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Andy80is there anyone that can give me some ideas for my UI? As you can see it's quite ugly:
lcukAndy80, is there a widget related to that15:43
Andy80lcuk: I'm using Qt15:43
lcukyes, same question15:43
Andy80lcuk: in particular QTableWidget to display data15:43
lcukAndy80, does it sometimes have more/less inof?15:45
Andy80maybe I could enlarge the first column (I just have to digg into the documentation to look for the right property) but... it's not only this, it's in general... I've seen a similar (same functionality) application for iPhone and it looks so good!15:46
Andy80lcuk: yes, it depends by the carrier15:46
Andy80lcuk: I've created a main class (that's just a test) and each carrier inherits from it and add rows15:46
lcukok, firstly, you have so much space that you can afford to remove the ...15:46
Andy80lcuk: I know, I've to make column 1 larger15:47
lcukmost title areas have icon in left with title text after it - ie move 3 logo to left (and a bit bgger)15:47
lcukthen the carrier name after in larger font (you have all the space in the world)15:48
* Andy80 take notes...15:48
lcukif i was more awake id redraw it myself, the info just looks cramped atm like you are struggling for space15:49
Andy80I'll ask my friend if he cans end me a screenshot of his similar app for iphone so we can take some idea, but widgets are totally different :\15:51
lcukyes ofcourse widgets are space constrained15:52
lcukhence me asking15:52
lcukwhat do the 3 rows of data say15:53
lcukim guessing "available credit" for the first one15:53
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lcukbut what about the others15:53
Andy80oh... it's just an example15:55
Andy80foo data15:55
Andy80except "Naviga 3" that it's real15:55
Andy80it's an option that gives you 100Mb data/day and costs 9€/month15:56
Andy80that row shows you how much traffic you've used during day15:56
* lcuk nods15:57
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lcukAndy80, how often does it refresh, is it automatic after a call15:58
lcukor only when you bring the dialog up15:58
Andy80the second option you said15:59
Andy80please note: at the moment I only have the backend library and a prototype GUI: the gui still doesn't call the library methods :)15:59
Andy80it's just example data16:00
lcukAndy80, thats ok16:01
Andy80I want to manage that part in another moment... because it's not UI related16:01
lcukyeah of course16:02
Andy80maybe a "Refresh" button, just like the gPodder UI on top of it... what do you think about?16:03
lcukhow often do you need to keep it refreshed16:05
Andy80not much :) because there's a weird problem, at least with ThreeHG website16:05
lcukevery carrier is weird16:06
Andy80they don't refresh data on your personal area in their website16:06
Andy80until you close the connection :D16:06
Andy80so... if you just stay connected and consume 20Mb of traffic, you can refresh as many times you want... the traffic would be still 0 Mb / 100 Mb16:07
lcukgah, why doesnt real paper have undo16:08
lcukthere are internal data counters16:08
lcukon the device itself16:08
lcukwhilst i find it for you (someone made a neat widget out of them) heres a qt widget article which might be useful to you in future16:09
Andy80oh I did read it, but it's C++, I'm writing my app in Python. I asked to PySide guys if they can translate it to Python and adapt it, but it's still a work in progress..16:10
lcukso that part can be monitored direct and updated without contacting 3 each time16:10
lcukok, just thought it would be handy16:11
Andy80but I can give a look to personal-gps-mon16:11
lcukyeah, perhaps you can extract some of your metrics from the same api16:11
lcukand on monday when some of the real ui people wake up they might be able to give you a bit more of a layout than i can do ;)16:12
Andy80yes :) my problem is that my free time to work on this stuff is usually during weekend or during night :D16:15
Andy80and I can understand that it's not working time for them ;)16:15
* lcuk nods sagely16:16
lcukAndy80, is how i would try to make it (roughly)16:26
Andy80lcuk: you gave me a couple of ideas :)16:26
Andy80for example the indentation16:27
lcukcool Andy80 :) just try to show and emphasise the information and when you have so much space dont hide behind ... ;)16:29
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