02:40
yigalauke: The idea of really os OS running natively on the latest rage in hardware makes sense.02:41
yigalbut it has to be done right02:42
aukewhat do you mean with "really os OS" ?02:42
yigalnot Android02:42
aukewell android itself doesn't make sense02:42
yigaltoo whom it's been a huge financial success02:43
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Macer /root/meego/kickstart/meego-handset-armv7l-n900-nokia-closed-
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Macermoney doesn't mean tht it is good.. even though.. although i disagree with google's proprietary java method.. it has grown into something that works very well02:46
Macerif only meego can take off like that02:46
Macerand gather as much interest as android has02:46
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yigalMacer: Yes, let's hope, and hope that Meego is as or nearly as cool as it could be02:48
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yigalman FB just keeps getting better
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UlfHofemeierHi auke :)02:59
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yigaljeez GMA 500 is the bane of the open source mobile enthusiast, Umid M1 MID, that is one nice piece of hardware, except for the GMA 50003:09
aukeI wish people would just call it what it is03:09
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thiagoGMA3150 is OpenGL 1.4 only...03:14
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ScottishDuckAll PowerVR tech is terrible03:16
ScottishDuckNo doubt that is why tegra2 will become the standard03:17
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thiagowe wish03:20
thiagobut Tegra is expensive and power-hungry03:20
thiagothe tegra consumes 35 W03:20
TSCHAKeeei would support the ARM/Mali200 pairing03:21
thiagoif it weren't for that, it would be lovely03:21
thiagoMali is good03:21
thiagowe've had some experience with that one03:21
thiagotegra2, yeah03:21
* thiago asked for another board from NVidia03:21
TSCHAKeeeif the ARM guys weren't such dicks and say, "look! we made the drivers GPL'd!" in the headlines03:21
TSCHAKeeefollowed by, "uh, actually no, we didn't. you still need the BSP"03:21
thiagoit's so easy to get hardware once you flash a email :-)03:21
TSCHAKeee"what we open sourced was the zero copy implementation."03:22
TSCHAKeeegee, thanks.03:22
thiagoanyway, we've tried Mali and Tegra203:22
thiagoTegra2 is definitely better hardware and better driver from NVidia03:22
thiagoOpenKODE, OpenWF, OpenGL ES03:22
TSCHAKeeebut if you only have a 1 hour battery life... :P03:22
thiagomany nice things with it03:22
thiagoyeah, that's the problem03:22
thiagoyou can't use the tegra on a non-powered device03:22
thiagoit would work fine for something connected to a continuous device, like STB and IVI03:23
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thiagoeven though I think STBs have a limit on power consumption too03:23
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thiagocontinuously-powered device03:23
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thiagomali, on the other hand, is more "mobile-friendly"03:23
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thiagowe've got one board running MeeGo without X and first results looked impressive03:24
TSCHAKeeejust bolting mcompositor straight to something like QWS?03:24
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thiagoQWS can't do OpenGL03:24
thiagoit's Lighthouse03:24
TSCHAKeeeoh, right.03:25
TSCHAKeeeoh ok03:25
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thiagothe tegra also had Lighthouse running, btw03:25
thiagothat's the one we implemented OpenWF on03:26
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RailroadmasterI wonder the hardware of the HTC Hd2 seems to be very capable could meego be ported the hd2?04:03
