IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2016-07-12

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reinobchecking 1 2 320:52
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eekkelundi'll be little late:)21:50
pichloi am here :)21:54
reinobHi everyone!21:54
pichlohi reinob21:55
reinobjuiceme wrote he might not be able to attend21:56
reinoblast week we discussed about the coding competition. we need to fix the deadlines for submission, testing and voting22:00
reinobplus decide if/how we ask for money from the community to be handled by board, who would then buy/send the prizes22:00
reinobthat about right?22:00
pichlolooks about right to me22:03
pichlowhat are the answers? ;)22:03
eekkelundright:) I propose following dates: start Mon 1st August, deadline Mon 31st October, voting 14th November - 30th November22:05
eekkelund3Months time to submit22:05
pichlowow, eekkelund the decider! ;)22:05
pichloi like it22:06
eekkelundreinob was hinting somethimg like this on last meeting:)22:06
pichloand the money?22:06
pichlodo we have a PayPal account or sth?22:07
eekkelundI don't know if we/board has22:07
pichloand the format? did we agree on 3 categories?22:08
pichlonew app, fix, newbie?22:08
eekkelundI think we should ask for donations + inviduals can wish and donate towards their wish22:08
eekkelundi thought itwas 4, those + wishlist22:09
pichloi have a big concern about wishlist being a separate category22:10
pichloi say, each individual can decide by what criteria he/she decides to vote for X vs Y22:11
eekkelundokay,how would you like it?:)22:12
eekkelundwishlist I mean22:12
pichloif the factor was, "X wad on my wishlist, Y wasn't", then so be it22:12
pichlosomeone else's criteria nay be, "X has prettier colours"22:13
pichloboth equally valid to me22:14
pichlodamn Jolla keyboard!22:14
eekkelundi was thinking that it is not `real` category, just that I am ready to donate 50e towards pokemon go meego app and i think pichlos cool pretty colour app is best one so I vote for that. Wishlist is not in actual voting22:17
eekkelundim on fingerterm with jolla C :D22:18
eekkelundso damn as well22:18
eekkelundand if somebody makes pokemon go app (s)he gets my 50e22:19
eekkelundbut my vote is still on pichlos app22:19
eekkelundorr is this bad22:19
pichlobut nothing stops you donating your 50€ to pokemon anyway22:20
pichloyou don't need the competition for that22:21
pichloit might confuse the voters22:21
reinobwith eekkelund's interpretation I agree with pichlo22:23
reinobis there an alternative interpretation? :)22:23
pichlook, I'm sold22:25
reinobthing is, at some point (have to check the minutes) we sort of (at least implicitly) agreed on those four categories, but I never quite thought about what wishlist means in this context. maybe juiceme or win7mac would have some input on this?22:27
pichlosorry, gotta go again22:29
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reinobOK see you later maybe!22:29
reinobhere ( it says "Wishlist (rewarded if/when completed)"22:29
eekkelundhmm,but board(or who handles the moneyz) would have the moneys and that way guarantee developer would get rewarded when completed. But that is true, we don't need competetion for that22:36
eekkelundSo it would be 3 categories?22:36
reinobI think so, but I'd wait for confirmation from the others, in case there's a good reason why we need that category22:37
eekkelundHow about the money thingy, who handles, does board have PayPal?22:37
eekkelundThen more questions! How one can submit ones entry?22:38
reinobI guess, but we need to check that. At least there's a good old bank account (in Germany), which is good because I don't use paypal. But we really need to have this confirmed.22:39
reinobre. submission: no idea! :(22:39
reinobideally if all programs were in github or such it would be quite nice. but if we also allow closed-source in the end the most likely way would be to receive a .zip or .tgz or whatever per e-mail and make it available for the community22:41
eekkelundAnd what do you think about rules written here: ? I have put brackets to those what needs redoing22:41
eekkelundIn github or such and executable version of hack/app/anything to e-mail from where we would make it available?22:43
reinob"do not violate any laws or copyright". not clear which jurisdiction applies nor how we are able to check for copyright violation. but we can just leave it like it is anyway22:43
eekkelundI was editing wiki page littlebit, might be something wrong or grammar mistakes22:44
eekkelundI have to take wishlist away if that is not category22:45
reinobOK. Maybe it makes sense to wait for the more experienced in this area to show up :)22:47
eekkelundIn which area you are referring to? :D22:48
reinobcoding competition :)22:48
eekkelundoh and the most important question: which Twitter Hastag to use for this Competetion? My proposal is #mccXVI22:49
reinobI don't use twitter but OK, I guess it's unique enough :)22:50
eekkelundlast one has been #mccXII :D22:51
eekkelundSo dates seems reasonable for you reinob?22:55
eekkelundOkay nice :)23:02
eekkelundSo main guestions are submitting an entry, who and how prizes/moneys are handled,is wishlist category or in this cc23:06
eekkelundwhen we will came up answers for those, I think we could announce competetion?23:07
eekkelundreinob? You here anymore?:)23:14
eekkelundI would like to get answers for these questions. If I won't get replies here, I'll spam you with email!:)23:20
reinobsorry, I'm back now23:21
reinobthe thing is: I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer that, and even we decide, we are just two..23:22
reinobbut in my opinion: I would remove wishlist from the CC23:22
reinobask board how they want/can receive money (bank transfer, paypal, bitcoin, etc.)23:23
reinobsubmission either as e-mail to council or posting in a dedicated tmo thread?23:23
reinobI unfortunately have to leave now!23:25
eekkelundYea, I don't think we can decide just together. But I got your opinion now:)23:25
eekkelundokay see you!:)23:25
reinobfeel free to send an e-mail to council with the questions so that we get an answer from each one23:25
reinobsee you!23:25
eekkelundAnd this rule Only users of who are registered at the start of the competition and have at least 10 karma at the time of voting are entitled to vote.23:41
eekkelundgood night :)23:51

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