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_nicolai_hi, I hadn't time to participate for the recent ssu-meetings, but I read the irc-logs and13:32
_nicolai_on additional note for bug 6584:13:32
povbotBug GPS geotagged pictures truncate precision of GPS reading (0 decimal places)13:32
_nicolai_this isn't only relevant for camera-ui2, but for the stock camera-ui as well13:32
_nicolai_and it is tested by me and tmo user mikecc, for camera-ui2 and the stock camera-ui, if it isn't too late, this can be included in stable cssu13:33
merlin1991_nicolai_: we'll have a meeting today14:12
merlin1991and stable isn't out yet14:13
merlin1991so you still can convince me to include it in the first stable release :D14:13
merlin1991_nicolai_: ping14:15
_nicolai_please :-)14:21
_nicolai_btw the relevant package is gst-plugins-bad0.1014:22
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merlin1991_nicolai_: did you have a look at bug #12318 ?14:24
povbotBug camera-ui open lid dialog has no close button14:24
_nicolai_yes, it's a bit harder to fix.14:27
_nicolai_I have to rethink the whole UI-Layout, and I am not good in gtk widget layouts.14:27
merlin1991that's one blocker for camera-ui to get to stable14:29
merlin1991I attached a screenshot of the stock ui dialog for convenience14:30
_nicolai_are there other blockers, (bug 12831 should be fixed)14:31
povbotBug was not found.14:31
merlin1991well stable should at least be feature complete to stock14:37
merlin1991so tagging :/14:37
merlin1991though imo ui fix + overwrite fix should make it stable enough14:37
merlin1991_nicolai_: meeting today should start @ 17 UTC as usual, just bring up your points again by then14:39
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_nicolai_merlin1991, I am on the road at that time, but I'll read the logs afterwards14:50
merlin1991I'll try to bring up your points then14:50
merlin1991or rather point atm :)14:51
jonwilso yeah guys we have official confirmation that the source code for the PR 1.3.1 certificate manager applet will be released by Nokia16:17
jonwilwhich means CSSU can use (and hack/modify) it instead of shipping the binaries16:17
merlin1991what where?16:18
povbotBug 12388: Missing source code of certificate control panel applet16:19
jonwilThat should then mean the CSSU does not have to ship any closed packages in its repos16:22
jonwilat least as far as I know anyway16:22
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DocScrutinizermeeting day?17:30
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: what's state of S now?17:30
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: ping17:30
DocScrutinizerwill you be here today?17:30
merlin1991I'm here17:30
merlin1991still some time till meeting time17:31
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: what'S current state of S and T17? both still blocked?17:31
merlin1991not by debs missing from nokia anymore17:31
DocScrutinizerbut no official rollout yet?17:32
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: can we at least decide today whether to officially announce and rollout S ?17:33
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: announce and rollout depend on the autobilder to stop acting up --> me finding out why he does so17:34
merlin1991atm autobuilders just doesn't want to build qt17:34
DocScrutinizeryou asked for help? maybe from X-Fade ?17:35
merlin1991yes I did17:35
merlin1991we're working on it17:35
DocScrutinizergood, well kinda17:35
DocScrutinizerso, we got something to talk about in 90min17:35
DocScrutinizercould sb text/call MohammadAG so he maybe blows into his fan and joins in at 17:00 UTC?17:36
merlin1991also _nicolai_ made a point today wich we have to descuss17:36
DocScrutinizeris it on ##topic?17:36
merlin1991I'll text him17:36
merlin1991##topic-11-18 gst-plugins-bad0.10 according to nicolai17:37
merlin1991missing "stable" there but I'll be able to remember for that long :D17:37
merlin1991I'm texting mag17:38
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merlin1991shit seems like I need to leave here in about 20 mins18:37
merlin1991we might have to postpone the meeting untill I have internetz again18:38
merlin1991or you guys just do it18:39
DocScrutinizermhm, no MohammadAG around, no merlin1991 at 17:00 UTC18:39
DocScrutinizerI'm temped to also postpone it by 60min18:40
