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brolin_empeyL29Ah: Apparently the Pro1 X weighs 243 grams compared to 159 grams for the LG G5, which has a higher resolution display (yes, IPS AMLCD instead of AMOLED) and an easier to access and remove battery.  Why does F(x)tec still show a woman with impractically long artificial fingernails using their product?  Choosing a woman is OK but I think they should show someone with normal, short, natural fingernails who needs to use their fingers for real work.06:24
brolin_empeyApparently the Pro1 X is single SIM if you use an SD card because the second SIM uses the same socket as the SD card;  I currently use an SD card in my single-SIM LG G5 so the Pro1 X is actually single SIM, not dual SIM for my use case.06:28
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buZzbrolin_empey: hmmm weird? they make simslots that can take both a sim and a SD at once08:26
buZzweird that ftec didnt?08:26
buZz(use that)08:26
buZz(the Motorola Droid 4 has such a simslot)08:26
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CatButts unrelated15:06
sixwheeledbeastarh noise15:11
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