IRC log of #maemo-ssu for Friday, 2011-06-24

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andre__I got one device that still run CSSU 13 while another one has 15, and the one with 13 does not show any updates available. is that intended?16:35
merlin1991andre__: defenitely not16:40
andre__so what's recommended? can I uninstall it wothout problems?16:41
andre__(and then install the latest version)16:42
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MohammadAGcheck if mp-fremantle-community-pr is installed16:45
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andre__oh w00t16:48
andre__it just took ages but now it finds the update16:48
andre__sorry for the noise16:48
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andre__yay, worked16:58
andre__have you seen ?16:59
andre__might be something worth for CSSU16:59
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