IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2016-07-26

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Win7Macgoodeveningeverybody ;)21:39
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pichloHi everyone, amilate? ;)21:41
Win7Macyes you are...21:41
Win7Macstill 2nd...21:41
pichloallo allo21:46
Win7Macjust sent reminder, hopefully juiceme shows up today21:46
reinobwhat are the points for today?21:47
Win7Macon I also get that ugly21:48
Win7Mac "Error. Permission denied" message.21:48
pichloI have no opinion on GA whatsoever.21:49
Win7Macpichlo, you're not an e.V. member, right?21:49
Win7Macthen you're not "invited" (as member, to vote for directors), only as guest21:50
pichloPhew, that's a relief! Does it mean I do not HAVE to have an olinion? ;)21:51
Win7Macunless you hurry up and file that application form to chem|st or juiceme21:51
Win7Macno ;)21:51
Win7MacI mean: yes21:52
pichlo'no' it does not mean that or 'no' I don't? ;)21:52
reinobsorry, little family crisis :) will be back in 10min or so21:52
Win7Macsorry to hear21:52
pichlogood luck21:52
pichloI also get permission denied on garage21:53
eekkelundevening, sorry to be late!21:55
Win7Maclikely due to us not being in the council group21:55
Win7Machi eekke...21:55
juicemehiya all!21:59
juicemepichlo :)21:59
pichlohi juiceme21:59
eekkelundHi Win7Mac, hi juiceme, hi pichlo and hi reinob :)21:59
juicemeWin7Mac :)21:59
reinobI'm back21:59
juicemeeekkelund :)21:59
pichlowow, that makes all 5 of us21:59
juicemereinob :)22:00
juicemeI have been off for the past 2 meetings, but now am in :)22:00
reinobfull house :)22:00
reinobjuiceme: can you do anything about the permissions in
reinobI tried to ping Jörg, as he offered, but didn't get around to talking to him22:01
Win7Machi all, nice we're "full"...22:01
Win7Macjuice should be able22:02
juicemeI think the guy to sort out the maemo access thingy is merlin199122:03
Win7Maci alsö heard merlin1991 is garage admin22:04
reinobOK. should we ask him to give access (whatever is required, I don't know) to the whole council?22:05
Win7Maconly juiceme as actual councilor is in council group...22:06
reinob.. one option is then to let juiceme take care of approvals22:06
Win7Machopefully yes22:07
juicememmh, yes, provided I get to know what it takes :)22:08
reinobwho can add a project admin, a project admin or a developer? (or is there something higher up the food chain here?)22:08
Win7Maci just pinged merlin, hope he joins in here22:08
juicemeI think the top sysadmins can do that22:09
reinobWin7Mac: thanks22:09
Win7Macwe can request to join the group/project though, somebody needs to confirm i guess22:10
reinobSounds good. Everybody do that now? :)22:11
eekkelundYour request has been submitted.22:12
Win7Macrequest to join sent22:12
pichlolast time I wanted to join a garage project, sixwheeledbeast approved it for me22:12
juicemeWin7Mac, what should I request there? :)22:12
pichloso I guess anyone on that same list can22:12
reinobjuiceme: you're already member22:12
Win7Macjuiceme, you're already in22:13
Win7Macjuiceme, those request reached you?22:13
juicemewell, good for me then :)22:14
juicemeyes, got 3 requests...22:15
juicemein my email, that is22:15
pichloguys, what did you do?22:15
pichlotype 'I want to join' in the box?22:16
reinobI put "member of community council"22:16
reinobshould be enough of a reason22:16
pichlook, done22:17
juicemeI got the mails but am now trying to figure out how to approve the requests...22:18
pichlosorry, got to go again22:18
pichloskating over22:19
juicemeya, come back later22:19
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juicemeOK, try to login now, you should all have admin status :)22:21
reinobI'm admin!22:22
Win7Maclooks great:
reinobbut approve-pending still says permission denied..22:23
Win7Macand I'm even incognito... ;)22:23
eekkelundPermission denied22:24
juicemeeekkelund, you cannot get in?22:25
eekkelundI got in when I sent the request to join, but I get that error when trying to go
reinobI have the same. I tried (just in case) to logout and back in. no dice.22:27
reinobjuiceme: can *you* go to the approve-pending.php page?22:28
juicemeI was able to approve the project requests22:28
reinobah OK22:28
reinobthen something else is missing22:28
Win7Maci believe i'm perfectly in22:28
juicemebut you should also have been able to do it by now22:28
