IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Friday, 2012-09-21

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Woody14619hello :)21:02
Woody14619Just wrapping up a project here.. should wait for SD69 anyway. :)21:03
ivgalvezhi all21:03
ivgalvezStskeeps, good to see you21:03
Woody14619K... well, hopefully SD69 will join us soon?  How long do you have Ivgalvez?21:07
ivgalvezas usual :(21:08
Woody14619(I bet he's reading e-mail... my bad.)21:08
ivgalvezit's been a crazy week21:08
ivgalvezat work21:08
ivgalvezwell the NFP is moving finally21:09
Woody14619Same here...  work is crazy and social is nuts too with summer stuff winding down & winter stuff starting up.21:09
Woody14619Yup. :)  Well, lets start things up... and hopefully SD (and maybe NielDK?) will fall in as we do.21:09
Woody14619#start Maemo Council Meeting21:10
ivgalvezThis weekend I plan to test and vote for applications in CC :-)21:10
Woody146191> Elections and whatnot21:10
Woody146192> Bylaws updates21:10
Woody146193> Legal status and paperwork21:10
Woody146194> CSSU, testing, other back-burner items21:10
Woody146195> Misc/other21:10
Woody14619I already started...  :)21:10
Woody14619(testing & voting that is)21:10
ivgalvezOK, let's go21:10
Woody14619Topic 1: Elecitons21:10
Woody14619CC is underway! Yay!21:11
Woody14619Sorry about the mixup on the banner stuff.21:11
ivgalvezyour contribution to actual voting system has been decisive Woody1461921:11
ivgalvezmany thanks for that21:11
Woody14619It wasn't clear who was doing it, so I made one. :)  Thanks to qwazix(sp?) for his new banner.21:11
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Woody14619And thanks to Reggie for promply putting stuff into place.21:12
SD69hello sorry I'm late21:12
Woody14619Hi SD69, we just started....21:12
Woody14619we're on topic 1...21:12
Woody146191> Elections and whatnot21:12
Woody146192> Bylaws updates21:12
Woody146193> Legal status and paperwork21:12
Woody146194> CSSU, testing, other back-burner items21:12
Woody146195> Misc/other21:12
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Woody14619So, it looks liek the multi-vote per token system works well.21:12
Woody14619No issues or complaints yet.21:13
ivgalvezWoody14619, maybe you could start a thread under Community about Voting System, first of all, to inform about latest updates and provide a contact point for further development of the tool21:13
Woody14619And the votes seem to be valid when I checked mine.21:13
ivgalvezit's like a community project by itself21:13
Woody14619I would sooner create/update the wiki pages for it. :)21:13
Woody14619And may do that in the near future.21:13
Woody14619Nominations are open...21:14
ivgalvezonly seen Tim's self nomination up to now21:14
Woody14619And we have two nominees for Board already.21:14
Woody14619TexRat also self-nominated.21:14
ivgalvezhe's running for Board but not for Council, isn't he21:14
Woody14619Yup.  So far none for Council.21:14
ivgalvezI haven't seen him at ML21:15
Woody14619But we have another week, and frankly, I'm not sure most people knew it even started.  Hopefully the banner will fix that.21:15
Woody14619His mail got held for moderation... which reminds me, I need to chat w/ X-Fade about that.  Apparently the ML are no longer being checked.21:15
ivgalvezthat's another item for the transition21:16
Woody14619I may volunteer to do that, if I can get the privs to do so.21:16
Woody14619since it's mainly manual spam-filtering.21:16
Woody14619So, encorage people to run!  (that all you people here, and people reading post-fact at home)21:17
ivgalvezall the lists or only the community one?21:17
Woody14619All.... My comment to Gregor in the devel list never made it either.21:17
Woody14619And that was like 2 weeks ago.21:17
Woody14619So, that's moving.... lets hope for the best. :)21:18
ivgalvezwe should provide privs for moderating lists to Council and then, we should look for volunteers for the different lists21:18
Woody14619Topic 2: bylaw updates21:18
Woody14619I made some changes and mailed the out based on TMO feedback.21:19
Woody14619If we could review those I'd like to post that revised version over the weekend, as a final draft.21:19
Woody14619(Blog post, ML, etc).21:20
Woody14619If you can review them (and SD69, add the new block you mentioned?) and mail them about, that would be great.21:20
ivgalvezOK, let's do it by mail21:20
SD69I will21:20
Woody14619They really look pretty good, after lots of work.21:20
Woody14619Topic 3:  Legal staus and paperwork.21:21
SD69Your editting/formatting improved them a lot.  Thanks.21:21
Woody14619I've gotten the tax-id number from SD69, and will be looking at banks more this weekend.21:21
SD69Hildon Foundation exists.21:21
ivgalvezWe are online !!21:21
Woody14619I won't be doing anything without approval of the rest of you, but I should have a solid list of options soon.21:22
