IRC log of #maemo-ssu for Wednesday, 2011-02-16

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MohammadAGSc0rpius, what's your name?00:20
MohammadAGneed it for the credits section00:20
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Sc0rpiusit's funny but00:33
Sc0rpiuswhen I click the Modest icon (and it calls top_application via dbus) I get an old "screenshot" of the modest window and when it finishes loading, it refreshes it00:34
Sc0rpiuswhen I type "modest -s" in command line I don't get that "screen cache", I get a black screen until modest loads00:34
Sc0rpiusand since my Modest is way too different from that "screen cache" it looks weird00:35
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Sc0rpiusit looks like there's another update to CSSU? :D00:36
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MohammadAGthat's since last night00:40
Sc0rpiuslet's see00:41
merlin_1991I really should do the changelog again00:41
Sc0rpiusI'm like 5 bugs away to release a beta of Modest with optional tree view mode (which I love)00:42
MohammadAGmerlin_1991, I've been keeping a fine changelog in debian/changelog00:42
merlin_1991hm I just noticed someone updated
MohammadAG-2, me00:44
BCMM_heh, the thing is official?00:45
MohammadAGwhy not :P00:45
merlin_1991damn it, what can I contribute now, that the changelog is written :/00:46
MohammadAGit's 4 versions old merlin_199100:47
BCMM_oh by the way, anyone else find LEDs stop working whenever you install an SSU?00:47
BCMM_i had it with 1.3, and several times so far with CSSU00:47
BCMM_it happens after the SSU is installed, and persist until i take the battery out00:47
merlin_1991MohammadAG, it says PR
BCMM_they sysfs entries for the LEDs are gone an everything00:47
merlin_1991and regarding maemo11 is the newest version :D00:47
MohammadAGmerlin_1991, I'll make it easy
BCMM_would that be considered a CSSU bug?00:48
MohammadAGBCMM_, kernel-power bug00:48
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BCMM_MohammadAG: do you mean it is a known one?00:49
Sc0rpiusLEDs stop working because "Led Notifications" applet is different with CSSU00:49
Sc0rpiusso you have to enable them again00:49
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BCMM_i don't think i was using kernel-power when i upgraded to pr1.300:49
Sc0rpius"Notification light" is called, in Settings00:49
BCMM_Sc0rpius: nah, taking the battery out fixed it00:49
MohammadAGBCMM_, known on #maemo00:49
Sc0rpiushaha a "sudo reboot" wasn't enough?00:49
MohammadAGthe only way to reset the lp led chip is to pull the battery Sc0rpius00:50
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, would know00:50
Sc0rpiusI don't have problems with my led00:50
BCMM_MohammadAG: thanks, i won't spam the SSU bugs with it then :)00:50
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, you can deop now btw, seems like everything's back to normal00:50
MohammadAGSc0rpius, it comes out of the blue00:50
DocScrutinizeryou're sure? No notice from #freenode staff yet00:50
MohammadAGprobably sleeping00:51
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BCMM_Sc0rpius: also, it occured with previous SSUs that didn't touch that, also i do mean *all* of them - nothing left in /sys/class/leds/ other than the vibrator00:51
BCMM_(no keyboard LEDs)00:51
Sc0rpiushmm didn't know that00:51
MohammadAGit happened to me once00:51
MohammadAGthe leds are not registered at all00:51
merlin_1991MohammadAG, looks up to date for me :)00:51
MohammadAGand it happened to a friend of mine00:51
BCMM_impressively, it even applies when the device is off...00:51
BCMM_that effect where the LED gradually increases in brightness as you hold the power key was gone too00:52
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: I requested to kick out that idiotic abrightness patch00:54