TermanaN900Railroadmaster, have you read the thread on tmo?04:03
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RailroadmasterI thought a better answer would be here04:04
RailroadmasterBeing as this place is meego.com04:04
thiagowhat's the hardware on the Hd2?04:04
Railroadmaster1ghz snapdragon processor, 4.3 inch 800x480 capacative touchscreen, 5mp camera with dual led flash, 576mb of ram, 1gb of rom, Windows Mobile 6.504:06
TermanaN900Railroadmaster, i just meant that i provided a detailed answer in the thread on tmo04:06
RailroadmasterDriver would be an issue04:06
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thiagolooks good so far. What OpenGL ES-capable driver and video card?04:06
RailroadmasterAdreno gpu I think04:07
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thiagois the Linux GL driver good/04:07
RailroadmasterThere are videos demonstrating opengl es 2.0 games on Hd204:07
thiagoon Linux?04:08
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Railroadmasterchanging topic does anyone think meego has potential on handsets because there are already so many mobile platforms I think meego has pontential on netbooks04:09
thiagoNokia thinks MeeGo has potentional on handsets04:10
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ml-mobileI think it does04:12
ml-mobileI certainly prefer it over Android (but that's me)04:13
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thiagowhat a shocker, coming from #meego! :-)04:15
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*** vlj has joined #meego11:14
vljerr I've added the ivi repo with emgd drivers to yum11:15
vljI'm installing xorg-x11-drv-emgd11:15
vljwill it be enough to run or do I need to edit some xorg config file ?11:15
vljvgrade: ping11:15
Stskeepssee how it reacts without a xorg.conf initially11:17
*** Naveen_ has joined #meego11:17
* vlj is crossing fingers11:17
*** Spidler has joined #meego11:17
SpidlerCake or death!11:17
vljdoes not work11:18
Stskeepsvlj: besides that, give me a xorg.0.log11:18
vljStskeeps: where do I find it ?11:19
Spidlerin /var/log/11:20
Stskeepswhat he said11:20
SpidlerNo,  /tmp?11:21
Spidlerxorg seems to log to /tmp. ..11:21
vljStskeeps: it said "Failed to load module "psb" "pvr" "fbdev" (modules does not exist,0)" "No drivers available"11:21
*** swc|666 has quit IRC11:21
vljyup in /tmp11:21
*** MacDrunk has quit IRC11:21
vljso I need to create a xorg11:21
Stskeepsuse the one from joggler as a model i gues11:24
Stskeepsthere's always the chance it won't work on a netbook, though - a joggler is actually an embedded device11:24
vljthe one from joggler is not provided :/11:25
*** MiskaX has quit IRC11:25
Stskeepssure it is11:25
*** Spidler has left #meego11:25
Stskeeps contains it11:26
*** koupsaa has joined #meego11:27
vljin fact it didnt install any emgd drivers11:30
vljthere no in /usr/lib/xorg/modules/driver11:30
*** mmc has joined #meego11:31
*** slonopotamus has joined #meego11:32
*** jysky has quit IRC11:32
*** vgrade_ has joined #meego11:34
*** jpetersen has quit IRC11:34
*** jysky has joined #meego11:34
*** MiskaX has joined #meego11:36
vljin fact yum does not save anything11:36
*** jysky has quit IRC11:40
MmadAWhere I can find spec files which I can use to build rpms?11:40
MmadAIs it public?11:41
*** townxelliot has joined #meego11:41
*** jysky has joined #meego11:41
*** MiskaX has quit IRC11:42
*** schend has quit IRC11:42
*** MiskaX has joined #meego11:43
*** schend has joined #meego11:43
*** jysky has quit IRC11:49
*** jysky has joined #meego11:50
*** milliams has joined #meego11:53
MmadAkoupsaa: I see there some informations how to create packages, how to modify spec files but... I still don't know where I can find spec files...11:54
koupsaaMmdA, in fact often, *.spec are in source in *.tar.gz11:54
*** mirr0r has quit IRC11:55
MmadAkoupsaa: Yes, I know. But is there something like repo with spec files?11:55
