IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2011-09-06

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mairashi folks18:01
SD69_anyone else here?18:04
SD69_well let's start18:05
SD69_matti: anything new from Nokia re maemo/meego?18:05
mairasSD69_, nope, no change in anything.18:06
SD69_sorry to hear about Pyside btw18:07
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mairasSD69_, yeah, it sucks, but again, since the whole organization is being shut down, such things are to be expected.18:07
* Jaffa waves18:08
mairasbut I'm much more optimistic now than at the time the announcement was made.18:08
mairasif I'd need to bet on it, I'd bet that the project will live on quite nicely.18:08
SD69_matti: good to hear18:08 has election this month18:09
SD69_I hope this isn't too blunt, but does Nokia care much what happens with community?18:10
SD69_or is it off the radar screen at this point?18:11
mairasSD69_, sure, we're funding a lot longer than the internal meego team!18:11
JaffaSD69_: Has anyone volunteered to do the stuff dneary's previously documented in future (e.g. for the Coding Competition voting; which seems to be using!)18:11
mairasso that should put things in perspective...18:11
SD69_Jaffa: not yet18:11
SD69_matti: funding is appreciated18:12
SD69_no matter what the future of maemo.org18:14
SD69_at this point, are there any specific positions funded for 2012 - bugmaster, wikimaster, etc. or is it general support?18:15
X-FadeAs said before, there is only 'keep things running' support.18:16
SD69_X-Fade: Does that include keeping all parts, including bugzilla, running?18:16
X-FadeSD69_: Sure, look at it as infrastructure support.18:17
SD69_And can we use bugzilla for Cordia project?18:18
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mairassorry, was AFK. but it's just like X-Fade described.18:20
X-FadeSD69_: Why not? I suggest you ping andre about that.18:20
SD69_X-Fade: Sure.  It's hard to know who's still around these days ;-)18:22
SD69_we need a replacement for dave Neary on the election stuff18:23
X-FadeYes, that is clear.18:23
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SD69_asked for community volunteers, but no one has stepped up yet18:24
JaffaPart of the problem is the number of systems which need to be directly queried.18:25
SD69_yes. zehjotkah is having difficulty on the coding competition vote18:26
JaffaIncluding TMO account details from Reggie (which he's previously been wary of)18:26
JaffaRunning a vote and running an election are slightly different things, of course (unless the vote has the same rules as the election ;-))18:26
X-FadeYes, it is a multi step process. Which is a significant amount of work.18:27
SD69_Jaffa: yes, well attila apparently suggested it because of the transferable vote thing18:27
X-FadeYou also don't want to publish your complete user database, so we need to make sure we don't leak those details.18:27
X-FadeI still think that for the app contest the voting system is just not suitable.18:28
X-FadeHaving 9 separate votes at the same time, sending out a few K emails..18:28
SD69_we definitely need vote for council election18:31
X-Fadeoh, yes. Not denying that :)18:31
SD69_coding competition has 1000+ euros for prize money18:31
SD69_not an "official" activity, but no one wants to see it end with criticism18:32
SD69_I'm surprised the voting delay thus far hasn't already brought compalints from contributors or competitors18:33
X-FadeIf no one steps up, I will make sure the election stuff gets done.18:34
X-FadeBut I don't have time to dive into the contest votin.18:35
X-FadeWhy can't the talk poll mechanism used there?18:35
SD69_apparently there was some fraud or suspected fraud in voting18:36
SD69_and they want the transferable vote18:36
X-FadeWell, then there is a problem :)18:36
SD69_I hate to do it, but should we set a deadline on coding contest using vote so it doesn't interfere with council vote?18:37
SD69_I mean if they get it done today and vote for one week, no problem18:37
X-FadeI really don't have time to spend an additional day on the council vote.18:37
X-FadeAnd that is the amount of time needed for this voting stuff.18:38
SD69_Can you expand on the technical knowledge needed of a volunteer election supervisor?18:40
X-FadeSD69_: Problem is that the voting software is basically a hacky script.18:40
X-FadeIt does not have management interfaces, you literally need to extract accounts from 2 databases, create some entries with sql statements etc etc.18:41
X-FadeYou also have the problem that there  are 2 user databases, so you need to combine and de-dupe the list of accounts.18:42
SD69_X-Fade: If we get a volunteer, we'll send them to you so you can show them the ropes this time and they can do it next time18:45
X-FadeSD69_: But that is the problem, you don't want to give access to the databases.18:46
SD69_Not even a trusted community member?18:46
X-FadeThat is why I still point at polls. Works through the web just fine, and we can check for cheating quite easily?18:47
X-FadeAnd takes 5 minutes to setup.18:47
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SD69_I am talking council election, which rules were already set up18:48
X-FadeAs said, I will do the council election.18:49
SD69_X-Fade: Thanks.18:50
X-FadeAnything else we should discuss?18:51
SD69_Any significant change in the stats on data from the repositories?18:52
JaffaSD69_: Is the wording of the referndum finalised?18:52
SD69_Jaffa: Yes18:52
X-FadeThe downloads are in a downwards trend, but only slightly.18:53
SD69_Will N9 have same effect as N900?18:53
X-FadeWho knows. :)18:53
X-FadeWe will see soon enough.18:54
SD69_I haven't kept up - when is the N9 release date(s)?18:54
X-FadeAll depends on the markets, but coming weeks apparently.18:55
SD69_Does anyone else have anything else before we sign off?18:56
mairasnope :-)18:57
X-FadeNot from me.18:57
SD69_thanks for attending matti18:57
mairasno problem18:57
SD69_thanks X-Fade18:58
SD69_I guess that's it - bye everyone18:59
X-FadeSD69_: Ok, talk to you later.18:59
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