Sc0rpiuswell I don't get an update00:54
Sc0rpiusfor the CSSU00:54
Sc0rpiusand there's actually no way to know which one I have, isn't it?00:54
merlin_1991MohammadAG, you might want to push mp-fremantle-community-pr to gitorious again00:54
merlin_1991the version up there is still maemo800:55
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MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, it's not in the ssu00:55
DocScrutinizeraaaah ok00:55
BCMM_that's a point; does each CSSU release update the Version string in "about product"?00:55
merlin1991BCMM_ afaik no00:55
MohammadAGSc0rpius, apt-get install mp-fremantle-coomunity-pr00:56
Sc0rpiusok let's try that00:56
Sc0rpiusmp-fremantle-community-pr is already the newest version.00:57
Sc0rpiuswell it seems I already have it00:57
Sc0rpiusbut an "About CSSU" applet would be nice00:57
MohammadAGSc0rpius, I asked for your name for a reason00:57
MohammadAGI already made it :P00:57
merlin1991why do we have mp-fremantle-community-pr_20.2010.36-2maemo11 in the cssu but only mp-fremantle-community-pr_20.2010.36-2maemo8 on gitorious? LAZY DEVELOPERS!00:58
MohammadAGsource is in the repos :P00:59
merlin1991lame excuse ;)00:59
MohammadAGI'll update it first thing in the morning00:59
merlin1991thx :)00:59
merlin1991then I can update the changelog and move the changes to the packages unlike now, where it just packs together all changes to a version number01:00
MohammadAGi wish nokia could update closed stuff through the cssu01:00
MohammadAGold build, not all names in it01:01
MohammadAG@ Sc0rpius01:01
Sc0rpiusthat would be nice01:01
Sc0rpiuswhen that's applet going to be pushed?01:02
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MohammadAGnext update i suppose01:02
Sc0rpiusbut I'm gonna compile it myself :P01:02
MohammadAGdid you fix modest's horizontal scrolling?01:02
Sc0rpiusno... but I finally hit the bug01:02
MohammadAGlol why?01:03
Sc0rpiusI mean I found an email vulnerable to avoid the default "wordwrap"01:03
MohammadAGthe source self distructs when you edit it01:03
Sc0rpiushehe I didn't say I was going to edit it01:03
MohammadAGdon't try changing names :P01:03
Sc0rpiusI just found out that the manager of the MeeGo project in Nokia, is a venezuelan like me called Alberto Torres01:04
Sc0rpiusand he was fired01:04
merlin1991to enable the desaturation killall hildon-desktop?01:04
Sc0rpiuseven though the official press says he stepped down01:04
MohammadAGI wonder if he knows Fernando Torres01:04
Sc0rpiusalso works in Nokia?01:07
MohammadAGfootball player :P01:08
Sc0rpius"El NiƱo" Torres? but he is spanish from Spain01:08
MohammadAGBut he's Torres :P01:09
merlin1991damn you MohammadAG I had the perfect excuse not to update the changelog today, but now that you synced I can't go to bed :D01:10
MohammadAGi didn't sync yet :P01:10
MohammadAGthat's why i'm waking up at 6 :P01:10
merlin1991ah I missed a few lines01:11
merlin1991I can sleep today :D01:11
Sc0rpiusCurrent Time: Tue Feb 15 06:41:47 pm 201101:11
Sc0rpiusyou guys live in the other side of the world01:11
merlin1991sync everything though01:11
Sc0rpiusit's just 6:40 pm!01:11
Sc0rpiusMax Users Record in #maemo-ssu: 57 on Tue Feb 15 15:56:49 201101:11
MohammadAGWed Feb 16 01:11:43 IST 201101:11
Sc0rpiusyou should be sleeping already01:11
MohammadAGshould indeed01:12
merlin1991wed feb 16 00:0901:12
MohammadAG/exec -o date01:12
MohammadAGWed Feb 16 01:12:41 IST 201101:12
merlin1991xchat on win isn't awesome enough for /exec -o date01:13
merlin1991but hey I have git here to annoy you :D01:13
merlin1991gonna clone the new stuff from gitorious now01:13
MohammadAGthinking of not sleeping01:15
MohammadAGthey're only 4h01:15
merlin1991hm I need a nifty shell script to update the whole folder with all the cloned cssu projects01:15
MohammadAGfor dirs in `ls`; do cd $dirs && git pull && cd ..; done01:16
