IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2016-07-05

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juicemewhat's the time now, am I early?21:32
reinobHi guys!21:33
juicemereinob :)21:33
eekkelundHi reinob :)21:35
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reinobhi Win7Mac!21:35
eekkelundHi !:)21:36
Win7Machow's things going?21:39
juicemeWin7Mac, hi!21:42
juicemeso we're here all in good time except for @pichlo21:49
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juicemepichlo, hi :)21:55
pichlowhat did I miss?21:55
reinobso far, nothing! :)21:56
pichlowhat, DE is not the champion yet? ;)21:57
juicemeI was for some reason so sure today would be WAL-POR but it is tomorrow...22:00
juicemenothing special going on yet.22:01
pichloyeah, some unexpected events in the past couple of weeks22:02
pichloany burning topics to discuss today?22:02
pichloI /still/ got no response from techstaff by email22:03
pichloI take it they ignore everything that is not IRC22:03
pichlolast thing I heard was last week from reinob22:05
pichloabout https22:05
pichlothat sounded good22:05
Win7Macremind them then?22:06
juicemekeep on reminding :)22:08
juicemeand maybe ask on IRC also...22:08
reinobguess they are working on it.. but so far no feedback22:09
pichlohmm, OK22:09
pichloI can, but do not want to duplicate efforts22:09
Win7Macchem|st: ping22:10
Win7Mackind reminder about GA invitation...22:10
pichlocan we recapitulate what we know?22:11
pichlohttps, check (in progress)22:11
pichlobitcoin, irrelevant22:11
Win7Macchem|st, ping ping ping!22:11
pichlotor ?22:12
Win7Macbitcoin isn't irrelevant, but probably not urgent22:12
Win7Mactor issue seems important to me22:13
pichlogarage spam? not that much any more22:13
pichloimportant, but what do we know?22:13
pichlotechstaff position, that is?22:14
juicemewho's AP it was to check if tor hiddden service is doable?22:15
juicemecannot remember22:15
pichlomine, AFAIR22:19
pichlothat's the aforementioned email I had no reply to yet ;)22:19
juicemeI hope we get conclusion on that, too22:20
pichlobut I have a faint recollection reinob mentioned something about R/O access last week22:20
juicemeyes, that's the safe alternative, to minimize spamfests using TOR22:21
juicemeso readonly access from tor endpoints22:21
juicemehowever, if TMO is set up as hidden service (accessible from *inside* tor network) I think that could as well be set up as read/write access22:22
pichloahh, OK22:23
juicemesince spammers are pretty dumb/nontechical and probably cannot figure out how to use a hiden service :)22:23
juicemehidden service is what sometimes is referred as the darknet22:24
juicemeor parts of it are22:24
juicemelots of legitimate stuff there also22:24
juicemeand lots of not-so-legal-stuff22:25
pichloI admit I am totally clueless about these things :(22:25
pichlono, seriously22:27
pichloperhaps not the mist qualified to talk to techstaff22:27
juicemewell, so am I until I try to do something. It's good though to notice that one can still learn a lot.22:28
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juicemepichlo, on mobile?22:30
pichloas always22:30
pichlofrom the ice rink22:30
juicemeI tried the sailfish-irc-client too22:31
juicemenoticed that it is fairly limited, not everything in IRC protocol implemented22:31
pichlogotta go now, will try to reconnect in 30 min22:31
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juicemeok, safe travel.22:31
eekkelundHmm.. CC.. Where to start organizing it ? What to do first, any suggestions to get me going :)22:38
juicemewell, updating the wiki page is probably the most essential thing22:39
juicemesince that defines what we are after22:39
eekkelundHmm okay, I will start with that :) So are we deciding that we have four categories? "Something new, Fixing/updating, Beginner and Whislist"22:43
juicemeyes, that was the decision I think. it's good to have somewhat limited number of categories or the whole thing will blow up22:44
reinobyup AFAIR those were the four categories22:45
eekkelundI will edit the wiki. Hmm what about then the prizes? And who will handle them?22:46
juicememoney or devices, that's the question :)22:50
eekkelundOr both? :)22:51
Win7MacMC eV board (aka juiceme + chem|st since warfare is pretty absent) might be willing to help22:51
reinobmoney is a lot easier to handle (transfer, divide, etc.) but has less "class" compared to devices, which are however much harder to handle..22:51
reinobwe could use money as input (community donate to board), then board buys devices using that money22:52
eekkelundIf we will even get any device donations :) Money is easier, true. But for example if RasPis are used as prize, those could be ordered from shop straight to winners address22:53