merlin1991I might not be here at all today (I'm out of town, don't know exactly when I'll be next to a pc with internet and quassel18:40
DocScrutinizeranybody else around who planned to participate the meeting?18:40
andre__I planned to just lurk, but doesn't matter when :)18:42
DocScrutinizerfine :-D18:42
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merlin1991 /topic fsckd bastards not showing up meeting deayed till arrival?18:43
*** DocScrutinizer changes topic to "Maemo Community SSU channel, | *** Weekly meetings every Friday @ 17:00 UTC been psotponed 60min to 18:00 UTC. For topic list see:"18:43
*** DocScrutinizer changes topic to "Maemo Community SSU channel, | *** Weekly meetings every Friday @ 17:00 UTC been psotponed 60min to 18:00 UTC. For topic list see:"18:44
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merlin1991In case I don't show up, stable is ready when autobuilder stops acting up18:45
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DocScrutinizerandre__: you seen my comment to CSSU tag bug against bugtracker? (add CSSU-T, reassign existing CSSU as meaning cssu-S(+T) )18:48
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andre__DocScrutinizer, if I got it right, you refered to creating a second product "CSSU Testing" and rename "CSSU" to "CSSU stable"?18:50
andre__if you all agree on that, that's easy to do18:50
andre__I think I was kind of waiting for agreement. And maybe merlin1991 also adding a +1 :)18:50
andre__for the records:
povbotBug 12497: Maemo 5 Community SSU needs field to distinguish between stable and testing18:50
DocScrutinizeryes, it's first and foremost merlin1991 and MohammadAG who need to agree on that18:52
merlin1991I thougth of simply adding versions to each component in the cssu product18:52
merlin1991stable and testing18:52
DocScrutinizeror their proxies (yet to elect)18:52
merlin1991and assing all existing bugs to testing18:53
merlin1991but I dunno wich makes more sense user wise18:53
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: aiui your approach is a nuisance both user experience wise and to handle in bugtracker18:53
merlin1991what speaks for 2 products as compared to versions on the components?18:54
merlin1991why is it a nuisance to handle in the bugtracker?18:55
merlin1991there is the version field already wich states "unspecified"18:55
DocScrutinizerfirst and foremost the fact that nobody (not even we devels) knows off top of his head which version means what, while users for sure know if they are on S or on T18:55
merlin1991I wouldn't make versions as in product versions18:56
merlin1991but use the version field to make it say stable or testing18:56
andre__yeah, using version fields is the other option.18:56
DocScrutinizerthe version is against the component, not against the product18:56
merlin1991arf caps18:56
merlin1991how does the diablo cssu do it?18:57
DocScrutinizermost components are almost impossible to find their current version, for a mere end user18:57
merlin1991diablo cssu has the version "testing" in it's component versions18:58
DocScrutinizerand when CSSU is another product than maemo, then CSSU-T is another product than CSSU-S18:58
merlin1991yeah I see the point18:59
merlin1991andre__: either solution is fine for me18:59
merlin1991but now I gotta run19:00
DocScrutinizerI'll be back in 50min19:05
DocScrutinizer(get me some milk for my coffee, etc)19:05
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Sicelosorry for spam20:08
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: ping20:10
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DocScrutinizerfreemangordon: do you wanna start?20:10
DocScrutinizeranybody here at all?20:10
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andre__me, half of20:11
DocScrutinizerit's MEETING time!! Weekly meetings every Friday @ 17:00 UTC (this time 60min late)20:11
DocScrutinizer   seems it's already time to blow the funeral march20:14
DocScrutinizerinteresting how the lack of main maintainers to deliver and exploit momentum discourages the few other interested contributors, rather than making obe of them step up to take over.20:18
DocScrutinizerI officially declare this meeting a stillborn event and closed20:19
* DocScrutinizer waves20:19
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Sicelooh gosh :(20:20
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