merlin1991worked nice01:17
MohammadAGI used to use it to git push01:19
merlin1991for dirs in `ls`; do echo "updating" $dirs && cd $dirs && git pull && cd ..; done a lil nicer output :D01:21
BCMM_merlin1991: why `ls` instead of * ?01:23
merlin1991because it's a copypaste from MohammadAG01:23
BCMM_MohammadAG: ^01:23
MohammadAGidk, * sometimes didn't work for me01:24
BCMM_odd, that doesn't make a great deal of sense...01:25
BCMM_could be a BB thing i guess01:25
BCMM_but `ls` will undoubtedly fail if it meets a filename with a space01:25
MohammadAGnot ls01:26
MohammadAG<merlin1991> for dirs in `ls`; do echo "updating" $dirs && cd $dirs && git pull && cd ..; done a lil nicer output :D01:26
MohammadAG<merlin1991> for dirs in "`ls`"; do echo "updating" "$dirs" && cd "$dirs" && git pull && cd ..; done a lil nicer output :D01:26
MohammadAGit won't fail like that01:26
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BCMM_wait, what?01:26
merlin1991I ended up with this:
BCMM_MohammadAG: what shell is this for?01:27
MohammadAGI always make sure stuff works on busybox, so yeah :P01:27
BCMM_MohammadAG: on sh or bash, that would run everything once, with the entire ls output...01:27
merlin1991mine works for me (wich means msys-git :D) so it's perfect ;)01:28
thpand I think that's the last one from me for a while01:32
* w00t_ votes thp for maintainer01:34
thpnah.. don't want to be maintainer :p writing patches and letting others take care of maintenance is just so much easier ;)01:35
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MohammadAGthp thanks, will merge it tomorrow01:37
Sc0rpiusModest is so crappy01:42
Sc0rpiusthat it caches the window account screen01:42
Sc0rpiusso next time you load you don't notice the awful long load time01:42
Sc0rpiusthen you see that the window "disappears" with the message "(No accounts)" in the middle01:42
Sc0rpiusand then FINALLY appears the "real" window01:43
merlin1991and that part takes forever01:43
Sc0rpiusit does.01:43
Sc0rpiuswe'll improve all of that, eventually01:43
merlin1991best thing is, when you use mail for exchange and connect to wifi and tap on an incoming mail msg01:43
Sc0rpiusor, like I said yesterday, port Thunderbird engine with a nice Qt GUI :)01:43
merlin1991you shouldn't to that01:43
merlin1991it takes FOREVER to start then01:43
merlin1991I have no idea why01:44
MohammadAGthunderbird is epic01:44
merlin1991don't you want to sleep? :D01:44
MohammadAGi should01:44
merlin1991I feel like setting up an apt-mirror on my server01:45
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MohammadAGdo it :p01:46
merlin1991Use of uninitialized value $distribution in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/bin/apt-mirror line 309.01:47
Sc0rpiusreading this screen "cache" really made me sad today01:47
Sc0rpiusmodest_window_mgr_create_caches (mgr);01:47
Sc0rpiusand then:01:48
Sc0rpiuspre_created_accounts_window = GTK_WIDGET (modest_accounts_window_new_real ());01:48
Sc0rpiusand saddest thing is, I have to do the same for the tree view window I'm coding01:48
Sc0rpiusI'll show you how it looks today01:50
BCMM_Sc0rpius: i know it's offtopic, but imageshack is a bit heavy with popups and so on - do you know omploader?01:56
BCMM_Sc0rpius: there is even a nice ruby client for uploading stuff, at
merlin1991hm the armel mirror works, but src doesn't yet01:57
Sc0rpiusrecommend me something?01:57
Sc0rpiusoh you already did01:57
Sc0rpiuslet's see01:57
BCMM_omploader will happily serve just the file you uploaded (also doesn't care about file format)02:00
BCMM_i keep meaning to investigate how easy it would be to integrate it as a sharing plugin02:02
Sc0rpiuslet's see if it worked02:06
Sc0rpiusoh there's a Firefox extension too!02:07
BCMM_how is the possibly better than a CLI client? ;)02:08
