IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2016-08-09

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eekkelundHi! I'll join little later :)21:51
eekkelund anyone here?:)22:18
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Win7Macsorry for being late22:26
juicemeWin7Mac :)22:28
Win7Machi jussi22:29
juicemenobody else here yet... :)22:29
Win7Maceekkelund, you around?22:29
juicemehe said he'd be back a while later22:30
eekkelundOh sorry :D22:41
eekkelundback :)22:41
juicemeeekkelund :=22:41
Win7Machi eekke...22:42
eekkelundHi juice and Win7Mac22:42
Win7Machow are you progressing with CC?22:43
eekkelundIt is progressing but no news..:)22:44
eekkelundI am sorry about minutes, I have been busy(like everybody:) ) and lazy.. Will do in the following week22:45
juicemeam looking forward to that :)22:46
eekkelundCC or minutes?:D22:46
Win7Macwell, both! ;)22:47
juicemeyesh :)22:47
eekkelundI have already idea what I will submitt to CC, but we(council) can't participate?:)22:48
Win7Macsure we can22:48
eekkelundAh okay! Nice :D22:48
Win7Macsince community votes, not council..22:49
eekkelundyea true :)22:49
eekkelundHmm how would the voting be done? Who would take responsibility of that?:)22:52
eekkelundAnd also accepting donations22:52
Win7Macvoting could be done with (council-) voting script22:53
juicemeyes, I think it'd be cool for council to compete too, but that leads to another question; should the entries be anonymous? (and if so, then it presents a HUGE problem on how to make that possible!)22:54
Win7Macaccepting donations would be domain of board aka chem|st, juiceme and me (after GA)22:54
juicemeintegrity of the voting is something that always has to be guaranteed, and I think that is accomplished by having more than one council member supervising the process22:55
juicemeit works with council elections, so should be trusted with competitions too22:56
Win7Macyes, council as whole will supervise22:56
juicemeso maybe I should abstain from cpompeting, just to make sure integrity is preserved22:56
Win7Macand entries shouldn't be anonymous22:59
juicemechem|st :)22:59
Win7Machi chem|st22:59
chem|stI throw in a dollar... not just 2c... voting engine in itself is built to be supervised by the whole community22:59
chem|sttoken system...22:59
juicemechem|st, yes, that works pretty good. However any system is subvertable if desired23:00
chem|stso no issue with council members participating, but in your case juiceme, you are member of the BoD, that is a whole other story23:00
juicemetrue, so it still holds, I have no problem abstaining23:01
chem|stWin7Mac: usually members of the company including relatives are excluded23:01
juicemeWin7Mac, as a director and treasurer I am responsible for collecting and distributing prizes...23:01
chem|stjuiceme: funds23:02
chem|stjuiceme: there will be no monetary prizes for all I care23:02
Win7Macok, but integrity of the voting will be guaranteed for boardies too, no?23:02
chem|stWin7Mac: it is a courtesy call to not have members of the board participate23:03
chem|steekkelund: accepting donations will work as follows, monetary donations will be said to be converted to physical prizes, there will be no refunding of any such donation and donations not marked as Competition Rewards will be taken as random donations and are not bound to the Competition or any future competition23:05
chem|steekkelund: physical donations, just the same, if they are not shipped clearly marked as Competition Rewards Donation, they become property of MCeV and are not bound to be taken as Rewards for the Competition or any future competition23:06
eekkelundOkay thanks chem|st. Do you mean than all cash donations will be changed to devices or such? And can I put that^ to wiki page?:)23:08
chem|stfunds and hardware, not directed towards the competition fond, may be used to support future developers on special tasks23:08
chem|steekkelund: yes, we need to discuss what is possible and how to source (on it in some way already)23:10
chem|stfrom my point of view there will be no cash prizes23:11
juicemeit has been usual practice to have devices as prices in previous competieions23:12
chem|stjuiceme: and I do not feel comfortable to change that23:12
juicemeyes... however there is the question *what* devices to allocate to *which* winners23:13
juicemeunless a preference for certain device is stated by the partakeres23:14
chem|stjuiceme: think of an Aquafish for the first 1 in each category of sfos, an oneplusX for mer category, N9 16GB for MeeGo and N900 for Maemo23:15
chem|stjuiceme: no cherry picking23:15
chem|stwe will see what devices we get handed over, then we can decide what to put where and have other devices and gadgets ordered23:16