juicemewell, too bad I have been more or less out of touch the last weeks :)22:29
Win7Macstill can't approve pending project: Permission denied22:29
juicemeam bit of a wreck now, whole day on the roof putting up the sheet on the frameworks, with temperature at least 28 on the SHADE !22:30
reinobhere I can see/update/remove group members, etc. and see "pending requests" (none currently). maybe permission denied is when you go directly to the link but there's nothing?22:30
juicemewell at least now there's nothing to approve any longer.22:30
reinobOK that (could) make sense22:31
reinoblets see when the next request comes :)22:31
reinobre. roof and run: you're asking for a beer!22:31
juicemeI think new projects come in quite rarely nowdays22:31
juicemereinob, yes, am just now filling up my liquids :)22:32
reinobOK, so with that out of the way: GA invitation. Ready to send?22:32
juicemealready few bottles of IPA down and more in the fridge22:32
juicemeIndian Pale Ale22:32
juicememy brother's favourite22:33
reinobach-so :)22:33
juicemeand good to drink when you are really hot&thirsty22:33
reinobshort break: will reconnect in 10-15 min22:35
Win7Macfine stuff22:35
juicemeand here goes another IPA, cheers!22:35
eekkelundI have other topic, could we postpone Coding Competition by one month?:)22:35
Win7Macre GA invitation: it's ready, but we need a date22:35
juicemegood stuff, microbrewery handmade22:35
juicemei love this stuff22:36
Win7Maceekkelund, sure, you're the boss ;)22:36
Win7Mac...we will approve22:37
juicemeI concur, chairman sets the date!22:37
Win7Maci asked warfare in an extra mail but no dice:(22:37
Win7Macas mentioned, would be nice if all directors be present22:38
Win7Macbtw. warfare: ping22:38
juicemewell the marching order is clear; council sets date and the directors will be there.22:39
eekkelundOkay nice:) also I was talking wiht chem|st and he had his concerns about entry submitting. Everybody mailing those entries could be mess maybe?22:40
juicemehow do you mean mess?22:40
juicemeif there would be 100 applications in a day, then maybe it would be a mess :)22:41
Win7Macopenrepos can help too22:42
Win7Macwe already have a yes from there22:42
eekkelundAnd should MCe.V. start to already taking donations beforehand, so when competition starts, there would be something :)22:42
Win7Macto upload stuff22:42
juicemetrue, that was a good suggestion22:42
Win7Maceekkelund, good point22:43
juicemeah now I understood!22:43
eekkelundOh yeah I found from openrepos this page: still empty :)22:43
juicemesorry I did not first get what eekkelund meant, I thought it was still about the GA memgership22:44
eekkelundI added that to wiki22:44
Win7Macwas just about to share that link22:44
eekkelundnp, sorry to be confusing :D22:44
juicemeso it was about competition entries.... yes that can be a mess too22:44
eekkelundBut one cannot upload new Nemomobile port to openrepos or something what is not app22:45
Win7Macsorry, it was basil, not custodian22:46
juicemewell, for that other stuff we have github22:46
juicemeand if it includes binaries, well, we'lll have to sort it out then some other way. I can offer to host something on my site.22:47
eekkelundYeah true. So how one can submit an entry? by tmo thread or?22:48
juicemeeither by TMO thread or by mailin list.22:49
juicemeI'd say mailing list entry is better though.22:49
eekkelundSo you think it wouldn't be mess?22:50
reinobwe could also set up an ftp site where we place whatever comes via mailing list, in case people prefer to download it like that22:50
juicemeyes, that'd be ok22:51
eekkelundSounds, nice. Could somebody be responsible of that ftp?:) And are you referring to some particular mailinglist?:)22:53
juicemethe main list, same where minutes are announced and all kind of election stugg goes on22:57
reinobI could offer ftp and/or sftp22:58
eekkelundOkay, I will put that email address to wiki page:)22:59
reinobeither at or at (same server, different names)22:59
eekkelundSo who wants so much to be responsible of ftp thing:)22:59
Win7Macsorry, but I'm not tech-savvy enough23:00
reinobunless juiceme wants to do it, I'd take care of it23:00
Win7Macalso techstuff or chem|st could provide space on *.m.o23:01
reinobI prefer sftp-only but people might find that inconvenient so I'd even dare install an ftp server. Never did it (hate ftp) but should be able to pull it off nice and (relatively) securely23:01