Sc0rpiusI only use Linux in VMPlayer, my main workstation is W702:09
Sc0rpiusthough I always have both environments up at the same time02:09
Sc0rpiusanyway the extension is useless02:09
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merlin1991apt-mirror up on
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merlin1991now I just have to add it as a cronjob then I'm done .)02:12
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merlin1991cronjob added02:18
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* merlin1991 needs sleep02:34
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ZogGrepo is down? =(09:51
ZogGMohammadAG, i would like to request the thp patches setting in setting menu as they are included in hildons at last CSSU afaik10:25
MohammadAGthp's patches have always been in transitions.ini :P10:25
ZogGyes but it would be nicer to have it in setting manager =) as well as are you going to include rotation patch and do you think to make it default?10:27
MohammadAGdefault = breaking some apps10:29
MohammadAGand yeah, I'm working on a GUI10:29
ZogGMohammadAG not the force rotation, the one with changing the way of rotation10:30
MohammadAGoh, those are configurable in transitions.ini in the next update10:32
ZogGgood =)10:34
ZogGi thought this one should be by default10:34
ZogGMohammadAG, all his patches till now are included right?10:35
ZogGand i have proposal for media bar thing =)10:36
MohammadAGI think all h-d patches are in now10:36
MohammadAGheh, haven't touched that in a while10:36
ZogGi propose to make mediabar on while light detector is losed i mean not X time you close it but it is showed as long as you put thinger there10:37
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ruskieinstalling cssu...11:48
JaffaMohammadAG: The problem I envisage with a control panel applet to control the high-level elements of transitions.ini is maintaining it across updates of h-d :-/11:52
MohammadAGJaffa, ls /usr/share/hildon-desktop/transitions.ini11:53
MohammadAGJaffa, ls /usr/share/hildon-desktop/transitions.ini*11:53
JaffaMohammadAG: You're referring to the renaming of the old one and putting the new one in place?11:53
MohammadAGI just copy it in preinst11:54
JaffaMohammadAG: Settings are supposed to be maintained across upgrades and able to be restored/backed up. The applet might need to say "settings will be lost across upgrades" (or something)11:54
JaffaOr we move h-d to a transitions.ini.d/ approach which is common in Debian/Ubuntu/... now to maintain system controlled stuff along with user-maintainable config11:55
ruskiewill the community pr package be smart enough to not require everything under the sun installed? i.e. make them suggested or recommended?11:55
MohammadAGthey're all depended on11:56
MohammadAGbut you can install a newer version (it's not hardcoded to one number)11:56
MohammadAGNokia uses (= $version), I'm using (>= $version)11:56
ruskieI guess I'll still have to remove broken pr stuff then I guess...11:56
MohammadAGno need11:56
Jaffaruskie: "broken"?11:56
ruskieskype-ui-l10n-svse <-- how is this required for the system to function???11:57
MohammadAGit's not, I don't depend on it11:57
JaffaIt's basically similar to the approach Ubuntu use (dunno about other systems)11:57
ruskieMohammadAG, so there are things that are unbroken then?11:57
ruskiei.e. anything that isn't required for the core system to work is not included?11:57
MohammadAGruskie, I just depend on the package that I'm upgrading11:57
ruskieI thought pr included everything like all the previous prs...11:59
Jaffaruskie: Perhaps check, rather than guess? ;-)12:03
JaffaMohammadAG: There's still as a side-effect of that, though.12:03
povbotBug 11831: Removal of mp-fremantle-*-pr breaks apt autoremover12:03
MohammadAGJaffa, weird thing is, that doesn't happen on my system12:04
ruskiewell already installing it...12:04