*** sawe has quit IRC11:55
MmadAI just want to get all specs to check some dependencys without getting all sources.11:55
*** mirr0r has joined #meego11:56
koupsaanop i don't think so. you can have it from git or *.src.rpm11:56
*** sawe has joined #meego11:56
*** jysky has quit IRC11:56
MmadAkoupsaa: OK. Thanks.11:56
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo11:57
MmadAO, so there are in git also?11:57
*** tekoholix has quit IRC11:57
*** vlj has left #meego11:58
*** bpeel_away is now known as bpeel11:59
koupsaaoops sorry i dont see spec in git11:59
*** MiskaX has quit IRC11:59
*** bpeel is now known as bpeel_away12:01
*** bpeel_away is now known as bpeel12:01
*** jysky has joined #meego12:02
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*** rene is now known as Guest8424112:05
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*** timeless has joined #meego12:07
MmadAkoupsaa: Thanks. ;)12:09
*** jysky has quit IRC12:11
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CosmoHillson of a bitch12:41
CosmoHillthe new firefox said that if adobe flash crashed, firefox wouldn't12:41
*** hari__ has quit IRC12:41
CosmoHillbut it has >.<12:42
PolarFoxplugin-container can crash too :)12:42
*** hari_ has joined #meego12:42
dm8tbryes but that doesn't crash firefox (usually)12:42
*** dvoid_ has quit IRC12:42
dm8tbralso I'm not sure if OOPP is working fully on OSX yet12:43
*** bpeel is now known as bpeel_away12:43
*** Guest84241 has quit IRC12:44
*** hari__ has joined #meego12:45
*** W_I has joined #meego12:45
CosmoHillthat might explain the crash12:46
CosmoHillthat and adobe is horrible on...well just horrible12:46
*** rene has joined #meego12:46
*** rene is now known as Guest278212:47
*** logic855 has left #meego12:47
*** poutsi has joined #meego12:47
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Stskeepshmm, is there an on-screen keyboard for netbook ux?12:52
*** TSCHAKeee has joined #meego12:52
*** Guest2782 has quit IRC12:52
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*** rob_w has quit IRC13:01
*** sawe has joined #meego13:01
lbtJaffa: do you want an OBS account?13:02
*** kontio has joined #meego13:03
koupsaaOBS is for nokia and intel people ?13:03
Stskeepsobs is a wide term13:04
koupsaafor now?13:04
lcukOBS is for ordinary people!13:04
*** ahma has quit IRC13:05
lbtI think that a nice way to describe the kind of beta tester we need now is essentially .. do you just want to use it... or do you want to shape it?13:05
*** heffer has joined #meego13:06
* Stskeeps sits down and makes a joggler netbook distro for his wife13:06 first typing into the wiki and cut'n'pasting as he goes into a cli...13:07
koupsaaStkeeps should put georges clooney in background13:07
*** jmcphers has quit IRC13:10
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*** ChildOfGod has joined #meego13:33
ChildOfGodOne of my panels on the netbook ux keeps crashing an it generates a core dump. How do I see the core dump and how do I see why it is crashing?13:33
*** niqt has quit IRC13:34
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Phazorxcorrect me if i am wrong please - the "chrome" version has the chrome and "default" has chromium?14:49
*** hari__ has quit IRC14:49
*** hari_ has quit IRC14:49
*** MiskaX has joined #meego14:49
*** pramodxyle has quit IRC14:50
Phazorxchromium 6 and chrome 5 right ?14:51
*** glin has quit IRC14:52
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Phazorxalso... perhaps a silly question but, there is relaease 1.0 and update 1.0.1... i see image for release... but is there a patcher for update or it is deployed after the system is up and running?15:00
CosmoHillI've not seen an image for the 1.0.1 either15:04
CosmoHillI'm assuming that it's a minor update and that you can simply update via zypper / yum15:04