SD69I think we need a donation policy21:22
ivgalvezwe can use Mer's21:22
Woody14619So, hopefully by mid-next-week we will have a foundation w/ bank account.21:22
ivgalvezStskeeps, are you there?21:23
SD69Should we put an announcement up on a new website?21:23
Woody14619As I understand it, WE can't do anything legally binding until the Board is formed, as it must approve all actions we've taken, yes?21:23
Stskeepsmm? just take our donation policy if you want21:24
Stskeepsit's cc sa21:24
ivgalvezany advice?21:24
ivgalvezYes donations whould be first item on Board's agenda21:24
SD69We can do contracts and sign them, but the Board has to ratify any contracts at the first meeting21:24
Woody14619Ok.   Make sense.  I'm sure the Board will be happy to have a foundation and a bank account setup, and will approve it if for no other reason than not needing to do it themselves. ;)21:25
Woody14619Just want to say a huge thanks to all of you for the work and effort put into this.21:26
Woody14619We went from damn near 0 to formed in just under a few months.21:26
Woody14619Even with distractions and vacations....21:26
Woody14619Which leads us to topic 4....21:27
Woody14619Topic 4:  Stuff we dropped or put on the back burner21:27
Woody14619We have a lot of stuff we each would still like to accomplish, I'm sure.21:27
ivgalvezI have a point here I want to bring back to the table: Administration21:28
ivgalvezwe have only achieved to get voting machine working21:28
Woody14619Agreed... We have a lot more to do in that handoff.21:28
ivgalvezWe will need to get administration privileges over webpage, it's getting outdated21:29
ivgalvezwe will need to put new information there21:29
Woody14619I think a lot of this will be easier when there's a legal entity involved, and once Nokia hands over the keys, as it were.21:29
ivgalvezand News section is not working correct lately21:29
SD69I think it's hard when we have to go through Nemein21:29
ivgalvezI won't even speak avout repositories....21:29
Woody14619I don't think Nemein is really the bad guy here, to be honest....21:30
Woody14619They're doing a CYA manuver... which legally, I understand.21:30
SD69Nemein may be stuck in the middle - not an enviable position21:30
ivgalvezit's a bunch of inefficiencies21:30
Woody14619And with less financial income from Nokia....  spending time on it isn't priority.21:30
Woody14619Once Nokia gives the foundation the rights, it legally gives Nemian the ability to give us privs without being open to liability.21:31
ivgalveznow we have the NFP21:32
ivgalvezwe have to talk to Nokia about transfering domain21:32
Woody14619A lot of X-Fades time has been, AFAIK, used to consolidate things so that just that can happen.21:32
Woody14619We should setup a time with our contacts there and work on getting that as our task.21:33
ivgalvezwe should also ask them about availability of flash images21:33
ivgalvezwe should be able to redistribute them21:33
Woody14619I think most of that (flash images, closed source components, etc) will all fall easily into a single NDA agreement.21:33
ivgalvezyes, something we can finally sign :-)21:34
Woody14619Probably the same boiler plate they used when contracting Nemien to do services for them.21:34
Woody14619So nothing new will need to be created....21:34
ivgalvezOK, that's something I can work in, during this weekend21:35
Woody14619But good point ivgalvez, we need to keep on this track as well.21:35
ivgalvezand we also need to approach again Reggie21:35
ivgalvezabout TMO future21:35
Woody14619So, next steps, cleary, are getting the rights from Nokia needed for server running.21:35
Woody14619Getting a bank account and policy for donations, etc.21:35
Woody14619Finalizing the bylaws and making those ready for the first Board meeting.21:36
Woody14619And yes, chatting with Reggie and seeing about the TMO movement status again.  I think that will be best done after we have in pocket from Nokia though.21:37
Woody14619As having that will layway a large number of his concerns.21:37
SD69With the elections, I think we have to post about the status of the infrastructure, whatever the status may be21:37
Woody14619(I also would like to try to pursuade him into running for Board, as I think that would help him and the Board in many ways.)21:38
ivgalvezWoody14619: excellent idea21:38
Woody14619sd69: In what way?  to what end?  I'm not following you.21:38
SD69The email thread with reggie is not public21:38
Woody14619True, but it's been discussed in open meeting a couple times now.  And the implication has been made in posting on TMO that all is not fluid and oiled.21:39
SD69I also wonder if general membership knows the state of admin privileges21:39
Woody14619Plus, I'd rather not swat at the behive while asking the queen for some honey....21:40
SD69I'd rather not swat, but the candidates don't know either21:40
