IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2014-05-13

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juicemeokay, let's have a quick rundown;23:07
chem|stwe were contacted by a microsoft rep that they'd like to discontiue their contract with gitorious23:08
juicemeI have made the announcement, with the timetable23:08
chem|stseen that, good job23:08
chem|stdid woody get back to you about the votingmachine?23:08
juicemehave discussed the voting with Woody23:08
juicemeI have not yet tried to create an election, but it seems straightforward, and I got hints from Woody23:09
chem|stI followed up with the gitorious stuff and kept board cc'ed and added techstaff later on for hopefully smooth transitions23:09
juicemewhat's the gitorious business now, did MS ingerit some contract from Nokia?23:10
juicemeinherit even23:10
chem|styes, they inherited the contract for some reason and as they do not need it they asked if we need it or if they may just shut it down23:11
juicemeI suppose they want to use their own SCM systems, nothing to do with gitorious23:11
chem|stI made contact with their gitorious liaison for what our options may be23:11
chem|stit is purely about maemo23:11
juicemegood. What are the costs related to that?23:11
chem|sthas nothing to do with the nokia mobile future but was part of it as someone needs to pay the bills, billing department was nokia mobile, now owned by MS23:12
chem|stthey charged nokia $1800/m23:13
juicemepretty hefty sum. How many projects do we have hosted there?23:13
chem|stnow they are looking into everything they have not payed the last months23:13
chem|stso MS inherited a 2 month of unpaid gitorious^^23:13
juicemeheh. unused, I'd say :)23:14
chem|stxes said something like 500 but that is all projects23:14
chem|stthe stuff being maemo.git only I have no clue23:14
chem|sttechstaff is looking into it now, we are waiting on a reply from gitorious. I asked if they would mind to help our techstaff to make a proper backup of it all and move it to public gitorious in the future23:16
chem|stwe will see23:16
chem|stad eV - niel said he mails asap but I got nothing in my mailbox yet23:18
chem|stit seems being stuck with the postal service as he said it is all notarized and he is sending it right away23:18
juicemere the gitoreous site... looks like it contains a lot of stuff, yes. SO now if we get the contract, we need to pay for the 2mon MS left unpaid?23:20
juicemedid Niel send the documents as registered letter, so you have a followup number?23:20
chem|stno the 2 month are to be paid by Nokia/MS and it will be discontinued23:21
juicemeis it actually so that the payment/contract is only for the name, and not for the SCM?23:22
chem|stI have no clue what and how I only know that this was 12 days ago, but, a paperclip to .fi is still not delivered and was sent last month...23:22
chem|stthat is something I tried to find out and am waiting on the reply by gitorious23:23
chem|stthe liaison told me that 2 months are due payment and how much it was and what we could offer them23:23
chem|sthe also said that they do not shut anything down right away, just that there is nothing to make sure it stays alive forever/on-going23:24
chem|stso I guess the contract was something like maintenance+branding+backups+persistent23:25
juicemewell yes I get their sentiment, there's nothing really they will get out of it and even large companies count coins spent on excess23:25
chem|stthat's it from my side so far..23:26
juicemenothing else to report from me either.23:27
chem|stI will keep you posted on the eV topic as far as there is anything23:27
chem|stthe git part will hopefully pan out23:28
chem|stas soon as there is mail I will fwd to doc and so on23:28
juicemefeel free to forward any mails my way23:29
chem|stI am waiting for signed documents in my hardware wall-mounted mailbox :)23:42
juicemeokay :)23:43
chem|sthope someone gets sane and accepts pgp/signed emails in the future23:44

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