*** sawe has quit IRC15:05
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lbtmmm just had a strange thing... phone call from "the computer maintanance company"15:39
*** jeansch has quit IRC15:39
lbtphoned me at home and asked for me by name...15:40
Stskeepsdid they know how to fix your broken RAID?15:40
lbttried to talk me into editing my security settings as we spoke...15:40
lbtreally hard to google screenshots on the fly to tease out the call15:40
lbt"right click on my computer and read me the options..."15:40
lbtkept them going for 30 mins though....  ;)15:41
lbtbut really interesting .... she was a reasonably smart girl....15:41
Stskeepsso they wanted to hack your computer?15:42
lbtyeah... by phone!15:42
lbtthat's a first for me15:42
* Stskeeps wonders if he should base on handset or netbook ux for joggler15:42
Stskeepsuse case is a kitchen computer15:42
*** balor has quit IRC15:43
*** MiskaX has quit IRC15:44
*** MiskaX has joined #meego15:45
lbtstanding up to use it15:47
Stskeepsmm, true15:47
lbtbigger buttons probably15:47
lbtalthough.... IVI may be even better...15:47
vgrade_the ivi UX did look liike it would be matched to the joggler touch screen15:52
*** MiskaX has quit IRC15:52
*** MiskaX has joined #meego15:52
Stskeepswe can retheme handset ux you know15:53
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC15:53
*** TibshoOT has joined #meego15:54
*** mlin has joined #meego15:56
*** TomaszD_ has joined #meego15:57
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daisy21Hi all, I am trying to install mplayer at the moment. I have taken the source and when i do a make install I error out at "can't find a register class GENERAL_REGS while reloading asm"16:18
*** MiskaX has joined #meego16:18
daisy21Has anyone seen this before or know a workaround?16:18
thiagoit's a source-code problem16:19
thiagoyou need to address it with the mplayer community16:19
daisy21So there is no way I can install mplayer?16:19
thiagothere may be, you just need to fix the source code16:20
*** Kaot has joined #meego16:20
*** Kaot has left #meego16:20
daisy21why won't yum install work do you know?16:21
*** sge has quit IRC16:21
*** sge has joined #meego16:22
thiagowhat does it say?16:23
daisy21no mplayer package16:23
thiagothat's why it won't work16:23
daisy21So can you tell me why there is no mplayer package????16:24
thiagobecause no one packaged it and no one felt it was necessary16:25
thiagomeego uses gstreamer for its multimedia needs and it has its own video player16:25
thiagoI actually don't know which16:26
daisy21ok thanks16:28
*** MiskaX has quit IRC16:28
*** MiskaX has joined #meego16:29
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slonopotamus_wolf_: now we know your master-password.17:49
h4xordoodStskeeps: heya :)17:49
_wolf_sorry, I already changed it ;)17:49
*** sheepbat has quit IRC17:49
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*** Phazorx has joined #meego18:01
Phazorxsilly Q but what's default root pw?18:01
*** susinths has joined #meego18:02
*** susinths has quit IRC18:02
Phazorxit might be, but user is not on sudo list?18:03
*** DrIDK has joined #meego18:03
*** dailylinux has joined #meego18:03
*** puffin has quit IRC18:03
h4xordoodStskeeps: now can i try meego or wait ?18:04
Stskeepshas it been a week? :P18:04
*** panaggio has joined #meego18:06
h4xordoodmay be i guess :P18:07
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:08
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*** dvoid_ has quit IRC18:17
Phazorxhmm... chromium being ungodly slow and irresponsive - is there a cure for that?18:19
*** h4xordood has quit IRC18:20
*** tekoholic has joined #meego18:20
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC18:23
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*** DocScrutinizer has joined #meego19:21