SD69I wouldn't want to nominate myself and then find out after the fact that there is a problem with the forum21:41
SD69the forum should be out in the open during the election process21:41
Woody14619True, but in that reguard we don't know either.  Reggie hasn't come down one way or the other...  I do see your point though.21:41
ivgalvezI hope we should be able to solve it, I'm more confident with that than with other pending issues21:42
Woody14619And I think those running (so far) already understand the situation.  It may be important to let new Board prospectives know this though.21:42
SD69ivgalvez: will we solve it before the nomination period closes?21:42
Woody14619One way or another, it will be solved.  I think even the minimal offer (domain redirection and a read-only archive) is enough to let things continue.21:43
ivgalvezNot so sure about that :-(21:43
SD69OK.  I defer to the two of you.21:43
Woody14619I think we need to talk about this more...21:44
Woody14619and think about it....21:44
Woody14619probably over e-mail.21:44
Woody14619so, are there other Foundation paths we need to discuss.21:44
Woody14619(additional next steps for that, besides Nokia, bank account, and TMO?)21:45
SD69domain name; "coming soon" landing page?21:45
Woody14619As I recall you have the domain name, yes?  Is it actually pointing to  hosting agent?21:45
Woody14619If so, can you create a simple coming soon page?21:45
SD69Niel has; I have maemocommunity.org21:46
ivgalvezI hope we could simply redirect to maemo.org21:46
ivgalvezand get from Nokia21:46
Woody14619long term, yes. :)  But short term....21:46
Woody14619We should gift those both to the foundation ,yes sd69?21:47
ivgalvezATM, we are still sitting at maemo.org21:47
Woody14619Then ownership isn't an issue.21:47
SD69yes, I will gift mine.21:47
ivgalvezOK guys, need to go21:47
SD69and prepare a form for Niel to sign for his21:47
Woody14619And I think that's the desire, ivgalvez.21:47
ivgalvezsee you21:48
SD69I have to go too21:48
Woody14619k, :( was hoping for input on topic 4, but.. ;)21:48
Woody14619K.  We'll handle the rest via mail.21:48
Woody14619I can stay a bit for questions from others. :)21:48
Woody14619Thanks for attending!21:48
ivgalvezyes, I have something to send you21:48
*** ivgalvez has quit IRC21:48
Woody14619Anyone else in channel have input? Concerns?  Questions? :)21:49
Woody14619The skipped topic (4) was to be about things we've put on hold, btw.21:49
Woody14619Like promoting CSSU on Maemo's Facebook page...21:49
Woody14619Testing/Promoting things Ivan has worked on but that got stalled as more time was taken for Foundation stuff.21:50
*** SD69 has quit IRC21:50
Woody14619OBS work that's been stalled because we frankly have not had the time or resources to work on it...21:50
Woody14619We will discuss this in e-mail, and probably form a task list to make sure it's not lost in hopes some/all of it crosses into the next Council.21:51
Paliis OBS planned in future?21:51
Palior we stay on autobuilder?21:52
Woody14619We are hopefull that once we get the infrastructure keys, part of that could open the option for more to work on OBS.21:52
Woody14619I don't see autobuilder going away any time soon.  But at the same time the maintainace on that is a bit of a bear.21:53
Woody14619It will, I think, depend more on who volunteers to work on what.21:53
Woody14619If there are volunteers to work on fixing/maintaining autobuilder, it may be viable to keep it alive.  But OBS opens doors for easier cross-compile (less cpu use), compatability, and stadardization with other platforms.21:54
Woody14619All of which will be critical as Maemo ages and if/when other platforms take off.  (For example, where Jolla or Samsung to put out a viable MeeGo based device.)21:56
Woody14619Right now, we're about keeping as many doors open as we can, since it's not at all clear where things will be in 3 months, yet alone 6 or 12.21:57
keriocan we get gcc 4.7.2-linaro in the autobuilder?21:58
Woody14619I think that will again depend more on volunteers when the infrastructure opens a bit more.21:58
Woody14619Which I hope to see happen once the new Board takes control and gets moving.21:59
Woody14619So, not something I can answer definitivly in any case.22:00
Woody14619Any other questions?  Concerns?  Comments? :)22:00
Woody14619If not, I'll conclude the meeting...22:01
Woody14619#end Maemo Council Meeting22:01
Woody14619Thanks all... As always, if you have questions of comments, feel free to mail the Council  at, or visit the Ask Council thread in the forums.22:02
Woody14619(Or drop one of us a line here on IRC.  I'm on often, but may be away often as well.)22:02
ZogG_laptophey guys22:51
ZogG_laptopdid i miss everything?22:51
ZogG_laptopi wanted to ask something nd forgot what22:51

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