chem|stfor example, we could have a TRI as a special price for of the charts security application etc23:17
chem|stdon't set any limit to your imagination23:17
juicemeyes! assuming one can ever get hand on those... :)23:18
eekkelundookay, but we have 3 categories: Something new, Fixing/Updating and Beginner.23:18
chem|stput out a JBL Charge 3 for the best music app23:18
eekkelundYea but sounds good :)23:18
eekkelund2 platforms: Maemo and Mer-based23:19
chem|steekkelund: sure but do not limit your thinking, when I first started asking for interest I had like 4 N900s and 2 N9s ready for donation23:19
eekkelundYea I got your point now, and like it23:19
chem|steekkelund: have an asteroidOS category open, and any yet unported but portable watch as prize23:20
eekkelundDevices & Platforms23:20
eekkelund    Maemo23:20
eekkelund        Includes all Maemo devices and MeeGo Harmattan devices.23:20
eekkelund    Mer-based23:20
eekkelund        Includes all Mer-based devices. E.g. SailfishOS, NemoMobile, AsteroidOS etc.23:20
chem|stonce we get there I am sure we will figure out what to put out where and I feel that the community support will be awesome once we actually put it in motion23:21
eekkelundYea :)23:21
chem|stwell then have the 1st 2nd and 3rd have prizes23:21
chem|stdon't start with a limitation23:22
eekkelundDevices & Platforms should be moved ?:)23:23
Win7Macwill come back in a minute23:23
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chem|steekkelund: ?23:23
eekkelundwhat do you mean by this23:24
eekkelund23:22 < chem|st> don't start with a limitation23:24
juicemewe decided to limit competition categories as the first round-of-thinking there were too many23:25
chem|stWell that it is Maemo++ only can be set straight...23:25
chem|stjuiceme: to start with this is ok but it does not hurt to tell that if submissions exceed our expectations each category of the following might get a special rating eg Location/Multimedia/Security/Arts/Games23:27
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chem|stso limit the start but not the outcome, if we get 10 Multimedia submissions and enough funds we can easily split them out of the something new/old/used/lend23:28
chem|stfixing updating might als be weighted by its importance, a working current kernel for Jolla1 would probably be rather important, but not have direct impact on avg joe and so on23:31
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eekkelundBut how it would be weighted? Voters have one vote, all votes are equal?23:33
chem|stso I gotta check out, just keep in mind that "not limiting" does not mean to not set clear boundaries, just leave an open outcome, and most importantly, communicate that it may be spread open once contribution exceed a threshold23:33
eekkelundI was trying to at least little bit "unlimit" by explaining those categories in wiki. :)23:34
eekkelund     Something new23:34
eekkelund        In this category all new creations, for example applications, device ports, cross-platform, any kind hacks, and et cetera, are viable.23:34
chem|steekkelund: no idea, lines of code changes in git?23:34
eekkelund    Fixing/Updating23:34
eekkelund        Anykind of fixes, updates, backporting, exploiting/reverse engineering closed packages in to this category.23:34
juicemeeekkelund, yes I think it is important to have every vote as equal23:34
eekkelund    Beginners23:34
eekkelund        First contribution23:34
juicemebut it should be possible to vote for entries in different categories, so it is not limited as "1 vote per person"23:35
eekkelundchem|st: but who is judging if eg. I make 10lines changes in git to SFOS stock browser and it enables copy/pasting, and juice makes 1000line changes to something less visible(example kernel :) ). So who judges that other one has more weight?23:38
eekkelundjuiceme: so all voters would have one vote / category ?:)23:39
juicemeI think so, yes23:40
juicemecould that cause problems?23:40
eekkelundI like the idea:) Could it cause problems to voting engine?23:41
juicemenope, as we can set each category as it's own voting I think23:41
juicemeas for the example you had, which is to be judged winner; the small effective change or large invisible; let the people decide it all :)23:42
juicemeOFC the developer is free to elaborate how the enhancement works and what the benefits are23:43
eekkelundOkay cool:) And yes I agree with people deciding!23:43
eekkelundWe should start asking/accepting donations only after publishing competition?23:45
juicemeyes, probably best to do it that way23:46
eekkelundBut I will go to sleep now:)23:48
eekkelundgood night23:48
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