JaffaThe "manually installed" approach would mean that there wasn't a need to remove mp-fremantle-community-pr for ruskie to remove skype-ui-l10n-svse12:05
MohammadAGNokia-N900:~# apt-get autoremove12:05
MohammadAGReading package lists... Done12:05
MohammadAGBuilding dependency tree12:05
JaffaMohammadAG: Same here, TBH.12:05
JaffaI'll try it on my clean CSSU N900 tonight, if I remember12:06
MohammadAGthat's why I found no fix for it12:06
ruskieand rebooted into cssu...12:15
ruskieupdated... look for new maemo features... sheesh...12:16
ruskiehow about just telling me about them ;)12:16
ruskiehmm interesting... kinetic scrolling seems to be working better now12:17
ruskieused to just randomly work or not work...12:18
ruskienow just need to find all the source packages for the init stuff I want to change(actually make fstab usable, sysctl and probably some other bits and pieces)...12:19
ruskiethe most painless update so far on the N900...12:22
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merlin1991MohammadAG, did you push everything this morning? Because the newest cssu pr depends on hildon-application-manager (>= 1:2.2.72-2) but the ham on gitorious is only (1:2.2.60~unreleased)13:13
MohammadAGmerlin1991, old home clone, can't figure out git13:14
MohammadAGmaybe you could help? :P13:14
MohammadAGI need branch ham-2-2 to be master13:14
merlin1991do you want to move ham-2-2 to master in your repo, or just push your ham-2-2 to gitorious master?13:15
MohammadAGI cloned master, which is 2.2.6013:16
MohammadAGI need to bring in what ham-2-2 changed, then push that as master13:17
merlin1991assuming you did a normal clone git://
merlin1991wait sec :D13:18
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merlin1991git checkout origin/ham-2-213:24
MohammadAGmerlin1991, I can revert changes already done, don't worry about that13:24
merlin1991git checkout -b ham-2-213:24
merlin1991git checkout master13:24
merlin1991git merge ham-2-213:24
merlin1991resolve conflicts13:24
*** macmaN has joined #maemo-ssu13:25
merlin1991and since you don't need the ham-2-2 branch at that point anymore13:25
merlin1991git branch -d ham-2-213:25
macmaNhowdiddlydoo all13:26
merlin1991well you can do it all at once too13:26
merlin1991git checkout master (if you're not at master)13:26
merlin1991git merge origin/ham-2-213:26
macmaNim looking at but i am unsure how would i test running development for example thp's latest rotation patches on live device13:29
JaffamacmaN: Well a) documentation needs writing, b) they've not been pushed yet (AFAIK)13:30
JaffamacmaN: says "look forward to" ;-)13:31
macmaNi thought i saw thp's pull request was merged13:31
JaffamacmaN: Doesn't mean it's been pushed in an update necessarily13:31
macmaNah you mean update for mortals13:31
macmaNim talking about getting involved at development level13:32
macmaN seems to have somethng13:32
JaffamacmaN: Ah, cool. git clone, dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b in scratchbox, dpkg -i on device/scratchbox13:32
JaffamacmaN: Needs fleshing out - contributions welcome ;-)13:32
merlin1991MohammadAG, does it work for you?13:32
macmaNright, if i could get some handholding when setting this up ill be happy to jot the notes down and write it up in the wiki13:33
MohammadAGmerlin1991, sec13:33
JaffamacmaN: I believe the transitions.ini contains all the new stuff, and just needs 0->1 in a place or two13:33
merlin1991I'm better at doing git black magic than coding stuff :/13:35
macmaNok i cant work on this right away since im in a triz seminar and should probably pay at least some attention13:35
merlin1991"some attention" :)13:35
JaffamacmaN: "triz"?13:35
macmaNbut in the word of ahnuld, ill be back13:36
macmaN@google triz, methodology13:36
macmaNfor inventing13:36
MohammadAGJaffa, can you cook up a quick maemo icon?13:36
