IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2015-01-27

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warfareHey everyone, regarding domain transfer I've also sent a mail to board@hifo - I'll wait for a reply from them.17:21
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gerbickignore... testing the time22:06
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MentalistTraceurMeeting is in roughly ten minutes, yes?22:49
MentalistTraceur(Oh, right, forgot to say: thanks for confirming.)22:57
gerbickHi there all, I'm here but heading up another meeting on my work laptop.22:58
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peterleinchenhi everybody23:01
MentalistTraceurGeneral hello back @ everyone who's said a greeting.23:03
juicemehiya all!23:07
peterleinchenah finlan is awake23:08
juicemesure, sir. Sleepy but there :)23:08
peterleinchenso where is down-under? :)23:08
juicemestill in bed, maybe?23:08
peterleinchensleepy? half-closed eyes already23:08
peterleinchenin bed. oh what a pleasure23:09
juicemehad a long day?23:09
peterleinchenyep. so good news today, right?23:09
juicemeyes, looks the Domain Transfer can be done now23:10
peterleinchenbut will be registered to HiFo, still23:11
juicemejust checked whois, the old data's still there which does not mean it's not done yet, might take while to propagate23:11
gerbickThat's great news23:11
peterleinchenI did not understand fully. is it done already or does it need to be fulfilled?23:11
juicemeam not sure, really.23:12
juicemewarfare, ping?23:13
juicemewarfare, is the Domain Transfer done yet?23:13
gerbickI assume that the release code, therefore the domain name was unlocked, had been acquired and a move could be initiated, if not already has been initiated.23:19
gerbickTo me, that's progress enough to consider it all good news; however I too would like to know where we are in that process as well.23:19
rZrjust saying hello are any of going to fosdem ?23:26
peterleinchengerbick, we do not know, therefore juiceme pinged warfare23:27
peterleinchenrZr, nope not me :(23:28
rZrOksana: wanted to tell u that generalantille is in contact with xfade23:28
rZrOksana: i can fwd u emails about irc23:28
peterleinchenrZr, great! thx23:29
juicemerZr, fosdem now?23:30
M4rtinKI'll be there :)23:32
M4rtinKwell, on FOSDEM :)23:33
M4rtinKcome to the Fedora stand to say hi :)23:33
peterleinchenM4rtinK, hi and have a nice meeting :)23:34
chem|stgerbick: we have the transfer tokens for .org and .com so it is jst a matter of when warfare gets to it23:37
rZrM4rtinK: fedora booth ? ok will do23:39
juicemeToo bad Fosdem's there on the wrong side of the pond :(23:39
M4rtinKpeterleinchen: thanks! :)23:39
chem|stjuiceme: pond? you mean the baltic sea?23:40
rZrrZr: i ll talk about tizen on oshw23:40
rZrM4rtinK: ^23:40
juicemechem|st, yes, that one :)23:41
OksanaMoin. I am late.23:41
juicemeOksana, evening :)23:41
peterleinchenoksana, morning23:41
rZrM4rtinK: email me rzr@gna.org23:41
OksanaI even forgot today is the day, with Monday being holiday, and such.23:41
chem|stjuiceme: then you are pretty limited to... well finland^^23:41
M4rtinKI've yet to see if I'll catch any talks :)23:42
M4rtinKdepends of how busy we will be at the stand :)23:42
rZrok i can understand23:42
rZrwill say hi23:42
* Oksana is checking email23:44
chem|stjuiceme: I wont get to the form tonight... too much assembler at once23:44
juicemesure, better have a good time to fill them in order not to botch something23:46
OksanaOk, so theoretically Registrant/Admin should be Hildon Foundation? Or Maemo e.V., if Maemo e.V. already exists and has its own bank account?23:47
juicemeOksana, we are getting there, now we have found a bank that will suit our needs23:48
OksanaOk, so Hildon Foundation at this moment, will be changed to Maemo e.V. later?23:49
juicemeit still requires some passing-of-papers-back&forth before we are done but looking good23:49
OksanaAnd Tech should be ?23:49
juicemeI think it requires a real person for each role23:49
juicemeat least it used to be so some time back23:50
Oksanajuiceme representing Hildon Foundation and warfare representing Techstaff ?23:50
* juiceme representing maemo e.V. unless can be charged to represent HiFo23:51
juicemeas I am not HiFo member23:51
juicemebut chem|st is so if that's needed, I'd say he should be the contact23:52
OksanaI am not sure. Just, if Maemo e.V. is Registrant, then it should have bank account already to pay for registration?23:52
juicemeatm it is necessary that someone pays for the extension before it expires. The problem is I am not sure who can use the bank account of HiFo at the moment23:53
juicemehence was preparing to carry the cost myself, it is only ~20 USD/year23:54
OksanaOk, if it is easier, then Maemo e.V. is Registrant, and you temporarily (until Maemo e.V. gets the bank account) carry the cost?23:56
juicemeyes, was thinking that way. There's still time enough, 11 days until it goes stale23:56
peterleinchenI believ there may be some legal issues, as transfer was granted to HiFo?23:57
OksanaThen let's ping chem|st ?23:57
juicemeat least with him there should be no legalities, being HiFo23:58
juicemeAOB before bedtime?23:59
Oksanachem|st is probably asleep already. Still, there is time (11 days or so). Should I send a PM to him?23:59

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