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ivgalvezWoody14619: ping20:59
Woody14619Thanks for the wakeup. :)  I'm here.21:00
Woody14619hi.  Sorry, am a little distracted right now, and may be spotty this meeting.21:03
Woody14619Do we have any agenda items beyond old business?21:03
ivgalvezNothing really new, which I think it's a bit worrying21:04
ivgalvezwe are pending from X-Fade for transitioning administration tasks21:04
ivgalvezwe need to publish the bylaws to collect community feedback21:05
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ivgalvezAnd I'm worried about qgil's position inside Nokia after the Qt selling21:05
Woody14619Agreed.  We have a lot going on but little progress.  But this was somewhat expected with holiday season upon us.21:06
Woody14619Well, let's start the meeting and see where things go. :S21:07
Woody14619#start Maemo Council Meeting21:07
Woody14619Agenda items include:21:08
Woody146191> Update on bylaws and presentation/setup for NFP21:08
Woody146192> Infrestructure migration issues21:08
Woody146193> Preparations for elections21:09
Woody146194> CSSU support and issues21:09
Woody146195> Misc topics.21:09
Woody14619Topic 1: (Update on bylaws)21:09
ivgalvez~seen SD6921:10
Woody14619This needs input from SD69, but there's been little feedback  (And infobot is no longer in channel...)21:10
Woody14619While I'm reluctant to, I will attempt to revise the bylaws to address concerns from the mailing list and other input over the weekend.21:11
Woody14619I really want these up and posted before too long since we need to get this moving.  While I'd prefer SD69 do this, he appears to be swamped.  He is also on vacation week after next (as am I).21:12
ivgalvezAt least we can publish current version and collect feedback21:12
Woody14619Agreed.  Monday I'll post either a slightly revised version, or at minimum the version posted to the ML to the blog and forums, and post it on the wiki.  We need this to move. :(21:13
Woody14619Topic 2: Infrastructure migration21:13
Woody14619There was no OBS meeting on Monday.  Merlin1991 informed me that the did get in contact with X-Fade, but the web interface was not working in some way.21:14
ivgalvezmerlin1991 ping21:14
ivgalvezAt this pace we will never get enough permissions for a proper transition21:15
ivgalvezwe need to add more people and more services to the pool21:16
Woody14619So, we need to re-touch with X-Fade and see where things are going.  Yes, I worry about that as well.  Though worst case a rought transition is at least looking possible.  May not be the smoothest, but...21:16
ivgalvezbut without even finishing this first step21:16
ivgalvezOK, I can retry by email21:16
Woody14619Which leads us into Topic 3:  Preparations for elections.21:16
ivgalvezbut he hasn't answered to my last two messages21:17
ivgalvezOK, topic 321:17
Woody14619Elections for Council (and preferably for first Board in parallel) should go off in September.21:17
ivgalvezI agree that we should handle legal entity and new Council/board together21:17
Woody14619In order to do that, we need to announce the election THIS month.21:17
ivgalvezconsidering how difficult is to make every single step21:18
ivgalvezbut I don't see haow we can announce elections this month21:18
Woody14619Since election announcment needs to happen at least a month before elections, to allow for nominations and what not.21:18
ivgalvezwithout even starting the bylaws revision21:18
ivgalvezbad timing I'm afraid21:19
Woody14619Agree, but that's the rules... We don't have to do it tomorrow... but at the latest by the end of month we need to do something if we want elections in September.  (Which I think is the best thing to do.)21:19
ivgalvezOK, let's see if we can push the legal entity thing a bit more21:20
Woody14619For elections to be in Sept (the voting period is usually a week, so that my slide into early Oct for that on it's own), we need to do the annouce before hand.21:20
Woody14619At latest, I'd say the last week of August.21:21
Woody14619Realisticly, we'll have a month of nominations and position statements and all that... probably in duplicate, since it's for Council & Board.21:21
Woody14619But announcing that (probably in the blog on the 27th, at latest) is required.21:22
ivgalvezI'm worried we won't gather people enough....21:22
Woody14619My vacation is Aug 16 to 25th, so.. it has to be before or after it, since technically, I need to be the one to announce.21:23
Woody14619Also, on the election topic: Have we contacted folks from the CC about use of the voting machine?21:23
ivgalvezI would say after that is saner21:24
ivgalvezno we haven't21:24
Woody14619Agreed... that gives us a little more time to get bylaws and what not setup.21:24
Woody14619We need to do that asap, so they have time to plan an alternative.  I'll draft a mail for that today if possible.21:25
Woody14619Topic 4: CSSU support/issues21:25
ivgalvezMaybe most sane approach21:26
Woody14619It appears CSSU is still on the move, and active, despite some internal conflict.21:26
ivgalvezwould be for CSSU maintainer to publish minutes from their last meeting21:26
ivgalvezyes, latest comments on IRC are less worriying21:26
ivgalvezbut after all, it's a bit unclear what has been decided21:27
ivgalvezas in the meeting there was a bunch of decissions, later discussed21:27
ivgalvezwhich originated fair because the tone was a bit rude21:27
Woody14619We need to monitor, but this is really their baby.  I'm happy to see things are working themselves out.  The less we are called on to moderate things the better. :)21:28
Woody14619And finally, Topic 5: Misc21:29
Woody14619I have had 0 time to do much of anything, yet alone look at voting machine stuff, but hopefully I will have a bit more time during/after vacation.21:29
ivgalvezNothing from my side there. I have a ton of issues and suggestions to present but only when we gain control over infrastructure21:30
ivgalvezotherwise it'd be useless21:30
Woody14619Again, I will be on vacation 16-25th.  SD will be on vacation 19-25th.21:30
ivgalvezI'll rule them all :-D21:30
Woody14619Other than that... I don't have much more pressing... except this project I need to get done at my paying job. ;)21:31
ivgalvezkeep being paid...21:31
Woody14619:)  Ok.. That's a wrap then.21:31
Woody14619#end Maemo Council Meeting.21:32
ivgalvezI'll retry with X-Fade21:32
Woody14619Thanks.. I'll try w/ OBS time frame as a follow up.21:32
Woody14619I'll also try to get minutes and the CC draft out today.21:32
Woody14619work, afk:21:32
ivgalvezI've alse remembered that we had to send the questions from the community to Jolla21:42
ivgalvezdunno if SD69 finally did it21:42
Stskeepsdo you guys have a list anywhere?21:43
ivgalvezI could do it myself, I contacted with  Jussi Hurmola21:44
ivgalvezby LinkedIn21:44
ivgalvezHi Stskeeps21:44
ivgalvezglad to see you here21:44
ivgalvezyes, it was collected by jalyst on TMO21:44
Stskeepsok, URL?21:44
ivgalvezlemme find it21:45
ivgalvezcan you access it?21:46
ivgalvezsome are obviously impossible to answer now21:47
ivgalvezby commercial reasons21:47
ivgalvezfor commercial reasons21:47
ivgalvezbut these are the questions more demanded by the community21:47
Stskeepsyeah.. i speak only for myself here but many of those are simply impossible to answer until a device is launched21:48
Stskeepsin the end it's up to a person to decide if they want to buy a device on what they see21:49
ivgalvezyes, it's pretty clear21:49
Stskeepssome of them are already answered on twitter21:49
Stskeeps'if a community member wanted to start on native 3rd party apps' => use mer, nemo and qml components for harmattan, some changes may be needed in future21:49
ivgalvezanyhow could you please taka a look to it and see if something else can be aswered ? just drop me a email to and I will comment on TMO21:51
ivgalveznow I have to leave21:51
ivgalvezthank you21:51
ivgalvezsee you21:51
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