IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2015-01-20

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peterleinchenhi, am I first? ;)23:01
juicemepeterleinchen, hiya!23:04
juiceme(here all the time... :)23:04
OksanaGood morning!23:05
juicemeOksana, good evening :)23:05
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peterleinchenoksana, hi23:06
Oksanahello :-)23:06
juicemeso, america still out, right?23:16
juicemeanyone seen gerbick & mtraceur lately?23:17
OksanaNot on IRC23:17
Oksanagerbick took part in correspondence about domain registration23:17
juicemegood. Is it proceeding now?23:18
OksanaMaybe... domain registration: chemistsent mails to board^2 about TM domain & bankaccounts, and to nokia about TM and domain transfer23:18
juicemeI was kind of worried for a while, as I was under the impression the domain transfer had been done already23:18
peterleinchenme too, together with the trademark23:19
juicemeit never occurred me even to check that...23:19
juicemehow did you spot it?23:19
OksanaDocScrutinizer reminded me23:20
peterleinchenoksana, big thanks to you23:20
OksanaWe were discussing #maemo channels at Freenode and group contacts and trademark23:20
peterleinchenDocScrutinizer05, and also to you!23:21
juicemeyes, the trademark is also going to need refreshing soon23:21
Oksana[Brr...] Where can I see the expiry date and owner of a trademark?23:22
juicemethe trademark is already owned by HiFo, it only needs to be paid up for refreshement. I am not sure whrer you can see the expity, but chem|st told me it will expire in the end of february23:23
juicemebut the domain ownership is really badly urgent now23:24
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OksanaWelcome! gerbick?23:24
Guest10Yep! Sorry for the nondescript name, using Textual on the Mac - first time.23:25
juicemecarolina ^^^ could be ?23:25
juicemeGuest10, welcome :)23:25
Guest10Yes, 'tis I gerbick23:25
Guest10Sorry for the late entry. The timing of this in the last two weeks has clashed with meetings.23:26
juicemewe were just discussing the domain registration.23:26
Guest10We should hear from them end of this week, right?23:26 domain registration: chemistsent mails to board^2 about TM domain & bankaccounts, and to nokia about TM and domain transfer23:26
OksanaHopefully, yes.23:26
Oksanatrademark is already owned by HiFo, it only needs to be paid up for refreshment. I am not sure where you can see the expiry, but chem|st told me it will expire in the end of February23:27
Oksanachem|st told juiceme*23:27
Guest10Okay, I know this is my second meeting, and you guys third. But is it fair to ask that I've invariably missed something?23:30
Oksana((missed something)) There is livelog at html page (see topic), and I have reposted some information from earlier so that it would be visible: domain and trademark. If anything is unclear, ask :-)23:33
Guest10I meant in regards to what I should sign.23:33
Guest10I saw Peter Leinchen speaking about something around the eV... keyword was "ort"23:34
juicemegerbick, I am not sure waht you mean?23:35
OksanaYou are very welcome to join eV, but you do not have to.
Guest10Ah, okay. Since I'm not in Germany, and my German is very rusty... Ich glaube nicht. Vielen dank23:35
juicemeah, yes, that one. true.23:35
Guest10Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt. The domain...23:36
OksanaAre we going to contact x-fade to get cloaks, and to add more GC, such as maybe chem|st and warfare? What ways to contact x-fade were tried, and failed, and what ways can be tried?23:37
juicemerzr had email contact with him I guess. But the other avenue is being explored now, contacting freenode staff directly.23:38
OksanaOk, in contacting freenode staff directly: having trademark owned by Hildon Foundation should be beneficial, because previously the channels "belonged" to Nokia?23:39
juicemeother urgentish things going on, we are trying to find a bank that is easy to set up with the MCEV avvount, that is usable both in finland and in gernmany.23:40
peterleinchenjuiceme, x-fade did not answer at all ...23:40
juicemethat so? bummer.23:40
peterleinchenjuiceme, what kkind of probs with banks?23:40
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juicemeOksana, yes, that is the angle we are going at with23:41
juicemepeterleinchen, it turned out yesterday that having my power-of-attorney was not enough, I would have needed to go to germany to sign some papers :(23:41
peterleinchenjuiceme, :(:(:(23:42
juicemethe banks are being delibrately difficult lately :(23:42
OksanaOk. Just, when I was trying to search for Maemo at , there was no mention of Hildon Foundation. So, having something-like-whois for Maemo trademark would be welcome.23:43
juicemebut it looks it is possible, now, at least I hope so23:43
peterleinchenwe have kind of remote identity validation, called Post-Ident23:43
peterleinchenthere you go to Post Office with passport and get identified to bank23:44
juicemepeterleinchen, yes, tha was tried. But it requires *visiting* germany in person :(23:45
OksanaTrying to find bank which is both in Finland and in Germany...
juicemeI have contacted HB, and they cannot open the account from finland, as the e.V. is registered in germany, but the other way is possible.23:47
juicemejust gotmail from them today23:47
peterleinchenjuiceme, okay. forgot that those (not german) banks had a dependency in germany23:48
juicemenow we need to ast khe german branch if they are willing to send the papers for signing to my local branch bank.23:48
juicemehandelsbanken seems a good candidate ATM, it is a swedish bank23:49
peterleinchenthat would be perfect23:49
juicemeI am hoping for it23:50
juicemeelse it means a trip for me to south-of-the-pond :)23:50
OksanaOk, are we going to contact freemangordon and-or merlin1991 about auto-builder and tool-chains: thumb toolchain, and GCC versions across toolchains?23:53
juicemewhat's the status on that?23:54
OksanaI could PM on TMO, both of them, about auto-builder, and asd about feasibility of adding thumb-toolchain, and the versions of GCC?23:55
juicemeOksana, if you are willing to do that, it would be beautiful.23:56
peterleinchenyes, please23:56
juicemeI have no experience on those, since I have no N90023:56
gerbickDitto what juiceme said23:56
juicemeor actually I could say, it is in the future of me still :)23:56
peterleinchenif we get irc fixed, it would be nice to get invited to maemo-admin23:57
* juiceme just bought a N900 :)23:57
peterleinchenjuiceme, Yeah!!! :)23:57
gerbickCongrats. If I find one for cheap, I might get one - but the USB issue scared me away23:57
juicemepeterleinchen, I just had to get one, how else can I be in the *maemo* council :)23:57
peterleinchen:) you wont regret23:58
juicemebut it is still in da mail, will get it this week hopegully...23:58
peterleinchenset up thumb (I recommend, as reinob)23:58
juicemeI will have lot to learn with it I guess23:58
peterleinchenfile down your USB cables23:59
peterleinchenI have it since 4 yyears and no USB prob23:59

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