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* enyc meows13:15
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* bencoh purrs14:36
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* CatButts farts14:50
* CatButts recycles catchphrase from the first Matrix movie about the realness of air14:51
CatButtsthe pinacle of humour14:53
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CatButtshmmm, it hit me18:39
CatButtsnokia N900 has IrDA18:39
CatButtshow flexible is it?18:39
KotCzarnygoogle 'pierogi n900'18:41
CatButtshere, he talks about how, for lack of an IrDA port, he uses his trusty PalmOS device to communicate with the pokewalker device he wants to hack18:41
CatButtsso, pierogi is more like a remote control18:45
CatButtspokewalker case is more like a serial connection, send and receive18:45
sixwheeledbeastpierogi is hardcoded button sets so will only support devices in it's list. there are other IR things in the repo18:47
siceloCatButts: the N900 doesn't do IrDA, but CIR. In short, it can only send but not receive. Thus, cannot be used for that kind of communication.19:42
CatButtsah, bummer19:42
CatButtsI have a fancy IrDA with 3.5 inch plug and 4 rings19:42
CatButtsbut I don't know where to shove it19:42
CatButtsI'm guessing it's something like, power, send, receive, gnd19:44
CatButtsit has a tiny PCB at the end of its cable19:44
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sixwheeledbeastYou could in thoery have a USB IR Rx20:00
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CatButtsyou're onto something here20:14
sunshavi I have my compaq n600c that has ir inside20:16
CatButtswould it need to have a fancy IC on the PCB to drive the IR send/recv pair?20:16
CatButtsfrom USB?20:17
sunshaviI would need to turn the machine on: But when i do 'ip addr show'. It shows me irqda0 or something like that20:18
CatButtsI opened up my IR thing20:20
CatButtsthere is no fancy IC in it, just a few regular surface mount parts20:20
CatButtswhich makes me think it's not USB20:20
sixwheeledbeastStill you have all the code side to get working, even if you found a compatible USB IR device20:22
CatButtsif it were usb-ir it would be detected as such on PC20:23
sunshaviI have irda020:23
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