IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Friday, 2012-07-27

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Woody14619:)  Quite place this week.21:00
Woody14619Guess lots of people are on holiday?21:01
ivgalvezit seems so21:02
Woody14619Haven't heard from Rob in a bit, so not sure if he's coming.  And Niel is still on holiday, so doubtful he will be here.21:03
ivgalvezlet's wait 5 min, just in case21:03
Woody14619Any topics to be put in?  I know you wanted to talk about something a couple weeks ago but we ran out of time?21:05
Woody14619And then last week my work prevented me from being here on time (and it was just you & me).21:06
ivgalvezwe are still pending on X-Fade to grant permissions over repositories to merlin199121:06
ivgalvezOther questions already discussed by email21:07
ivgalvezwe need the bylaws update from SD6921:08
ivgalvezcan't think of anything else right now21:08
Woody14619K.  May as well start up and see where things go... We can't really do anything without a third, but at least we can update the community. :)21:08
Woody14619#start Maemo Council meeting21:09
Woody14619Agenda for meeting:21:09
Woody146191> Review of hand-over activities (repos, FB page, etc)21:09
Woody146192> Review of bylaws for NFP21:09
Woody146193> Misc, other, etc?21:09
ivgalvezOK, let's proceed21:09
Woody14619Topic 1:  Hand over activities21:09
ivgalvezwe can't do pretty much now until X-Fade gives permission to merlin1991, once started I hope he will be willing to add more services and people to the task21:10
ivgalvezwe have receive offering from lma to maintain Diablo repos, freemangordon and Pali are also able to help21:10
Woody14619I recently was handed over the Maemo facebook page.  Currently Quim & I are the only two admins.  I'd like at least one other Council to have this as well if possible (I can now add people).21:11
ivgalvezI don't have a Facebook account21:11
Woody14619So, we need to bug X-Fade about adding merlin... And I really need to get to an OBS meeting.  I'll take that for Monday.21:12
Woody14619I'm pretty sure NielDK or SD69 does, if not, worst case I'll manage it for now.21:12
ivgalvezonce things start moving I hope we could gain some more tracktion21:12
Woody14619It's mainly consumers on the fan page anyway, not TMO users, though we could easily cross-promote to help move people to TMO and/or eventually CSSU.21:13
ivgalvezgood idea, I'm afraid a lot of average N900 users don't know about CSSU21:13
Woody14619We just have to do so with the express acknowledgement that TMO/CSSU is not a Nokia "sanctioned" upgrade.21:14
ivgalvezthat reminds me one question about promotion of CSSU that we could discuss on 3rd point21:14
Woody14619That's per the e-mail I got from the previous maintainer, who will no longer be with Nokia as of the 6th.21:14
Woody14619OK.  Let's touch point 2 quickly then...21:15
Woody14619Topic 2: Bylaw status for NFP21:15
Woody14619SD69 was able to get to the Mer meeting, I read the logs and it looked like a nice chat.21:15
Woody14619I was hoping he would have updated the bylaws by now and gotten them posted to blog/TMO for discussion.21:16
Woody14619But if I don't hear back from him by mid-week next week, I'll make an attempt at doing so myself.21:16
Woody14619We need to move this along.  At minimum I'd like to see the bylaws done in time for the next election.21:17
Woody14619Sounds like that's going to include an election of Council, ref on bylaws, and probably election of Board, all in one go.21:18
ivgalvezit's first priority I think21:18
Woody14619Down-side is we have lots of topics and voting to do.  Upside is we get to do it all at once and limit the need for a lot of resource hits to get it all done.21:19
ivgalvezyes, and we can't count on the voting system for too long, it's better to get it done at once21:19
ivgalveztopic 3 then?21:20
Woody14619I think it would be best to try to keep the Sept/May election cycle.. Cuts out terms short, but give next Council (which could be some of us) time to get things done, vs doing it Oct/Nov.21:20
Woody14619Topic 3: Misc, other, AI review, etc.21:20
Woody14619You had something on CSSU?21:21
ivgalvezregarding CSSU21:21
ivgalvezright now, no one can publish any application to Extras if it depends on CSSU21:21
ivgalvezso consider that someone wants to maintain an application both for Harmatan and Maemo 521:22
ivgalvezand use only Qt 4.7.421:22
ivgalvezor anything else, upgraded in CSSU but not available in stock PR1.321:22
ivgalvezthere is no way to add dependencies on CSSU21:22
ivgalvezonce merlin1991 starts administrating repositories we shoud investigate the possibility allow it21:23
ivgalvezthat would also add a second possibility21:23
Woody14619Hmm.. The only reall problem I see with that is the packaging to make that work would be tough.21:24
ivgalvezto create a package named something such as "Maemo 5 Community Update"21:24
ivgalvezthat can be a simple metapackage that adds the stable CSSU repository21:24
ivgalvezand serves as a triggering for dependencies21:24
ivgalvezthat would also add visibility to users about CSSU21:24
Woody14619I was going to mention that... I would really like to see a package that updates to add the CSSU repository and maybe a desktop icon that runs the CSSU updater.21:25
ivgalvezthat's right21:25
ivgalvezfreemangordon has mentioned that he would like to see Council more involved in CSSU decisions21:25
ivgalvezso we could propose it to CSSU team21:25
Woody14619The key is we need to make sure it's clearly labeled as not a Nokia update and/or something supported by Nokia.21:26
ivgalvezexactlym with all the warnings etc21:26
Woody14619And something beyond a yes/no box.  I'd prefer an ending of "So we know you read this, who provides technial support for the CSSU upgrade?"  With the buttons "Nokia" and "You". And the Nokia button is the cancel. ;)21:28
ivgalvezsounds fine21:29
Woody14619So, sometime after the 6th, I'll start promoting CSSU on the Facebook page... If we could have a mini installer app in Extras by then, that would really be great.21:30
Woody14619Would you like to look into getting someone to throw that together and get it tested/promoted?21:30
ivgalvezI can handle that task and comment with CSSU team21:31
Woody14619It really should be a semi-trivial app for existing developers.  I'd be supprized if they don't have something already out there for it to be honest.21:31
Woody14619.oO(Wow... I really need an IRC client with spell check)21:31
ivgalvezfat fingers21:32
Woody14619Okey... Anything else to discuss?  Input from anyone else here? :)21:32
Woody14619more like lazy language center in my brain. ;)21:32
ivgalveznothing else from my side at the moment21:33
Woody14619No? :(  K.  Well, as always, if anyone has more to add or questions for Council, we are best reachable by e-mail  coucil (at)
Woody14619I'm often here, and even if away I will try to reply to comments when I'm back. :)21:34
Woody14619Speaking of, I have a pilot waiting on a new software version to test things... so I'm off.21:34
Woody14619#end Maemo Council meeting.21:34
ivgalvezok, have fun21:34
Woody14619I'll mail the minutes as usually later today or tomorrow.21:34
Woody14619You too!  Have a nice weekend. :)21:35
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