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thejsahey there! i've just got my first n900, reflashed with latest fremantle and installed cssu-thumb, but having issues trying to get u-boot installed to play with leste15:27
thejsait's complaining about the kernel-modules package, and if I try to install that it threatens to basically obliterate all the packages on my system, which sounds like a very bad idea; is there any way around this?15:28
KotCzarnyif it's fresh device, you can always reflash, no?15:30
KotCzarnybut most likely you are doing something wrong15:30
thejsayeah, could reflash again; was a bit of a pain dealing with VMs and such though15:31
thejsaI'm assuming there's some issue with the fact I'm trying to install u-boot after upgrading to cssu15:31
thejsareflash time it is then :p15:35
siceloWhat is the actual message you get?15:36
siceloIt's somewhat ok for u-boot to threaten to overwrite your existing kernel15:36
siceloBecause that's actually what it does ... sits in kernel area and loads a real kernel that you've defined.15:37
siceloI'd say install u-boot, and only reflash if there are issues15:37
thejsayeah; here it's saying there's an unmet dependency, kernel-modules, and refuses to continue (one second, I'll grab a pastebin link)15:38
thejsasources.list and apt output when trying to install u-boot flasher --
siceloBecause you are on thumb, after installing u-boot and u-boot-tools, ensure you set up the thumb kernel to boot by default. See the u-boot thread on for details.15:39
siceloMake sure you do this BEFORE you power off or reboot the device15:39
thejsathanks; main issue is not really sure how to even get u-boot installed at all15:40
thejsasince it seems I can't install u-boot-flasher without dealing with this kernel-modules issue, as installing kernel-modules as it requests would hose my system:
siceloInstall the kernel and modules it wants :-)15:42
siceloThose should be thumb enabled, iirc15:42
thejsasomething seems wrong though since I don't think installing the kernel-modules package should usually threaten to remove pretty much every package on the system, including apt15:43
siceloIn any case, since you'll be setting up a default boot menu entry (as I mentioned), then you can still point that entry to the original kernel15:43
KotCzarnymaemo is just like that15:44
KotCzarnythere is single metapackage per release15:44
KotCzarnyis one of the packages that it depends on gets uninstalled, it takes the rest with it15:44
KotCzarnythat's why you should be cautious when hacking around with apt/dpkg\15:45
thejsayeah, reminded me of the ubuntu-desktop metapackages on ubuntu which had similar traits15:45
siceloShow the output which wants to remove everything15:46
siceloAlso, for Maemo Leste, you may want to join #maemo-leste15:46
siceloOkay that looks bad :-p15:47
thejsayeah hahaha15:47
siceloI forgot how to handle that one safely15:47
siceloThere was a way though ... but I haven't played with installing u-boot in a while now15:47
bencohhmm, lemme check what's installed on my phone15:48
siceloIf all fails, reflash to cssu (not thumb), install u-boot, then only afterwards go thumb15:51
bencohthat's cssu-stable (iirc) with a few additions though, not thumb16:02
PaliHello! Has somebody N8x0/770 device in hands? I would like to see first 2kB of kernel MTD partition...16:03
Paliit can be read (dumped to file header.bin) by following command on N8x0/770 device: nanddump --omitoob -s 0 -l 2048 -f header.bin /dev/mtd216:03
thejsasicelo: thanks! I think I'll go for a reflash as you suggested, probably easier and quicker than trying to untangle all this16:08
thejsabencoh: thanks for grabbing that, reflashing w/ stable now16:09
* enyc meows16:12
enycthejsa: hrrm not sru ewhat i did but   i can say u-boot-flasher  went ok16:13
enycthejsa: i would say I got kernel power for u-boot installed first16:13
enycinrluhing modules16:13
enycwhich presumuboly yo uhave to have for thumb to behave16:13
thejsainstalled kernel power for u-boot a lil while ago but didn't seem to make much difference16:13
thejsawell, to the u-boot situation anyway16:13
bencohhmm, KotCzarny used to build oscp for n8x0 as well, maybe he still has one around16:18
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KotCzarnyunfortunatelly my n8x0 is at remote location17:20
KotCzarnyso i cant get to it17:20
KotCzarnybut maybe i have mtd dump somewhere17:20
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KotCzarnyyup, got it, let me dd the block17:22
KotCzarnyhere you gu17:24
KotCzarnybut i dont remember what i used to dump it17:25
KotCzarnyit might have been done with dd and /dev/mtdblock17:26
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PaliKotCzarny: thanks!18:22
Palican you "dd" also whole partition?18:22
Palijust to check if your kernel image in that partition has size 1530880 bytes18:27
Paliit is 1.45MB so seems plausible (below 2MB limit)18:27
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Palinow I pushed lot of changes to flasher and fiasco image unpacker/generator18:44
Palifeel free to test it! now it supports unpacking also /home partition from vanilla/mmc fiasco image18:45
Pali(yes, /home partition is included in vanilla/mmc image as tarball, not as ext3)18:45
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