IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2016-08-02

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warfareI just replaced all SSL certificates as the others were to expire today (except wiki) - I just missed tmo yesterday.11:52
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eekkelundAllo :)21:42
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pichlohello, sorry i'm late21:56
pichloanybody here?21:56
eekkelundim here :D22:01
pichloi am at home for a change, trying to set up an irc client on a pc22:02
pichlosooooo complicated! ;)22:02
pichlono wonder no one uses it22:03
eekkelundhaha :D which client?22:03
eekkelundI have irssi running on server in screen :)22:03
pichlothat's way beyond me22:04
pichlobut am hapy to listen to suggestions22:04
pichlonettalk didn't impress me so far22:05
pichloi couldn't even figure out how to join this meeting22:05
pichloam connecting from jolla ;)22:05
eekkelundhmm, I havent used gui clients :/22:06
eekkelundbut I have heard somebody using xChat22:06
pichloi was disillusioned with xchat on n90022:08
pichloso much so i never want to see it again22:08
eekkelundHahaha :D okay I see22:09
reinobhello there22:21
reinobwarfare: thanks for updating the certificates!22:21
reinobpichlo: I also use irssi, connecting to znc (a bouncer) running on an always-on server. this way I can just connect/reconnect from any client while bouncer maintains the "persitent" single connection22:23
reinobit's much easier than it sounds22:23
pichloreinob, I'm glad to hear that because it sounds fiendishly complicated ;)22:26
reinobshout if you need help. do you have a server/vps available? otherwise I could let you use mine so irssi logs in there with your credentials and the server (znc) maintains your connection22:30
pichlothanks reinob, but I have very basic difficulties22:34
pichloi am going down the list of irc clients from a "top 7" website22:36
reinobfor Windows or for Linux?22:36
pichloalready eliminated nettalk, mirc and quassel22:36
reinobah OK22:37
pichloall of them advertised as "newbie friendly"22:37
pichlohahaha, i cannot heads or tails of either of them22:37
pichlocannot get22:38
reinobthere's no such thing. in the end you need a scrolling screen where you see the stuff and a command line where you type your commands and messages.22:38
reinob(no such thing as newbie friendly I mean)22:38
pichlomy favourite is HydraIRC22:40
pichloboasting to br the most newbie friendly22:40
pichloits website shows up as a blank page ;)22:40
reinobforget quassel as well. it's AFAIK a combination of client and server (similar to the usual combination of client and bouncer)22:42
pichloI am giving up22:43
pichlobut hey, no harm done22:43
reinobthere should be something like irssi (in a "dos" box) in Windows22:43
reinobotherwise I could also give you a real shell account so you can use irssi from anywhere using a ssh client (I hope you have that in Windows! :)22:44
pichlothis is probably the last tine I happen to be at home in Tuesday22:44
reinob(will be back in a while. children are still not sleeping..)22:44
juicemehiya all!22:44
pichloshell clent?22:44
pichloare you serious?22:45
pichlowhich part of "too complicated" do you not understand?22:45
juicemewarfare, hi! and thanks for replacing the certs22:45
pichloI will just stick to what U know just about works22:46
pichloU = I22:46
juicemepichlo, seriously windoze... haven't you got a single linux computer in the house (except for mobile devices..) ?22:47
reinobpichlo: there's nothing difficult about command line. it's the natural environment for irc. you really just have a command line and a scrolling window of output.22:48
pichlojuiceme, no :(22:48
juicemewell it's about time you install one, then!22:48
pichloreinob, I said I give up22:49
juicemeor even, run a linux instance in a VM22:49
pichloI will stick to the IRC client on Jolla22:49
juicemelike virtualbox for example, it should be available for windoze too22:49
reinobBTW Win7Mac: thanks for sending the invitation to the GA.22:49
pichloit (just about) works and thete is VERY little chance of me ever having an opportunity to use anything else22:50
pichlotoday was a very rare exception22:50
reinobalthough slightly heretical, I find that since I have my Motorola (Android) I use it for many things for which I previously would have taken out the laptop. Even irc (using juicessh ssh client) is pretty usable22:51
juicemepichlo, if you take on the offer by reinob, you can run an irssi session there and connect to it from SSH of your pc/jolla/N90022:51
juicemeand then you will never miss a word :)22:52
juicemethat's the simplest thing to do22:52
juicemeand that is why I don't use irc client on jolla, just ssh22:52
reinobor use the jolla irc client connecting to the bouncer. I actually did that for some time. This way you can seamlessly connect from jolla irc client *and* from any other irc client, simultaneously even :)22:52
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reinobOK. That was a statement :)22:55
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reinobwelcome back :)22:56
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reinobdo we have anything to discuss? I still have like 10-20 min "available". After that I'm offline for the next two weeks :)23:02
juicemethanks for the GA invite :)23:03
Win7Macsure, was about time...23:03
Win7Mactopics today?23:04
Win7MacSSL thankfully resolved23:05
juicemewell, are there still discussable thingies on the competition?23:05
Win7Macjuiceme, what the eV papers chem|st sent you, processed?23:06
Win7Macwhat *about23:07
juicemethose what I have are for the tax-excemption status. Unfortunately I did not print them out before going to my summer leave so I need to do that when I am back at work next week.23:08
eekkelundSorry, I have to go :/23:08
eekkelundSee you23:08
juicemeeekkelund, bye23:09
Win7Macjuiceme, ok. Set a reminder ;)23:09
juicemewill do that.23:10
Win7Macstill house building?23:10
pichloguys, looks like I have nothing to contribute today so I will go too23:10
reinobsee you!23:10
Win7Macyeah, bye23:10
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Win7Macmeeting minutes are pending23:12
juicemeWin7Mac, no, am at home now. We got the roof done without any hickups, real good!23:12
juicemeenjoying my last holiday week before back to work23:13
Win7Macand no printer at home?23:13
juicemealtough there are more or less buildingsh-ly things around here too... just today I climbed up the roof to do saome antenna repair :)23:14
juicemewell I have printer but the one at office is much better.23:15
juicemeLast thing I did when I was at work is I tried printing the docs but for some reason evince (ubuntu's default pdf handler) refused to print.23:16
juicemeand I was in such a hurry I did not have time to debug why... since the documents rendered ok on the screen23:16
Win7Macok, you'll sort it out, I'm sure ;)23:17
juicemesure, when I get to it :)23:17
reinobyou can just usually "lpr file.pdf" and be happy23:17
reinobviewing and printing are different things23:17
juicemereinob, I'll try that too, maybe it works better23:18
reinobI use mupdf to view pdf, but it doesn't print, so I just use lpr. Works nicely (at home)23:18
juicemeI'm lazy and mostly use evince23:18
juicemesometimes when there are broken documents I use the console pdftools23:19
reinobI still haven't found a good pdf viewer. I use mupdf or even google docs viewer23:19
reinobwell gotta leave now. we need to finish packing and tomorrow we're leaving early in the morning.23:20
reinobtalk in two weeks again23:21
juicemeOK, so I'll go too, then.23:22
Win7Macok, bye23:22
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