MohammadAGthe icon13:36
MohammadAGit's for the About CSSU entry in controlpane;l13:36
JaffaMohammadAG: Like ?13:37
merlin1991wtf since when can .ico files be animated?13:37
merlin1991 favicon is animted13:37
MohammadAGJaffa, :D13:37
MohammadAGmerlin1991, always? :P13:38
JaffaMohammadAG: Something I did for the avatar for the CommunityCouncil reposting thing.13:38
merlin1991MohammadAG, no?13:40
merlin1991.ico file format contains static pictures13:40
merlin1991but that webpage uses a .gif with .ico as name13:40
merlin1991and firefox is intelligent enough to detect that13:41
MohammadAGJaffa, I'll see what it looks like in the control panel13:41
merlin1991under ie you don't get the favicon at all :D13:41
MohammadAGmerlin1991, I was part of a forum that did that 4 years ago :P13:41
JaffaMohammadAG: If it looks rubbish, I'll try something else13:41
merlin1991MohammadAG, did you say you'd have to go to school today? or are you already back? :D13:42
*** lizardo has joined #maemo-ssu13:44
MohammadAGmerlin1991, didn't go13:45
MohammadAGthoughts ?13:46
merlin1991wth is message blocker? :D13:48
MohammadAGblocks messages :P13:48
*** lardman|home is now known as lardman13:48
MohammadAGactually, suppresses them, works well for operator messages :P13:48
JaffaMohammadAG: Maybe a non-square one? Or we use the same logo as the XB-Maemo-Icon for consistency?13:49
JaffaMohammadAG: And then ask timsamoff or wazd to come up with a new icon we can use consistently to replace it13:49
JaffaMohammadAG: BTW, is the "About product" applet open source?13:50
merlin1991btw MohammadAG I managed to get the apt-mirror working yesterday, it's full mirror of the cssu repo
MohammadAGmerlin1991, -devel please :P13:53
MohammadAGJaffa, same logo without the background would look good13:54
merlin1991well I can run an extras-devel mirror too :D13:54
merlin1991don't see the point though :D13:54
JaffaMohammadAG: True. I'll see what I can do. Although I created that one by just gimping the logo13:55
Jaffamerlin1991: I think he means you've cloned the CSSU -devel/-testing repo.13:55
merlin1991Jaffa, it's a clone of the -testing repo since there is no other atm afaik13:56
Jaffamerlin1991: Sorry, I misread the URL13:56
merlin1991added a robots.txt to get rid of google13:58
merlin1991MohammadAG, extras-devel has fremantle fremantle-1.2 and fremantle-1.3 where do new packages form the autobuilder end up?14:03
MohammadAGfremantle-1.3 is afaik a symlink to 1.214:03
MohammadAGfremantle -> fremantle-1.2 is an ABI break14:03
MohammadAGso, fremantle-1.214:04
MohammadAGI suggest cloning sources tbh14:04
merlin1991it'd clone sources and packages14:04
MohammadAGalthough I doubt it, but in case nokia pulls the plug, you can build everything14:04
merlin1991I wonder if I should mirror extras too14:05
JaffaNokia won't pull the plug without giving us a chance to replicate.14:05
MohammadAGmerlin1991, technically, extras is a subset of -devel14:05
JaffaBut it doesn't do any harm to be safe.14:05
merlin1991but if they pull we don't know anymore wich subset was considered stable :D14:05
merlin1991any guess on the size? :D14:07
MohammadAGmost users would be gone then, so all would be stable :P14:07
MohammadAGsomething above 60GBs14:07
merlin1991i should increase the size of /var then :D14:08
merlin1991it's only 50gbs atm14:08
merlin1991doubled the size now .)14:12
merlin199168,5 gb is the size14:13
merlin1991mirror is starting :D14:13
merlin1991it will be at
merlin1991with extras, extras-devel and community-testing14:14
VenemoMohammadAG: how is fremantle -> fremantle-1.2 an abi break?14:14
JaffaVenemo: Go read the announcements at the time14:15
VenemoJaffa: nah. they were talking about the qt 4.5->4.6 as a reason.14:16
VenemoJaffa: but qt 4.5 should be binary compatible with qt 4.6, so that was obviously a lie.14:16
