IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2016-05-17

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Win7MacI started using Torbrowser today...21:42
Win7MacAnd :dang: I'm being blocked on m.o21:42
Win7MacSo I would like to address again the issue of Tor users being blacklisted. As already suggested several times, there could be read-only option for blacklisted IPs. I'm in great favor of that possibility.21:42
Win7MacAnd while we're at it, how about full httpS support for across m.o? Would love to see that too21:42
Win7Macchem|st, warfare, xes, ^^21:43
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Win7Machi pichlo!21:44
eekkelundHi everybody !:)21:45
Win7Machi eekkelund!21:46
eekkelundFIN-CAN hockey game going21:47
pichloHello Win and eek ;) Anyone esle here today yet?21:47
eekkelundNice to watch even though I am not that huge fan21:47
pichloBut you are a Fin, aren't yoy?21:47
pichloDamn VKBs. Hate them!21:48
eekkelundYeah I am :)21:48
Win7MacI'm sure juiceme will join soon and reinob too, unless they're averted21:49
Win7Macdid you read what I wrote earlier?21:49
pichloNo Cannucks here today, AFAIK. We can side with you ;)21:50
pichloBoth good points21:51
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eekkelundYes agree with both points21:51
pichlohi M4rtinK21:52
eekkelundpichlo: good, its FIN 3 - 0 CAN ;)21:52
pichloYey! ;)21:52
Win7MacAnd do you know if it's technically feasible?21:52
M4rtinKhi! :)21:53
pichlome, no :(21:53
M4rtinKeekkelund: no CAN do ;-)21:53
pichloI would like to add a third point.21:54
eekkelundAnnoying to change to firefox from TORbrowser when using maemo.org21:54
eekkelundMe, neither..21:54
pichloLots of spam to garage@...21:55
pichloAt least two per day21:55
Win7MacAfaik, spam is harder to handle on serverside21:55
pichloI know :(21:56
pichloThough it should be eady on accounts like garage.21:56
Win7MacLast I heard was 'you need to harden your filters yourself'21:56
pichloOnly allow members.21:56
Win7Macsounds good, if that's an option21:59
Win7MacWhile I'm preparing the GA invitation, could you approach techstaff with above issues?22:03
pichloHTTPS across m.o. also sounds like an easy switch but I am not an expert.22:03
Win7MacHere's a relevant tmo thread:
pichloI can even volunteer22:04
Win7Macpichlo, great!22:04
pichloTo talk to techstaff, that is. Not to implement it ;)22:05
pichloI don't have the right tools for the job22:05
pichloBTW, is anyone against turning off non-HTTPS access to m.o.?22:06
eekkelundwho are the techstaff members?22:07
pichloGood question. I would just use the techstafg mimicket22:07
pichlomimicker, damit22:08
pichloRe http, methinks http should be redirected to https and that's it22:09
Win7Mactechstaff is warfare and xes, they are present but likely not reading now22:14
Win7Macwarfare: ping22:14
Win7Macxes: ping22:15
eekkelundpichlo: It's enough? I don't myself know22:15
eekkelundWin7Mac: oaky thanks :)22:15
Win7Macand chem|st has admin rights for some things (if not all) too22:15
Win7Macmy pleasure22:15
pichloeekkelund, I think so. But as I say, I am not an expert.22:16
pichloSorry, gotta go for now. Family emergency. I will rejoin later.22:17
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Win7Macl8er gator ;)22:17
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juicemesorry I was so late, ws watching world cup and totally forgot22:39
juicemefinland rules all da way  !22:39
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juicemewhat a game :)22:40
Win7MacYo juiceme!22:40
juicemeWin7Mac :)22:42
Win7MacI'm on the phone with chem|st actually...22:43
juicemeregarding https & tor access read only; yes, should have those22:44
juicemeand the spam-to-garage-address, well, as stated it should be handled with client-side filtering. or just ignore and delete.22:44
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Win7Macregarding https, seems difficult22:45
juicemeon TMO access. too bad if so.22:46
juicemeyou consulted chem|st about it?22:47
eekkelundWin7Mac: what did chem|st say?:)22:47
juicemeI have to say don't know about it, could indeed be difficult if midgard is built without https support.22:48
juicemeone thing comes to mind, however; just put everything behind an apache https proxy. Might however cause a bottleneck and huge delays in page loading?22:49
Win7Macsorry, setting m.o to read-only would work but that still leaves DDOS attacks22:55
Win7Machttps shouldn't be a problem22:56
juicemethe problem with TOR is that so many places regard it primarily as attack tool22:56
Win7Mache'll call me back in a minute22:56
Win7Macjuiceme, that's what he said22:56
juicemehey, how about the same way freenet can be used vi TOR?22:56
juicemelike, you cannot connect from a TOR endpoint22:57
juicemebut instead22:57
juicemethere's an inside-node address for it (forget wht's it called)22:57
Win7Maci said let's optimize captchas - he said hords on chinese are workin on that already...22:57
Win7Mac'hords of22:58
juicemenow I remember, "hidden service"22:58
Win7Macwell, if it works...22:59
juicemeso to use TMO via TOR, you connect to the hidden service address of it22:59
juicemeshould work, I think there is some protection in tor for hidden servers, it is not so easy to DDOS them23:00
eekkelundThat sounds good23:00
Win7MacDo those 'hidden service addresses' need to be updated frequently?23:00
juicemeI don't think so23:00
Win7Macthen it sounds even better23:01
juicemeit will have an inside url to acces it, and that will never change23:01
juicemeworth looking into23:01
Win7Macwith a community like ours...23:02
juicemeya, people like to use tor.23:02
Win7Macthere should be *some* solution23:02
Win7Macif not yours ^^23:02
juicemeand quite a few run tor exit nodes even :)23:02
Win7Macoh, chem|st calling...23:03
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juicemepichlo :)23:07
eekkelundI'm sorry, I think I have to go to sleep soon :/23:14
juicemeok, no problem.23:14
juicemeany official business left?23:14
Win7Maci heard bitcoin has seen some love... :)23:16
juicemeah, good. it has been quite a while since it was to be taksn into use23:16
* chem|st is on phone with Win7Mac 23:17
Win7Macchem|st just mentioned the disclaimer, remember? ;)23:17
juicemechem|st, hi!23:18
chem|styes, bitpay is set up but missing a disclaimer of some kind to give us some legal hold in terms of money laundering and payback23:18
chem|stif anyone knows of a template we could use, send it to board@ please23:19
Win7Maclet's publish that stuff23:19
juicemeno idea about those, am afraid23:20
pichloMe neither. Never used bitcoin and not planning to start unless I absolutely have to.23:21
Win7Maci don't too but many others do23:23
juicemeyes, there has been some demand so if it costs us next to nothing to accept bitcoin we should do that23:24
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juicemehey ho, I'll be checking out too...23:33
eekkelundI haven't used bitcoin but I think we should accept bitcoin23:34
eekkelundAnd now I have to go to sleep23:35
eekkelundgood night everybody:)23:35
juicemegnite then!23:35
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