IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2014-08-05

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RzRhi nieldk22:58
nieldk:) hi there22:58
nieldkthree weeks vacation on sale hehe22:58
RzRtalking about this I should let MC know that there are a few chances, I'll be present at all september's meetings23:00
nieldkyou start your vacation ?23:01
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nieldkwas nice here, with the kids, went to Bornholm - climbing cliffs23:03
RzR/exec -o date -u23:03
RzRTue Aug  5 20:03:40 UTC 201423:03
Win7Machi-ho :)23:03
nieldkhi win7mac23:04
RzRis peterleinchen in the hammac driking coconut juice now ?23:04
RzRsixwheeledbeast is there23:04
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RzRjuiceme should be the juice maker23:05
RzRhi peterleinchen_23:05
RzRyou're 5min late23:05
RzRthis is unaccepatable23:05
nieldkserver time wrong ;O23:06
RzRi guess DocScrutinizer05 and DocScrutinizer51 are both there too23:07
nieldkor his bots :)23:08
Win7Macand on vacation23:08
RzRwhat makes you think he is not even a bot himself ?23:08
RzRor itself should I've said23:08
RzRWin7Mac, bots never go to vacation ... so far AFAIK23:09
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* Win7Mac was surprised too...23:09
Win7Macbut he deserved it I'm sure23:09
RzRso let's wait until 22h15 before we start the meeting ?23:10
RzRI mean 20h15 UTC23:15
nieldkthat'll be ontwo min ago23:17
RzRok let's fire it23:19
RzRDo you see some topics to be added to23:19
RzRbefore we look at our stacked tasks ?23:20
RzRI see something unpleasant .. but it's pretty confuse to me23:21
RzRis what the HiFo MC e.V. status and how it should affect the community23:21
RzRbecause we're supposed to represent the community right ?23:21
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RzRhi again peterleinchen_23:22
peterleinchen_sorry, strang thing shappening ;)23:22
Win7Machi o/23:22
peterleinchen_sorry, strang ethings happening ;)23:22
nieldkhi peterleinchen_23:23
peterleinchen_hi all23:23
Win7Macyeah, the shit tends to happen at times...23:23
RzRyes th eyreall waysha ppening23:23
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peterleinchen_:) " hammac driking coconut " WUT?23:24
peterleinchen_hi doc23:24
RzRpeterleinchen_, thought you were on holydays , is juiceme afk ?23:25
nieldkjuiceme, i believe, is in NorwY23:25
peterleinchen_yep, should be still23:26
peterleinchen_and holidays? yes next week(s)23:26
peterleinchen_what do you think about an internal time schedule where we define our presence availability?23:27
peterleinchen_maybe just via e-mail?23:27
RzRwell it would make sense if we move the meeting time23:28
RzRelse let's use fixed time and see who is there23:28
nieldkgood idea, but, like you know, fx my work might break my schedule in s snapsecond23:28
peterleinchen_yes I know23:29
peterleinchen_but at least we would know if it makes sense at all to wait for 2000UTC23:29
nieldk20.00 utc is good for me23:30
RzRand dont forget that anyone can join here23:30
RzRso fixed time is ok for me23:30
RzRand if we change it would make sence to take the decision together ...23:31
nieldki second staying on fixed time23:31
peterleinchen_yes me too23:31
RzRso let's say the meeting started half and hour ago23:31
RzRwe talked a lot but we said nothing yet :)23:31
peterleinchen_just wanted to get some kind of confirmation who will/may/is going to attenbd23:32
nieldkraise hands23:32
peterleinchen_yes? niel you have the word23:32
RzRI see 4 pple peterleinchen_ nieldk Win7Mac  and I23:33
nieldkwell, I meant, who is in the meeting, for the minutes ;)23:33
* peterleinchen_ says me, nieldk and rzr23:34
RzRnot there now he may join later23:34
peterleinchen_doc is on vacation, he said last week23:34
peterleinchen_win7mac is here?23:34
RzRright so before you joined again peterleinchen_ I wanted to ask you if see other topics to be added to23:35