merlin1991 hm never needed this so I dunno, quick way to view the current network traffic from console (as in how much)14:19
MohammadAGVenemo, fremantle-1.2 doesn't work with fremantle14:21
VenemoMohammadAG: sure, but fremantle works with fremantle-1.214:21
Venemoso no ABI break...14:22
lcukVenemo, you are thinking Qt only, rather than OS global, afaik changes occured in other places14:22
JaffaVenemo: It was not a lie. It really didn't work. Why would people "lie"?14:23
Venemolcuk, the reasoning that they publicized were clearly talking about just Qt14:23
lcukwho? links? references?14:23
lcukafaik some of the hildon desktop components changed14:23
JaffaVenemo: It was all discussed on maemo-developers. Stop spreading FUD, please.14:23
Jaffa and
JaffaVenemo: The problems were real.14:25
VenemoI still don't understand why they changed the distribution name14:26
JaffaWho is this "they"?!14:26
JaffaIt's "us".14:26
Venemo I still don't understand why we changed the distribution name14:26
JaffaThen read the threads. Not everyone updates to the latest thing at the same time and there were a number of binary compatibility problems. The SDK was released before the update. Devs started using it, as did the autobuilder. But the software it delivered into Extras wouldn't run on PR1.1 devices for both deb Depends: ... shlibs reasons and proper symbol dependencies14:28
Venemoso... let's assume that I'm a dumb PR 1.1 user and I install something that depends on PR 1.2's libs14:28
Venemothen why not simply upgrade the dependant libs?14:28
JaffaSo, two things were done: new distribution name to ensure that new software wouldn't be uninstallable/crash on PR1.1 devices (which were pointing at `fremantle') and an effort to use the new symbol determining versions shlibs capability in newer versions of dpkg14:29
JaffaVenemo: Because that's not how Maemo does system libraries.14:29
VenemoI thought that if I have libXY 1.0 and I wanna install something that depends on libXY 2.0, then libXY will be upgraded automatically14:30
JaffaVenemo: No, because if libXY = 1.0 is depended on by mp-fremantle-generic-pr, HAM will refuse to install it.14:31
JaffaMaemo doesn't do partial SSU upgrades. For a variety of reasons, but it Just Doesn't.14:31
lcukVenemo, however libxy2.0 causes a cascade in dependencies, and your little 32kb application ends up weighing at 140mb and being updated at a time when user was not expecting system level update14:31
JaffaAnd an update which wasn't tested by Nokia QA.14:32
Venemooh, yeah!!!14:32
JaffaAnd possibly breaks other applications which were tested against libXY 1.014:33
Venemo"libXY = 1.0 is depended on by mp-fremantle-generic-pr" -> the stupid metapackage is the problem - now I get it.14:33
lcukVenemo, hence, SSU was born years ago.14:33
Venemothanks Jaffa14:33
Venemook lcuk14:33
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merlin1991I'm back :D15:40
*** Po0ky has joined #maemo-ssu15:50
*** trbs has joined #maemo-ssu15:53
merlin1991MohammadAG, apt-mirror is up :)16:23
MohammadAGthat was fast16:28
merlin1991did dl roughly 68 gb of data from .D16:31
merlin1991and cron is taking care to update every day @ 4:00 :)16:31
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo-ssu16:47
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merlin1991bbl, reboot20:28
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC20:31
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo-ssu20:34
barzamI have a question, can I use aptitude to update the cssu or do I need to use the standard updater?20:49
*** BCMM has quit IRC20:52
Sc0rpiusapt-get install mp-fremantle-coomunity-pr20:53
Sc0rpiusthat should work20:53
Sc0rpiusapt-get install mp-fremantle-community-pr20:54
barzamI already have it installed, just for updates I mean20:54