juicemereinob, be my guest :)23:03
reinobdoes maemo community have a twitter account?23:04
reinobI happen to have joined a few days ago23:04
reinobcould be useful to announce whenever a submission comes, etc.23:05
juicemeno idea, as I don't do that :)23:06
juicemebut if ther's none maybe it should be created23:06
eekkelundI can create that :)23:06
eekkelundThanks reinob23:06
reinobwas about to ask if any expert was around23:07
eekkelundWhat name and what username?:D23:07
reinobbut no account AFAIK.23:07
eekkelundNot expert, started to use twitter 8months ago :D23:07
juiceme"maemo community", "maemo" or "mcev"23:08
Win7Macno twitter, facebook or whatsapp here23:08
reinobI joined friday, to be able to follow the messy situation last friday...23:08
reinobcolleages of mine were at that shopping mall..23:08 and username @maemo ?23:08
juicemeyes, for current events it is good way to follow I guess23:08
Win7Macyou been in munich?23:08
reinobI live there23:08
eekkelundAre they okay reinob?23:08
eekkelundand your friends+relatives okay?23:08
reinobyes. the ones I know who where there could leave before getting trapped there, so they were just a bit of in shock, but other than that fine23:09
Win7Macglad to hear23:09
reinobI happened to take the last train home before all hell broke loose and all trains stopped23:09
reinobso I was very lucky23:10
juicemeyesterday almost dropped when I heard it, I first thought it was "Alsbach" before I realised it was "Ansbach"23:11
juicemeAlsbach is where my cousin lives, where I visited her last summer23:11
juicemegood you and your family are OK23:12
reinobwhat a different a bit or two make23:12
reinobthanks :)23:12
eekkelundGood to hear reinob23:12
reinobeekkelund: do you know if twitter allows accounts where multiple users can post? (would be nice if all council could post from an official account..)23:14
eekkelundWell, no I don't know :/23:15
juicemesharing passworrds, at least :)23:15
juicemeho, am slurring already.23:15
juicemethis beer is tops!23:15
reinobI'll see what I can find out re. twitter23:15
juicemeheha am getting too tipsy soon23:16
reinobother than that I think it's time for me to leave23:16
reinobI can see that I'm almost 40 (still 4 weeks to go). I can't drink two or three beers without getting slightly drunk23:16
Win7Macenjoy ;)23:17
juicemereinob I drink so little nowdays, maybe 2 beers in a month. This week have been drunk almost every night :)23:18
juicemecos' my brother :)23:18
Win7Macjuiceme, re GA date, Sunday, 2016-09-04, afternoon or early evening is fine?23:18
juicemeWin7Mac, in 9 days, OK23:19
juicemechem|st :)23:19
juicemeWin7Mac oh sorry, wrong month :)23:19
Win7Mac9 days wouldn't fit...23:20
juicemewas thinkin it's 8'th already :)23:20
chem|stjuiceme: you read my not about court filings?23:20
juicemeam not the sharpest shape now :)23:20
juicemechem|st, yes23:21
chem|stjuiceme: I was wondering how long it takes till this is trouble23:21
juicemechem|st, so basically we need to declare board every year, even when no changes?23:21
chem|stjuiceme: we need to declare no-changes, change in board and change in association articles23:22
chem|stI now have a request for filing on my desk, I will call them tomorrow, to clarify that we will have proper filings within september23:23
Win7Mac"we need to declare no-changes" - ???23:23
chem|stWin7Mac: indeed23:23
chem|stWin7Mac: German beaucracy23:23
juicemewas that a new legislation or has it always been so?23:23
Win7Macalways been like that23:24
Win7Macbut yeah, approval for board needs to be filed23:24
juicemeI guess the logic behind is that if there's an association that withers away with no actions, they will know to remove it from registration23:24
Win7Macnot exactly a no-change, but well...23:24
chem|stjuiceme: that law is probably from 1956 when they introduced registered clubs23:25
chem|stjuiceme: we actually missed 2 declarations already23:25
Win7Macthat idea very older23:25
juicemechem|st, does it require something from me?23:26
chem|stjuiceme: it always does23:26
Win7Macsince warfare is absent23:26
chem|stunless we change the articles so I can represent the eV on my own...23:26
Win7Macit always takes 223:26
chem|stnotarized two23:27
Win7Macthat's what the bylaws say23:27
juicemeso the same rote as before, you fill it in and send to me, and I'll send it back to you.23:27