RzRWin7Mac, is23:35
Win7Macyes sir, here23:35
Win7Macwell, to start somethin... RzR, what's confusing you exactly?23:35
peterleinchen_Okay then I would like ask about the status of MC e.V. and also about how we got the new certs23:36
peterleinchen_I think he meant last weeks  after-meeting flames23:36
RzRWin7Mac, I wont go in details but I think I got some info from different sources and I am unsure they're matching23:37
RzRdo we got updated SSL certs for all servers ?23:37
nieldkneeds to ask fstern I would say23:38
Win7Macstatus of MC e.V.: court is processing for weeks and weeks, they're understaffed ATM but we have a file number...23:38
Win7Macnew certs and how please ask warfare23:39
RzRok so there is no pending action 's maemo side ?23:39
RzRfstern did report this on the forum23:39
RzRlet me find the thread23:39
Win7Macissue solved i believe?23:40
RzRyes sounds good23:40
peterleinchen_yes . BUT somebody should know that too. In advance, or?23:41
peterleinchen_Or I did not understand at all the council /techstaff /board thing ...23:41
Win7MacRzR: ^^ they're not matching... up to you to decide which idea to follow...23:41
RzRI prefer to pick none in this kind of situation ...23:42
peterleinchen_I hav eno idea what you are talking about23:42
peterleinchen_but saying none is not good23:43
Win7Macdon't just fall for some sweet words, make up your own mind23:43
RzRpeterleinchen_, you can ignore this for now23:43
RzRso OCSP task is complete ?23:43
RzRwho can confirm this ?23:43
nieldkI believe this should be handled by board23:43
peterleinchen_with the new certs this si solved23:44
Win7Maci believe so, for details please ask warfare23:45
peterleinchen_Win7Mac, who ordered and payed the new certs?23:45
Win7Macand they're free AFAIK23:45
RzRanyone want to contact him ? I can do this if needed23:45
peterleinchen_yes please do so "hunter"23:45
nieldkyes, I did test w23:45
Win7Mache told me, met him for signing the MC eV bylaws23:45
Win7Macno charges, he definetely would have contacted us if...23:46
RzRis he expected to announce this somewhere or we rely on you Win7Mac  ?23:46
RzRso fstern = warfare23:48
nieldkafaik, yes23:48
peterleinchen_and other techstaff memeber(S)? xes?23:49
Win7Macleft me puzzled at first too23:49
peterleinchen_hi warstern ;)23:50
warfareRzR: The certs are from startssl and are "free" as in beer.23:50
* RzR updated
RzRwarfare, btw in case of i am a CAcert member23:50
RzRif it could help someday23:51
warfareRzR: I am too, but CaCert failed to show up in any browser by default.23:51
RzRyea that's shame23:51
RzRso we still have 2 TODO / WIP tasks23:52
RzRI got feedback from jolla's lbt which confirmed that x-fade is overloaded and might not answer too soon23:52
RzRI'll try to contact him again in some months in case of23:53
RzRyes on irc23:54
RzRone mer's guy23:55
peterleinchen_and answering on a mail or contacting irc people just takes 5 minutes (let it be 15)23:55
peterleinchen_this should be possible fo him (especially a jolla tem member now should give 5 minutes to maemo)23:56
RzRunless it's stacked on a 1000 unread email folder23:56
RzRi have this problem at work23:56
nieldksame here23:57
RzRso I can understand he did not even managed to read my words23:57
peterleinchen_ja ja23:57
nieldkI can23:57
peterleinchen_he will put a rule to point all maemo stuff to junk23:57
peterleinchen_so we should not expect anything to happen, even in months23:58
RzRwe're not here to judge him23:58
RzRthis is not blocking maemo23:58
peterleinchen_no it is not judging23:58
peterleinchen_nor blaming23:58
RzRso we can keep this IRC configuration23:58
nieldkwhats his role at Jolla?23:59
peterleinchen_we have to, I do not see anothe rpossibility23:59
peterleinchen_yes, maybe we should address this at jolla a stage higher23:59

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