IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Friday, 2012-09-28

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Woody14619aSo, I'm currently on my N900, at work but offsite. I may be pulled away or lose connection on occasion.20:58
ivgalvezno worries20:58
ivgalvezwho else is here?20:59
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Woody14619awe still have a few... gives me time to pre type a bit. :)21:00
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ivgalvezglad you have a N900, I can't imagine typing on IRC with a touch screen21:00
ivgalvezgreetings SD6921:01
DocScrutinizer51sorry, bat very low21:02
DocScrutinizer51so without highlight I might miss stuff21:02
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Woody14619aeven with N900, still not easy to do. lol.21:03
Woody14619anieldk! nice to see you again! :)21:03
ivgalveznieldk, I hope everithing is OK21:04
nieldkbetter, thanks21:04
Woody14619aalso glad to hear things are better (based on your mail to community)21:04
nieldkstill married :)21:04
Woody14619a:) and hopfully that's a good thig? :)21:05
nieldksure is21:05
ivgalvezgreat, everybody is back21:06
Woody14619ak... well... shall we start? SD69 may be here late, or not. so... :)21:06
SD69i'm here...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           i'm here21:06
Woody14619ajust to repeat:21:06
Woody14619aSo, I'm currently on my N900, at work but offsite. I may be pulled away or lose connection on occasion.21:06
Woody14619a#Start Maemo Council meeting21:07
Woody14619a1. CC status21:08
Woody14619a2. elections21:08
Woody14619a3. bylaws & nfp status21:08
Woody14619a4. Community concerns (QT5 request to Council)21:08
Woody14619at. misc.21:08
Woody14619atopic 1: CC21:09
nieldknfp the new foundation proposal21:09
Woody14619alooks like CC went well.  elections ended last night?21:09
keriothey did? :O21:09
kerioi thought the nominations ended last night21:10
keriooh, coding com21:10
DocScrutinizer51wtf CC?21:10
Woody14619ano, nominations end tonight. CC ended last night21:10
kerioDocScrutinizer51: coding compilation21:10
Woody14619aI understand folks are working on results.  Ryan will announce probably official results Mondayish?21:11
nieldkonly final count missing for CC but preliminary results are published21:11
keriohrmpf, transmission remote is only for harmattan :'(21:11
Woody14619ak. limited net here.21:11
ivgalveznon official results are already online21:12
Woody14619ano forums for me today21:12
ivgalvezit all worked OK21:12
Woody14619atopic 2? elections....21:12
ivgalvezthanks to Woody14619a for his fixes to the voting machine21:12
kerioivgalvez: link to non-official results?21:12
Woody14619awe have at least 3 nominees for both boards.21:13
Woody14619aso elections will go on as scheduled.21:13
Woody14619astill about 6 hours for nominations....21:14
ivgalvezkerio, here:
ivgalvezI'm nominating DocScrutinizer5121:14
ivgalvezfor Council21:14
Woody14619ayou need to do so on the mailing list.21:15
kerioyay lone wolf ^__^21:15
Woody14619aand he must accept on the same21:15
ivgalvezyep, I'm writing it21:15
Woody14619aanyone w/ input, do chime in, btw21:15
ivgalvezStskeeps, are you there?21:15
Stskeepsnotreally. laptop failure21:16
Woody14619atopic 3: nfp & bylaws...21:16
Stskeepsand i won't accept nomination, sorry21:16
SD69we have tax ID for nonprofit21:17
nieldkgrest work by you guys on the by-laws21:17
ivgalvezStskeeps, thanks anyway21:17
Woody14619aposted new blyaws to tmo thread & made a blog post to it as well21:18
Woody14619ahad a few more inputs, small things, but probably woth doing...21:18
nieldkseems widely accepted21:18
Woody14619aI have had 0 time to look at bank stuff...21:19
SD69nieldk: what registrar did you use to register
nieldkDanish company. Some old friends.21:20
nieldkregisters in my name, and not theirs, so should be more easy to hand over the domain21:21
nieldkstskeeps NOO21:21
Stskeepsmeh, it works fine for me :P21:21
ivgalvezso now which domains do we own?21:21
Woody14619acool. :) should work on that21:21
SD69I used NetworkSolutions I think.21:22
ivgalveznow that the NFP is formed, we need to ask Nokia about domain21:22
SD69ivgalvez: i've asked Nokia contact, no reply21:23
SD69I got two undeliverable messages for Kate Alhola - maybe she has left Nokia too21:23
ivgalvezdid you try with Pekka Kosonen?21:23
Woody14619amay have to wait till monday & try again w/ our current contacts.21:24
Woody14619aneed to deal w/ CC awards soon too, so... all bundled...21:24
SD69yes, I tried with him (who is not to be publicly identified)21:24
Woody14619aanything new, or next topic?21:25
Woody14619atopic 4: mail to council about QT5 winners.21:26
SD69any luck with Nemein?21:26
ivgalvezI'm preparing a more proffesional approach21:26
ivgalvezdirectly to Nemein company21:27
Woody14619aNiels is usually on Mondays.... one last try?21:27
Woody14619awe need to chat with Henri about costs anyway....21:27
ivgalvezyes sure21:27
ivgalvezanyway I'll ask Nemein for support and  costs of service21:28
Woody14619aThe QT5 issue predates the current council, and was a Nokia effort to promote QT5.  Council was not involved in any of it, AFAIK.21:29