juicemeis notarization required?23:27
chem|stwould you mind to take the last stuff for taxes + last meeting + next meeting to notary at once23:27
juicemecan do that too, though it costs about 20 euros23:28
chem|stjuiceme: all court filings need to be notarized and signed by two of us23:28
chem|stjuiceme: do you have the treasure report for the past 3 years?23:28
juicemechem|st, am not at home now, but I think I could find a notary here too.23:28
chem|stjuiceme: no hurry23:29
juicemebut I have no printer available now...23:29
chem|stjuiceme: after the meeting23:29
Win7Macyes, do hurry, but do it immediately when back home23:29
juicemechem|st, after the GA meeting, right? That I can do OK23:29
Win7Macjuiceme, when you are back in Helsinki?23:30
chem|stjuiceme: the treasure reports we need ahead, properly formatted as well please (head and shoulders)23:30
juicemeWin7Mac, I'll head south in about a week, I think23:31
chem|stWin7Mac: I will call them and ask, what to do, as I was actually waiting for the others to send me notarized stuff, it is probably no problem23:31
Win7Macwaiting for the others?23:32
Win7Macfor what?23:32
chem|stWin7Mac: for sending me papers, other board members23:33
chem|stWin7Mac: both got the tax exempt and the court filing from last meeting23:33
chem|stwe said war does sign, never did, then I asked juice, forgot about it23:34
chem|stso it went on for a year...23:34
Win7Macso do we need a new director?23:34
chem|stnow we are half a year late for the current GA23:35
chem|stWin7Mac: yeah, how about you23:35
chem|stSecretary is not that a hard job, you just need to write three protocols a year and have one notarized, that is about that23:36
Win7Macwould be nice to have mother-tounge-german with good english indeed...23:39
Win7Mac...reinob! (no mother-tounge-german though)23:40
reinobI think Win7Mac would be an excellent choice23:40
Win7Macbut good enough23:40
juicemewell yes, the knowledge of native german language is mandatory IMHO23:40
juicemeI can do the cashier stuff no problem, but could not excel as secretary23:41
Win7Macthing is, i really have no clue about linux and the whole stuff we are all about23:42
Win7Maci'm blindly following instrunctions for my device... :(23:42
Win7Macjust a sec, got mail from warfare...23:43
Win7Macok, warfare will not re-candidate for board23:44
Win7Macso yes, we need a new director23:44
juicemeWin7Mac the technical stuffi is not required to be mastered in directorial work :)23:44
Win7Maci know...23:44
reinobif you do director, then I do secretary23:45
juicemewe have enough og technical staff23:45
reinobmy children and/or wife will help me with writing the protocols23:45
reinoband I need to find a notar. the only one I've ever seen was at the Marienplatz and got a whole lotta money from me when we bought the ground23:46
Win7MacI guess it's about time to drop my refuse to be boardie then. THought that'd be a good move when creating MC eV, but now... and since I'm quite in the know... I'LL ACCEPT!23:48
juicemein finland we have notaries in city hall23:48
reinobI'll investigate23:49
reinobWin7Mac: thank you for candidating23:49
Win7Macand how about you?23:50
Win7Macwe can both run!23:50
reinobI feel a bit uninformed. I don't really know what a director does and now I know a little of what a secretary does23:51
reinobis secretary elected or appointed?23:51
reinobin 10 words: what does a director do?23:51
Win7Macjust kidding, want to avoid the hassle for you + your wifey23:52
reinobI mean, if I candidate for director (assuming I know what it means) then neither you nor I would be appointed secretary. Which means we would need to find somebody for the position.23:53
Win7Macwe do not really want 4 candidates because the one with least votes is out. What if that hits juiceme or chem|st? - not wanted23:54
reinobOK then I'm not candidating for director. If OK with you guys I would do secretary23:55
Win7Macand since juiceme can't german, he can't be secretary23:55
Win7Macin few words: directors meet online and notarily sign documents for court filing once a year23:58
juicemereinob directors handle the running stuff of the association (e.V.), like purchasing and contracting all what is needed (domain names, servers, donation handling. etc...)23:59
Win7Macright, all that is settled at the moment23:59

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