*** ilembitov has joined #meego19:22
*** cure has joined #meego19:23
ilembitovHi. Whenever I try to run update manager, I get a message that the software sources aren't "verified". I guess, I don't have a gpg signature of them. How do I fix it?19:23
*** cure is now known as Guest1352019:23
*** puffin has quit IRC19:24
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*** Termana has quit IRC19:26
*** MiskaX has joined #meego19:26
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*** MiskaX has joined #meego19:36
*** slonopotamus has joined #meego19:36
*** pvdm has joined #meego19:37
Phazorxdoes syslinux has any limmitation about starting cylinder on boot drive?19:38
Phazorx(as in will i be able to boot from partition wich is in second hakf of 250g drive?)19:38
*** sawe has quit IRC19:45
*** Armi^ has joined #meego19:46
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*** MiskaX has joined #meego20:06
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*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk20:07
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*** ayoy has joined #meego20:21
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*** jpetersen has joined #meego20:23
*** CosmoHill has joined #meego20:26
*** fabo has joined #meego20:27
* CosmoHill stabs computers and / or software20:27
*** MiskaX has quit IRC20:29
*** pvdm has joined #meego20:29
*** MiskaX has joined #meego20:29
*** jreznik has joined #meego20:30
*** vergil66 has joined #meego20:30
*** W_I has joined #meego20:31
*** vergil66 has left #meego20:32
*** mlfoster has quit IRC20:34
aukeCosmoHill: can I add programmers to the list?20:37
Phazorxis there hibernate functionality for meego?20:37
CosmoHillthe list of things that have gone wrong today of your personal shitlist?20:38
aukePhazorx: nope20:39
aukeCosmoHill: yes yes20:39
*** ph5 has joined #meego20:39
*** Votan|off is now known as Votan20:40
Phazorxnope because it is not needed or there is some other reason?20:41
Phazorxand win7 just overwrote bootsector again... is there a way to fight it ?20:41
CosmoHillauke: wanna rant / vent?20:41
*** brumla has quit IRC20:42
*** pH5_ has quit IRC20:43
*** tekoholic has quit IRC20:43
*** MiskaX has quit IRC20:44
*** lbt has joined #meego20:44
CosmoHillPhazorx: there is a guide about installing meego, ubuntu and windows 7 on the same computer20:44
*** hunger has quit IRC20:45
*** MiskaX has joined #meego20:46
CosmoHillI just don't understand why windows 2008 can't get the time and date from the internet just like every other computer20:46
*** tekoholic has joined #meego20:46
*** ssvb has joined #meego20:46
*** townxelliot has quit IRC20:46
StskeepsCosmoHill: i'm more baffled why the n900 has a huge closed source time stack and it still asks me about the time of day when battery has been out for a bit20:46
PhazorxCosmoHill: it is installed that isnt the issue20:47
CosmoHilli meant so that you can boot to them20:48
Phazorxbut as soon as i booted win7 after booting to megoo several times win7 went into recovery mod20:48
Phazorxand some vendor software silently fixed the mbr20:48
Phazorxso extlinux stuff is overwritten20:48
Phazorxso i went to boot off usb drive again20:48
Phazorxand reinstalled extlinux20:48
Phazorxhoping that it was a fluke20:48
Phazorxbut it wasnt20:49
Phazorxi wonder if i can get win7 loader to boot meego though...20:49
CosmoHillyou sure it's installing to the MBR?20:50
Phazorxwhich "it" ?20:50
Phazorxwin7 is a bit weird, especially on netbooks20:51
*** slonopotamus has joined #meego20:51
CosmoHillthe linux bit20:52
Phazorxvendros slap recovery partitition on and that complicates things20:52
CosmoHillI've seen a netbook with win7 starter20:52
*** pvdm has quit IRC20:52
Phazorxw/o linux there are 3 partitions20:52
CosmoHilli duno which was crap, the netbook or the OS20:52
Phazorxsda3 is the windows itself20:52
Phazorxsda1 is the boot manager20:52
