IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Friday, 2012-08-17

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ivgalvez__Hi nieldk20:59
nieldkhello Ivan :)21:00
nieldkmost others on holiday now I guess?21:01
ivgalvez__I don't know if SD69 is on holiday or abducted by work21:02
ivgalvez__I'm afraid that if he doesn't come we won't be able to do much21:02
ivgalvez__Woody is on holiday21:02
ivgalvez__let's wait a few minutes just in case21:03
nieldksure thing21:03
ivgalvez__now I have the feeling that I send mails that nobody reads21:03
nieldkhmm, I hope not21:05
ivgalvez__I have send more than 50 mails to individual developers21:05
ivgalvez__about promotion of aplications from Testing21:05
nieldkno repplies?21:06
ivgalvez__less than 1021:06
nieldknot good21:06
nieldklets hope its 'just' the holiday season21:07
nieldkthink its worth mentioning though, on the minutes, or somewhere21:07
ivgalvez__nah, I've been pushing the promotion thing since months ago21:07
ivgalvez__also pestering mailing lists and TMO21:08
ivgalvez__It's that we are justa  few left now21:08
ivgalvez__Well I think we can start21:09
nieldki guess ppl also looking into Jolla21:09
ivgalvez__#start Maemo Council Meeting21:10
ivgalvez__Agenda items include:21:10
ivgalvez__1> Update on bylaws and presentation/setup for NFP21:10
ivgalvez__2> Infrastructure migration issues21:10
ivgalvez__3> CSSU support and issues21:10
ivgalvez__4> Misc topics.21:10
ivgalvez__Topic 1: (Update on bylaws)21:11
ivgalvez__~seen SD6921:11
ivgalvez__We can't do much on this topic until SD69 is available again. Woody commented that he would review the bylaws and publish them in case Rob doesn't return by next week21:12
ivgalvez__we need to publish them the sooner the better on blog/TMO/ml21:12
ivgalvez__to receive feedback from the community and prepare for election21:13
nieldkcan we publish 'as is'?21:13
ivgalvez__that's what Woody will do if we don't have feedback from SD6921:13
ivgalvez__also consider that if we publish now in the middle of August, not many people will notice21:14
nieldkso, on hold, one week?21:14
ivgalvez__I think so21:14
ivgalvez__Topic 2: Infrastructure migration issues21:14
ivgalvez__X-Fade: ping21:14
ivgalvez__merlin1991: ping21:15
ivgalvez__Woody commented during last Council Meeting that merlin1991 had finally obtained the administrative rights to repositories but something wasn't working correctly in the web interface.21:16
nieldkand the database issue?21:17
ivgalvez__I had sent a few emails insisting in  this migration to X-Fade with no response, last of them today asking also to merlin1991 about the current situation21:17
ivgalvez__nieldk can you ellaborate?21:17
nieldki recall there were an issue with getting the current database (users etc)21:18
ivgalvez__yes, thats related to TMO migration21:19
ivgalvez__Reggie was reluctant to traspass the data to Legal Entity once it was formed21:19
ivgalvez__though at first sight he commented he would dump the full TMO database21:20
ivgalvez__but that's something to work once we have formed the legal entity21:21
nieldkminor, i guess, compared to repositories21:21
ivgalvez__we are also pending on Legal Entity to get control on domain21:21
ivgalvez__which qgil has already commented will be traspassed by Nokia21:21
nieldkso, we need to push the legal entity reallu hard21:22
ivgalvez__so to hurry up those topics we first need to solve Topic 121:22
ivgalvez__I'm worried about qgil situation at Nokia21:22
ivgalvez__I don't know how the Qt sale to Digia will affect him21:22
ivgalvez__and we really need him at Nokia to finalize the transition21:23
ivgalvez__So Topic 2 is also pending, in this case from X-Fade and merlin199121:24
ivgalvez__once we start taking control over repositories, we need to add more people to the administration crew21:24
ivgalvez__freemangordon, Pali and lma have volunteered21:24
ivgalvez__Pali won't be available until October21:25
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ivgalvez__but for that we really need X.-Fade to answer our requests21:25
ivgalvez__PAli heelo21:25
ivgalvez__Pali hello21:25
ivgalvez__please check the logs21:25
Paliok, going21:26
ivgalvez__we were talking about infrastructure21:26
ivgalvez__once we gain control over repositories we'll be able to fix a lot of issues (I hope)21:27
ivgalvez__deletion of malfunctioning applications, promotion of packages, problems with KP...21:27
ivgalvez__but we are pending on X-Fade response since July 17th21:28
ivgalvez__I know it's bad timing21:28
ivgalvez__Pali, do you want to comment about this topic21:29
PaliI want to see fixed repositories :-)21:30
ivgalvez__Topic 3 (CSSU support and issues)21:30
ivgalvez__It seems that the shitstorm after last CSSU meeting has ceased21:30
ivgalvez__Pali, how do you see it? Everything OK?21:31
Palineeds to testing new cssu-devel packages21:31
PaliI think that my changes (except ke-recv) should go to cssu-testing21:31
Paliivgalvez__, see changelog:
ivgalvez__That is planned for next week, isn't it?21:32
Paliyes, we are waiting for merlin21:32
ivgalvez__yes, I was studying it today21:32
ivgalvez__While commenting about pushing CSSU enabler to Extras21:33
ivgalvez__you told me that it was somehow uncluear21:33
ivgalvez__who's responsible on that21:33
Palisorry, enabler was not in extras, MAG pushed this:
Paliso enabler was not in extras21:35
ivgalvez__then it shouldn't be a problem21:35
ivgalvez__this is atopic to be discussed during a CSSU meeting21:35
ivgalvez__I have directed a proposal to CSSU team via ml: it would be useful to have scheduled meetings, considering the big momentum and the quantity of developers and contributors that CSSU is receiving. At least if it doesn't increase the overhead of the project.21:35
Paliyes, but (new) enabler is stil in cssu-devel21:35
Paliwe need to test it if everything works...21:36
Palienabler was rewritten21:36
ivgalvez__Yes, the question here is that these kind of topics could be considered on CSSU meetings with proper agenda and minutes, otherwise it's diffcult to decide what's included and what's not21:37
ivgalvez__I'm thinking about last meetinf21:37
ivgalvez__the result is unclear to me21:37
ivgalvez__what will happen to community kernel21:37
Paliask merlin and freemangordon21:38
ivgalvez__Pali are you comfortable with the idea of scheduled meetings for CSSU?21:38
Palifreemangordon is maintainer of cssu-kernel21:38
ivgalvez__could you then please answer to my message on mailing list, we need to bring it to the table21:39
ivgalvez__and see what the rest of the team thinks21:39
ivgalvez__anything else related to CSSU guys?21:39
nieldkno, seems like the issue is getting things in a stream there21:41
ivgalvez__Then if there's nothing else for: Topic 4 (Misc topics.)21:41
ivgalvez__anything you'd like to comment, I'm in a hurry as usual :-P21:42
nieldkregarding qgill, we would benefit from digging up some more people at Nokia to help in case he is gone later21:42
ivgalvez__good idea, but apart from kate I don't know who could we contact with21:43
ivgalvez__I have to leave now guys21:43
nieldki'll try and dig in to that21:43
nieldkok, we can end the meting21:43
ivgalvez__nieldk, great21:44
ivgalvez__PAli thanks for coming21:44
ivgalvez__#end Maemo Council Meeting.21:44
nieldkthanks Pali21:44
Paliok, bye :-)21:44
ivgalvez__see you21:44
nieldksee you21:44
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