IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2014-06-03

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chem|stbe right there23:03
chem|stwin7mac turned me down on the community devices work23:07
juicemeah. why so?23:07
chem|stguess time in the first place23:07
chem|stdo you have time to take on with it for now?23:07
chem|stposting some lines on tmo and talking to niel basically, getting the ball rolling23:08
juicemeI guess, yes. What would it require?23:08
chem|stnext council can take that and drive it into a community driven contest23:08
juicemeThe aim is to collect donations of devices?23:09
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juicemeWin7Mac, hi23:11
Win7Machi there23:11
Win7MaceV bylaws dropped in yesterday, thanks DocScrutinizer0523:12
DocScrutinizer05ooh, tuesday23:12
Win7Macdidn't reach Falk yet, hope we can meet soon23:13
DocScrutinizer05the heck23:13
juicemeDocScrutinizer, hi23:13
DocScrutinizer05hi juiceme23:13
juicemeso, we should have candidates for the next Council, but there'snobody vlounteered yet AFAIK..23:14
chem|stI did not read the ML lately, do we have any candidates? sixwheeledbeast said he updated the wiki23:14
juicemenone AFAIK23:15
juicemesixwheeledbeast, hiya23:15
sixwheeledbeast:) I got highlighted23:15
DocScrutinizer05highlight me when you got some topic relevant for me, please23:16
chem|sthmm, you can send out a reminder mail with the minutes, it's about time23:17
sixwheeledbeastI have not heard anything on ML IIRC I am subscribed23:18
Win7Macno candidates yet. want a banner for tmo?23:24
juicemea banner could be OK. at least it'd be a visible reminder.23:24
Win7Maca reminder via ML might help too.23:27
juicemeyes, I'll post that too.23:28
Win7Macnominations-are-open banner:
Win7Macchem|st, ^^23:31
Win7MacI'll make anotherone for the election23:33
juicemeWin7Mac, looks good but could be larger :)23:34
Win7Macwell, its a banner... that fits to the others23:34
Win7Mac(same size)23:35
juicemeyes, that was just a joke :)23:35
Win7Macjuiceme, you could be hero by self-nominating ;)23:38
chem|stWin7Mac: you could do!23:41
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juicemeWin7Mac, heh. I might try to ask few fellow maemoans, though :)23:42
chem|stjuiceme: we need to extend the nomination "officially23:42
Win7Macjuiceme, remember what I did ~6 months ago?23:43
juicemeokay. I do remember it was extended last time..23:43
Win7Macper tmo-pm23:43
juicemeWin7Mac, chem|st, the banner is just fine.23:43
chem|stfor another week?! so I'll edit the announcement to one week from now?! is that ok with you?23:44
Win7Macerr... wait23:44
chem|sterr what?23:44
chem|stwe missed to extend it on sunday23:45
juicemethat so?23:45
Win7Mac"The nomination period will be extended by 1 month and the election postponed similarly"23:45
Win7Macit is...23:45
chem|stI was misslead by the idea that we have another week but the nomination period ended last sunday23:45
chem|stah month...23:45
chem|stah again I had one week in my mind23:46
chem|stso by "a month" then23:46
juicemeare the rules strict on that, any problem that the deadline was missed?23:46
juicemesince there are no nominations yet?23:46
chem|stnope that goes on full auto from the election terms but we could have announced that^^23:47
Win7Macno claimant no problem23:47
Win7Macwarfare, you're here?23:49
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chem|stedited the announcement to 30th June and so on (dates move one DOW fwd)23:53
Win7Macand which announcement?23:55

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