barzamso I can safely keep using aptitude in the terminal to update everything?20:54
Sc0rpiusthat should update it, that's what I meant20:54
Sc0rpiusthe application manager is just another aptitude GUI, there's actually no difference on which aptitude manager you choose, apt-get, fapman, or ham20:55
barzamright, just checking, thanks for sorting it out20:57
MohammadAGSc0rpius, ham does extra stuff on upgrades though21:14
MohammadAGthough at this current time, they shouldn't matter21:14
Sc0rpiuswhat extra stuff?21:15
*** Per_n900 has joined #maemo-ssu21:15
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barzamMohammadAG: so that means ham is the preferred way to update the cssu?21:38
*** rasmus__ has joined #maemo-ssu21:39
*** arcean has quit IRC21:44
MohammadAGSc0rpius, tuning ubifs is one21:46
MohammadAGbarzam, "supported", fapman does autoremove on each install21:47
MohammadAGthat might cause extra bugs atm21:47
MohammadAGapt-get should be fine21:47
*** arcean has joined #maemo-ssu21:48
barzamMohammadAG: just wanna make sure, thanks for clearing it out21:48
barzamand thanks a lot for all the effort you guys put into this, I really apreciate it21:49
*** Sc0rpius has quit IRC21:53
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JaffaMohammadAG: I just tried repeating the autoremove bug on my clean flash PR1.3 which has the CSSU applied (and now rootsh). Same as we get on our N900s23:18
MohammadAGso the bug's invalid?23:18
JaffaTherefore without further reproduction instructions the bug should be RESOLVED WORKSFORME23:18
MohammadAGcan you try installing HAM?23:18
JaffaWhat do you mean?23:18
MohammadAGerr, fapman23:18
MohammadAGtry installing fapman, then install something in fapman23:20
MohammadAGif the bug occurs, we can blame the bug reporter :P23:21
JaffaI have fapman installed on my main N900 but rarely use it.23:21
MohammadAGwell, same, but I always unticked the autoremove option23:21
JaffaNever saw that ;-)23:21
MohammadAGthen you're free to close the bug, I'm not sure what's causing it for some23:22
*** lardman has joined #maemo-ssu23:24
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Jaffafapman installing23:25
Jaffadum de dum23:25
barzamfapman is the greatest name btw :)23:25
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:28
*** lizardo has joined #maemo-ssu23:28
JaffaMohammadAG: Can't reproduce it.23:40
Jaffa*However*, I had a thought: what if it's people who installed mp-fremantle-community-pr manually, through fapman, after installing the repo in fapman themselves?23:40
MohammadAGthen you can close the bug I guess23:40
Sc0rpiuswhat's the bug #23:41
JaffaIt's a dupe of bug 1190623:41
povbotBug email desktop widget is gone after latest Community SSU upgrade23:41
JaffaThat's the bit I remember.23:41
Sc0rpiusbug 11831 maybe?23:42
povbotBug Removal of mp-fremantle-*-pr breaks apt autoremover23:42
JaffaThat's it.23:42
Sc0rpiusyour mp-fremantle-community-pr gets removed?23:43
Sc0rpiusmine is still there23:43
*** merlin_1991 has joined #maemo-ssu23:43
JaffaSc0rpius: No, they mean the removal of mp-fremantle-generic-pr23:44
Sc0rpiusoh generic23:44
Sc0rpiusok ok23:44
Sc0rpiusbut the whole bug says mp-fremantle-community-pr23:45
JaffaBecause it has hard Depends on everything making up the system, when you move to mp-fremantle-community-pr, the packages are no longer hard-depended on and so `apt-get autoremove' (run by fapman regularly, by default) wants to remove half the system23:45
Sc0rpiusif I remove mp-fremantle-community-pr, maybe the autoremover wants to remove half the system23:46
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC23:46
Sc0rpiusmy question is, are they removing the mp-fremantle-community-pr manually?23:46
Sc0rpiusand why are they removing it23:46
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:52
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