Phazorxsda2 is the recovery20:53
CosmoHillsome vendors do stupid things20:53
Phazorxso regular boot sequence is sda1>sda320:53
*** MiskaX has quit IRC20:53
CosmoHilllike have two 250GB partitions on a 500GB laptop20:53
Phazorxbut if bootmanager seems somthing fishy it does sda1>sda220:53
CosmoHillis sda1 marked as active?20:53
Phazorxwell they always split 50/5020:53
PhazorxCosmoHill: it was before i started messing with it20:53
*** tekoholix has joined #meego20:54
Phazorxlemme check20:54
Phazorxit still is20:54
CosmoHillbut people thing the 2nd 250GB is a different hard drive and they then wonder why when the first hard drive goes the 2nd has gone too20:54
Phazorxbut the thing is boot manager and win loader is 2 diff things20:54
*** tekoholic has quit IRC20:54
Phazorxin theory i should make meego to point to sda320:54
*** tekoholix has quit IRC20:55
*** githogori has joined #meego20:55
Phazorxbut i doubt it will work with hibernation and other advanced booting crap then20:55
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC20:57
*** trem has joined #meego20:59
*** paulliu has quit IRC20:59
*** tekoholic has joined #meego21:03
*** poutsi has quit IRC21:04
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo21:05
*** MiskaX has joined #meego21:05
*** choppa has joined #meego21:07
CosmoHillyes, me21:09
CosmoHillhey dazo21:09
*** radhermit has quit IRC21:09
*** amjad_ has joined #meego21:10
*** mlfoster has joined #meego21:11
*** ahma has quit IRC21:11
*** MiskaX has quit IRC21:12
*** MiskaX has joined #meego21:13
*** radhermit has joined #meego21:15
* lbt sent of his credentials for access to the community OBS HW... :)21:16
*** smaug has quit IRC21:16
dazoCosmoHill:  wazzup!21:16
CosmoHillOpen Build Service Home Work?21:16
CosmoHilldazo: mind if I ask a redhat question?21:17
*** tekoholix has joined #meego21:22
*** tekoholic has quit IRC21:22
*** MiskaX has quit IRC21:24
dazoCosmoHill:  shoot21:25
*** MiskaX has joined #meego21:25
* dazo is in a meeting, so might not respond too quick21:25
*** pH5_ has joined #meego21:25
* CosmoHill takes out a duck with a double barrel21:26
CosmoHillwhy is openmpi installed in /usr/lib64/openmpi ?21:26
CosmoHillwhy not just /usr or /opt/openmpi?21:26
Stskeepslbt: woo :)21:28
*** ph5 has quit IRC21:29
*** leinir_ has joined #meego21:32
*** leinir has quit IRC21:32
dazoCosmoHill:  that you need to ask the package maintainer ... it's most probably the same in Fedora as well, as most RHEL packages are coming from Fedora21:35
*** gaveen has joined #meego21:36
*** leinir_ has quit IRC21:36
*** leinir_ has joined #meego21:36
CosmoHillthanks :)21:36
*** tekoholic has joined #meego21:37
*** tekoholix has quit IRC21:38
*** slonopotamus has joined #meego21:39
*** rcc has quit IRC21:42
*** MiskaX has quit IRC21:42
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*** leinir_ has joined #meego21:44
*** leinir_ has joined #meego21:44
*** ahma has joined #meego21:46
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir21:47
*** dl9pf has joined #meego21:49
*** dl9pf has joined #meego21:49
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*** perry753 has joined #meego21:51
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*** ni| has joined #meego21:54
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*** bitkiller has joined #meego21:54
*** ni| is now known as crybaby21:55
crybabyanyone have hardware that works with this os?21:55
*** MiskaX has joined #meego21:55
Stskeepsi have a joggler and a n90021:55
crybabyi have ATT and am looking for a phone to use for development21:56
crybabythe aava isn't available afaik21:56
*** gaveen has quit IRC21:57
StskeepsAT&T and n900 isn't happy together sadly21:57
*** giasone has joined #meego21:58
crybabyStskeeps: well not for 3g21:58
crybabybut free software is more important to me than speed.21:59
crybabyi make money with apple21:59