juicemetrue. and some nice but non-expensive stuff like pi's, arduinos, ruuvitags, whatever is neat for anybody IMHO22:55
reinobI agree. Don't understand the "but" however. Maemo board gets the money and then either buy and send or "buy-send" directly, as appropriate.22:55
eekkelundSorry, "but" was typo :D22:57
reinobah OK. wasn't sure if I read it correctly. have a few things in my head at the moment..22:57
eekkelundOkay, so money donations :)22:57
eekkelundFor what devices one can develop?22:58
reinobif someone is really keen in donating a device, he could always send it to the maemo board22:58
eekkelundokay :)22:59
reinobmaemo and family?22:59
eekkelundis e.g. asteroidos maemo family?22:59
eekkelundTizen? :DD22:59
eekkelundAll mer based?22:59
juicemeall mer-based is OK for me23:00
juicemeah, and of course older devices23:00
juicemepre-mer, as it is :)23:00
reinobOK then maemo, meego and mer-based23:00
eekkelundpre-mer and mer :D23:00
reinobmeego as in harmattan. AFAIK no useful device came with "pure" meego23:01
eekkelundI have Meego on my t60 thinkpad :D23:01
reinobbut harmattan is maemo6, so maemo and mer-based then23:01
eekkelund:D True23:02
eekkelundIf maemo + mer-based is okay, what about estimated time-frame?23:04
juicemehow about entering something already released?23:07
juicemeor does it have to be new *now*23:07
eekkelundWhat do you mean?:)23:07
juicemethere needs to be defined period for entry, then period for testing and review, and finally voting23:08
juicemeso if we like start now, what is acceptable, something that was released last december?23:08
juicemeor only something that is released last month.23:09
juicemeor next month :)23:09
reinobI guess it makes sense to define "new" as release after official announcement of the competition23:09
juicemeyes, but that means it needs to be something that has been in-the-making for some time23:10
reinobyeah. it depends on how much time we allow from announcement until deadline for submissions (3 months?)23:10
juicemeif someone thinks, wow, I'll make a wuick application now and enter it, then she'll have a really hurry busy time to get it ready :)23:11
eekkelundI agree with reinob. We have to decide time between announcement to deadline23:14
eekkelundSo if we announce it tomorrow, I have time to submit my codings from tomorrow to ending date23:15
juicemeto ending of submission, yes23:16
juicemethen there has to be period of testing and verifying the entries23:17
juicemeand finally voting period23:17
eekkelundSo any suggestions on dates ? :P23:18
juicemewell submission period should be longish23:18
juicemethen few weeks for testing23:18
juicemeand a week for voting23:18
juicemehow does that sound?23:19
reinobwe could say: announce end of july. deadline for submissions end of october. november for testing. december voting and prizes are there for christmas :)23:20
eekkelundjuiceme +1 reinob ++123:21
eekkelundIf we get everything ready before end of July :)23:22
reinobonly the announcement. the money/devices can be prepared during the time for submissions and testing23:22
eekkelundOkay nice :)23:23
juicemesounds viable to me. +123:24
eekkelundThen voting, is the same as used in elections easy to implement23:24
reinobright. and at least I now know how it works :)23:24
juicemeyes, that has been used before.23:25
reinob(I think it's always a good idea to take things off juiceme, otherwise he'd do everything :)23:25
eekkelundOh yeah one thing also, do we accept closed source? I think we do accept, but we encourage to use open source:)23:25
eekkelundOkay nice !=)23:25
juicemewell, I'd like to ban closed-source, but it will create a hulaballoo if I announce it so :)23:26
reinobOK with closed source. People might use that as an argument pro/con when voting23:26
reinobso up to each to decide23:26
eekkelundYeah, I would also to like ban closed-source, but we need participants :)23:27
juicemehey, seems it's my bedtime soon, so anything else?23:28
reinobI imagine most will be open source. But if we make a point of it (ban or so) then we may spark a discussion we don't need. People will now what to vote for and why.23:28
juicemereinob +123:28
eekkelundI will try to write wiki before next meeting, we could decide actual dates on next meeting?23:29
reinobfor now we can close. tor/https I expect chem|st to say something someday. It's not so urgent anyway. Otherwise I will see if I can ping him one of these days23:29
eekkelundreinob +223:29
reinobeekelund +1!23:29
juicemeok, nite!23:29
reinobthen we can call it meeting23:29
reinobgood night!23:29
eekkelundOh and I have to write minutes.. :D23:29
eekkelundyeah good night :)23:29
juicemeeekkelund, have some time to sleep yourself :)23:30
eekkelundofc ;)23:30
* Win7Mac is pleased to see CC enfold... :)23:49
Win7Macthanks & gnite23:49
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