IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2016-07-19

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Win7Macring ring...21:33
reinobping ping...21:37
eekkelundding ding...21:38
Win7Macknock knock...21:38
Win7Mactoday i did not receive my Jolla C :(21:38
reinobdo you write that every day? :))))21:38
Win7Macstuck somewhere at TNT21:38
Win7Mac"Shipment Delayed In Transit Recovery Actions Underway" :(21:40
Win7Macanyway, how's things? Sorry for missing last meeting21:40
eekkelundI wrote an email if you got that :)21:46
Win7Macyeah, saw it21:47
Win7MacI can answer one question: board does have PayPal21:48
Win7Machow or where to submit entries i have no clue, never done that21:49
Win7Macprizes/moneys can be handled by board21:49
reinobWin7Mac: do you know anyone who's been involved with CCs in the past?21:49
Win7Macyou may find hints in the wiki21:50
Win7Maczehjotkah obviously was21:53
reinobI'll have a look. I haven't heard anything from zehjotkah in the last 5 years or so :)21:53
Win7Mache left the boat...21:54
eekkelundOkay, so board would be responsible for prizes.21:54
Win7MacI talked to him on the phone once, he's german and a nice guy from what i can tell, he may still help21:55
eekkelundSubmitting an entry by email and/or by posting to TMO?21:55
Win7Macagain, board is chem|st, juiceme and warfare21:56
Win7Macabout submitting i have no clue21:56
reinobif TMO then everyone can see it, so it may be an advantage. problem is the retarded attachment-handling in tmo posts. .tar.gz should be reasonably fine, but who knows21:57
Win7MacNiel was in council during last CC in 2012, maybe was involved22:01
eekkelundokay hmm22:12
reinobaccording to (by zehjotkah) there was a submission-platform (, but it's not working anymore22:14
reinobwill be back in 20min or so22:21
eekkelundthanks:) what about wishlist?22:22
reinobI still don't quite grok what that wishlist category means22:35
eekkelundYeah thats ricky22:42
eekkelundtricky to fit to CC22:42
eekkelundhmmm how doed22:42
reinobI'd simply remove it, without anybody noticing ;-)22:42
eekkelunddoes the the wiki look like?22:42
eekkelundhaha okay will do x)22:42
eekkelundif no objections22:43
Win7Maceekkelund, yes, the wiki page looks like :)23:01
Win7Macmany thanks23:01
Win7Macwishlist would be nice to have but is not nescessary23:02
Win7Maci find it interesting though23:02
eekkelundshit sorry copy paste23:03
eekkelundi was going to say thanks:) how would you do the whislist thing?23:04
Win7Macwait a minute, I'm looking up all your tabs...23:04
Win7Macnot really23:05
eekkelundhaha one could guess what kind of app I'm (trying to) develop23:05
eekkelundI don't even know how is that posible that it copied all my open tabs and pasted it :D I tried to write letter "a"23:06
eekkelundso how would wishlist thingy be implemented to cc? :)23:09
eekkelundAnd should we announce cc soon(tm) ? =)23:10
Win7Macre wishlist: people wish for A, B, C and D. A and C become reality after X months and people then vote a winner23:10
Win7Macsomething like that23:11
reinobbut w/o wishlist A and C would become a reality anyway and people would vote a winner as well?23:11
reinobor is the prize bigger because it was a wished-for application?23:12
Win7Macprobably so, I guess ;)23:13
Win7Maci'm making stuff up23:13
eekkelundSo is this X months same time as other categories have?23:15
Win7Macok, simply scrap it23:16
Win7Macno, would be longer23:16
eekkelundand is the voting in same than with other categories? can i vote in both23:16
eekkelundis the prizebool common?:D23:17
eekkelundcommunity wil hopefully donate that we can give prizes to winners, so will those donations be used also for wishlist prizes? :)23:19
Win7Maceekkelund, you're the CC boss...23:22
eekkelundI don't want to be dictator :D23:24
eekkelundasking your thoughts:)23:24
reinobI'd just drop the wishlist category, but I think I've said it a few times already :)23:25
Win7Macyeah, scrap it, too complicated, let's keep it simple23:25
eekkelund:D okay, I think pichlo had same opinion23:26
reinobI have to leave now. sorry. talk to you next week and/or per e-mail these days23:33
eekkelundSee you :)23:42
Win7Macok, bye23:44
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