crybabytrying to go open -- regardless21:59
*** tekoholix has joined #meego22:00
*** tekoholic has quit IRC22:00
*** RobotGuy has joined #meego22:03
*** amjad_ has joined #meego22:04
lbtcrybaby: \o/22:05
crybabylbt: ?22:05
lbt"<crybaby> trying to go open -- regardless"22:05
*** sawe has quit IRC22:05
crybabylbt: you're from uk cambridge lab22:06
crybabyi knew i saw that name somewhere22:06
*** aquatix has quit IRC22:06
*** rrix has quit IRC22:06
crybabywhat is known about aava22:06
*** sawe has joined #meego22:06
lbtbut not cambridge22:06
crybabylbt: ok22:06
lbtnp at all22:07
crybabycan someone briefly describe the differences between android and meego22:07
lbtMr Google can22:07
lbtmeego is linux22:07
lbtandroid isn't22:07
lbthmmm... meego is gnu/linux  android is almost-linux22:08
crybabyok that makes sense22:08
crybabyandroid runs on their vm22:08
*** fiferboy_ has quit IRC22:08
crybabyand has some proprietary software22:08
crybabylbt: you're saying meego is actually free software22:09
lbtoh yes22:09
lbtall GPL22:09
*** MiskaX has quit IRC22:09
lbtdevices may (will) include non-gpl...22:10
*** tackat has quit IRC22:12
*** tekoholix has quit IRC22:12
lbtStskeeps:      cbuild:~ #22:13
*** ahma has joined #meego22:13
crybabylbt: any device recommendations22:14
*** florian has quit IRC22:14
lbtN900, Joggler22:15
lbtyou're in the UK?22:15
*** mzanetti has joined #meego22:16
csd_Hi - whats the status of the OBS server ? Can I get an account on it? Thanks22:16
*** MiskaX has joined #meego22:16
lbtcsd_: it's currently open for beta testing, not normal use.22:17
csd_I'm also trying to set up a local obs server and I'm having trouble writing the conf file for the meego repository - does anyone have one to share?22:17
*** iberlynx has quit IRC22:17
*** leinir has quit IRC22:19
*** leinir has joined #meego22:19
*** tekoholic has joined #meego22:20
*** MiskaX has quit IRC22:21
*** aquatix has joined #meego22:21
*** MiskaX has joined #meego22:21
*** csd_ has quit IRC22:21
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*** tekoholic has joined #meego22:26
*** leinir has quit IRC22:30
*** leinir has joined #meego22:30
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*** sawe has joined #meego22:41
*** marcels has quit IRC22:44
crybabylbt: no i'm on at&t in the use22:44
lbtah.. OK22:45
*** heliocastro has quit IRC22:45
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk22:45
crybabylbt: recommendations?22:45
*** sawe has quit IRC22:45
*** heliocastro has joined #meego22:46
*** sawe has joined #meego22:46
lbtsorry, I have none...22:47
*** edisson has quit IRC22:47
*** mzanetti_ has joined #meego22:49
*** edisson has joined #meego22:49
*** mzanetti has quit IRC22:51
*** fiferboy has joined #meego22:52
*** fiferboy has joined #meego22:52
*** edisson has quit IRC22:53
*** Phazorx has joined #meego22:55
Phazorxmore issues here... brightness buttons are not responding and double finger scrolling is not pssible to enable... do i need to pass some params to drivers?22:55
*** armika has quit IRC22:56
*** dvoid__ has joined #meego23:00
*** armika has joined #meego23:02
*** MiskaX has quit IRC23:03
*** Votan is now known as Votan|off23:03
*** smhar has joined #meego23:03
*** simulacrum has joined #meego23:06
*** raptor9011 has joined #meego23:06
*** raptor9011 has quit IRC23:09
*** csd_ has joined #meego23:10
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC23:11
*** GAN900 has quit IRC23:12
Phazorxsaand now gnome teels me D-bus manager is missing... is that normal too?23:17
*** juliank has quit IRC23:19
*** leinir_ has joined #meego23:19
*** ayoy has quit IRC23:20
csd_sigh. for the last couple of days I've never seen a response to my msgs. I thought I was just being ignored - but I went through the irc logs and saw the responses now. I'm using a web-to-irc relay ( 'cause my office IT blocks off irc ports23:22