ivgalvezlet me ellaborate for public transparency21:29
Woody14619aplease... I'm on tiny kb21:30
ivgalvezLaszlo Papp, has contacted Maemo Council  asking for retiring Qt5 devices from winners of this Nokia initiative21:31
ivgalvezIn his own words:21:31
ivgalvezI am pretty sad about the situation that Harmattan devices were given to 25 developers and it is almost only me who packaged the whole Qt5 stack, and improved the upstream codebase to fit our Maemo/Harmattan needs, along with the help from Arto Jalkanen. Where are the other people who offered this if they get devices?21:32
ivgalvezNot to mention I have not even received a device, and I am just really doing this for fun. My screen of my device is a bit broken, so hopefully I do not need to stop this activity soon. It is also hard to get the Harmattan devices nowadays in shops nearby. Here in Ireland where I am now living for instance, it is just not possible.21:32
ivgalvezToo bad people were given devices, but they do not actually help me. :/21:32
ivgalvezThe proposal from Lazlo is the following;21:32
ivgalvez1) Ask for the people send the devices back honestly who did not do the job why they got the devices for.21:32
ivgalvez2) Distribute the devices among the people who actually did like me, but did not get into that program.21:32
ivgalvezJust for clarity: The Qt5 program was an seeding activity organized solely by Nokia21:33
ivgalvezNeither the Maemo Council, or any other member  of this community has any responsability in the decisions taken by Nokia for this activity21:34
Woody14619aIn that reguard, any issues with awards for that contest should be addressed by those in charge of that contest.  While QT5 is great, it has never been the focal point of the community.  In my opinion, he's fine to call for it, and ask those involved to return devices.  But I see no need for Council to be involved.21:35
ivgalvezThis Council doesn't have any means to force Nokia or any of the contriibutors to withdraw the results of that activity21:35
ivgalvezEven if we sympatize with his opinion21:36
nieldkallthough, being the spokesnoran for the community, I understand his concerns, and why it was adressed to us. Still, I have to agree with Woody21:36
ivgalvezboth Qt5 program and New applications at OVI where only responsibility of Nokia21:37
ivgalvezso there is nothing we can do21:37
nieldkI agree21:37
ivgalvezbesides we have confirmation from Nokia that there are no more devices left at Nokia for any seeding activity21:38
Woody14619aI would encourage him to contact them via the forums (all had their names & email addresses published, as I recall).  But Council was not and should not be involved in this. This is strictly a Nokia matter.21:38
ivgalvezapart from those reserved for Coding Competition21:38
Woody14619aWhich will be going out shortly...21:38
ivgalvezI think we can now move to other topic21:38
Woody14619ak, topic 5: misc...21:38
Woody14619aany other items or topics?21:39
ivgalvezwe have tons of infrastructure problems21:39
ivgalvezrespository management not yet working for merlin199121:39
ivgalvezNews page not showing news21:40
ivgalvezcertificate for expired21:40
Woody14619athose expired moths ago21:40
ivgalvezah, and going down21:40
Woody14619aonce this moves to our care, it's fixable.21:41
Woody14619abut untill then....21:41
ivgalvezwe are trapped21:41
Woody14619aI think the apps.formeego thing was planned, was it not?21:41
ivgalvezyes, but still it's sad21:41
Woody14619alast I knew that was to go dark in Aug.  that it was still up at all was a grace.21:42
Woody14619aI did ask that it be archived, so there's a chance that happened & we can revive it as part of the new stuff.21:43
ivgalvezI'm leaving soon21:43
Woody14619ashould probably ask for that domain as well when chatting w/ Nokia?21:43
Woody14619aI must go sson as well... I have been noticed as missing once already. :)21:44
Woody14619aanything else?21:44
ivgalvezwe could also ask for meego.org21:44
Woody14619aexactly21:44 was taken by a domain squatter21:45
ivgalvezit's still online21:45
Woody14619arather apps4meego.com21:45
Woody14619aanything else?21:46
Woody14619a#end Maemo Council meeting21:46
Woody14619athanks all...21:47
ivgalvezStskeeps, how do you plan to distribute apps for Nemo?21:47
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ivgalvezor Mer, in general21:47
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Stskeepsmer doesn't have a common app story21:48
Stskeepsnemo we've been using apps.formeego but not a lot21:48
ivgalvezso it's Nemo, as a distribution who has to deal with that?21:48
ivgalvezneed to go now, but thanks for coming21:48
ivgalvezsee you21:49
ivgalvezDocScrutinizer51, you have only five hours or so to answer...21:49
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SD69bye everyone21:50
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DocScrutinizer51*burp* let's hope I won't be too bored to find the relevant interface (mail, tmo URL, whatever) when I come come home22:15
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DocScrutinizer05dman, no URL or notification of PM anywhere22:37

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