*** mindfaq has joined #meego23:22
csd_and I suspect it is the reason why I saw no responses - can anyone suggest another web-to-irc relay? I'll check the logs for responses...23:22
*** smyows has quit IRC23:23
*** leinir has quit IRC23:24
csd_lbt: thanks for the .conf file, it seems to be working for me with a minor mod23:24
csd_--- /home/csd/Download/pastie-1065975.rb        2010-07-29 13:07:36.068663697 -0700 +++ meego-local.conf    2010-07-29 13:10:00.867123151 -0700 @@ -107,7 +107,7 @@  # Removed by lbt - not in mirror  # Preinstall: liblua  %else -Preinstall: lua +Preinstall: lua liblua  %endif  Preinstall: bash bzip2 coreutils diffutils  db4  Preinstall: filesystem grep glibc glibc-common libacl libattr23:24
*** W_I has quit IRC23:24
lbtyeah... I've had lua issues23:24
csd_hmm - that cut-n-paste diff didn't work. I just added liblue to the Preinstall  in the %else of the "repository" == standard23:25
*** GAN900 has joined #meego23:26
csd_so what do you want of a beta tester? I'm happy to wait (now that I finally setup a meego obs locally) but also happy to help beta testing if I can23:26
*** leinir_ has quit IRC23:27
*** leinir_ has joined #meego23:27
*** armika has quit IRC23:28
*** csd_ has quit IRC23:28
*** csd_ has joined #meego23:29
lbtcsd_: tbh I'm focusing on setting up the new OBS HW now... so hacking on your OBS will get you more useful knowledge :)23:30
Phazorxanyone can confirm that double-finger scrolling is working at least at some netbooks?23:30
*** armika has joined #meego23:32
*** MiskaX has joined #meego23:32
*** monoceros has joined #meego23:33
*** arkub has joined #meego23:35
*** leinir_ has quit IRC23:35
*** leinir_ has joined #meego23:36
csd_ok. thanks. Just had to disable lint on the conf file because all of my test packages are failing now :-)23:39
*** sawe has quit IRC23:40
*** sawe has joined #meego23:41
Phazorxoh... this is very nasty... samsung "modified" win7 boo manager checks for partition types matching default and FORMATS the modified partitions23:41
*** MiskaX has quit IRC23:41
*** MiskaX has joined #meego23:43
*** balor has joined #meego23:45
*** vblazquez has joined #meego23:45
*** leinir_ has quit IRC23:45
*** leinir_ has joined #meego23:46
*** balor has quit IRC23:46
*** balor has joined #meego23:46
*** mmc1 has quit IRC23:47
*** vblazquez_ has quit IRC23:47
Phazorxso... can i boot meego somehow with bcd?23:47
*** villev has joined #meego23:47
CosmoHillI must have missed that, thanks villev23:48
villevJesse Barnes of Intel has been porting Qt 4.7 to run on Wayland and his current code-base can be found in his personal Git repository23:48
*** fiferboy has quit IRC23:48
villevno waiting for x11 crusades to re-emerge...23:49
*** poutsi has joined #meego23:49
*** pramodxyle has quit IRC23:51
*** carloscesa has quit IRC23:51
*** fiferboy has joined #meego23:52
*** fiferboy has joined #meego23:52
CosmoHillI'd like to try wayland but I've not gotten as far as a gui on my linux builds23:52
*** Unmenschlich has joined #meego23:52
*** baraujo has quit IRC23:52
*** MiskaX has quit IRC23:52
*** fredy has quit IRC23:53
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:53
*** Unmensch has quit IRC23:56
Phazorxis it possible to replace extlinux by grub or something like it?23:58
*** marcob has quit IRC23:58
Phazorxi'm tryin to load meego with easybcd23:58
Phazorxbut there is no easy way to do it with extlin apparently23:58
CosmoHillyou can probably use grub23:58
*** MiskaX has joined #meego23:59
CosmoHillI use grub2 on my laptop regardless of the distro / os23:59
Phazorxwell meego came with extlinux23:59
Phazorxi'm more attached to grub since it's been serving me perfectly23:59
CosmoHillredhat came with grub but I skipped the bootloader and sued my own23:59
*** ctusar has quit IRC23:59

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