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brolin_empeyReading the English-language Wikipedia articles about the PinePhone and Librem 5, I notice that apparently both of these computers lack integrated NFC connectivity and a fingerprint reader and possibly something else compared to the LG G5 I currently use (integrated photographic flash?)?  I like that the PinePhone is designed to be able to boot OSes from an SD card instead of only from the fixed flash memory, in this case eMMC, but the integrated cameras of06:43
brolin_empeythe PinePhone are low resolution compared to the LG G5 from five years ago.  I want to run Android applications;  apparently the PinePhone can run Android (with Google Mobile Services and Google Play?) but I do not know the feasibility of running Android applications on the Librem 5?  I guess Anbox or similar can be used but I do not know if that works well in practice for running mainstream, closed-source Android applications from the Google Play Store?06:43
brolin_empeyApparently they both lack a wide-angle camera too but that is not critical.06:45
brolin_empeyThey may lack OIS for the integrated cameras too?06:47
brolin_empeyThey both have an AMLCD instead of an (AMO)LED display too, which is not critical but LCDs seem lame after being used to using an AMOLED display.06:50
brolin_empeyIt seems like I would be better off trying to unofficially run Android 8 or higher on my retired Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with 1080×1920 AMOLED display and NFC connectivity even though it lacks a fingerprint reader and the SD card reader/writer does not work.06:56
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dev-zerohi everyone13:55
dev-zerois there any chance to get a somewhat up-to-date image for an N700?13:58
sixwheeledbeastwhat's up to date?13:58
KotCzarnywhat is a n700 ?13:58
dev-zerowell, something built within the last 5 years, possibly based on an older version of Debian13:59
dev-zeroor maybe a toolchain which can be used to build an image with a somewhat recent kernel?14:00
sixwheeledbeastthey are obsolete so official images ended at that point. assuming you mean n900 that would be images between 2009-201114:04
KotCzarnymaybe he means n800, who knows14:04
KotCzarnyor even 77014:04
dev-zerono, I mean an n700 (it's still alive :)14:04
KotCzarnypics or it didnt happen!14:05
dev-zerowell, yes, I know that the official ones are not available anymore14:05
sixwheeledbeastwell I never heard of n70014:05
dev-zeroI still have a hacked-up version of the enlightenment desktop on it14:05
KotCzarnyNew Nokia N700 is a Symbian Belle OS mobile phone. Nokia N700 is going to launch in October,2011 in India. Nokia N700 is fully loaded with 5 MP Camera, 3G, Wi-fi, Video Conferencing, HD video and many more14:07
KotCzarnysymbian? bah.14:07
sixwheeledbeastI assume it wouldn't be Maemo if there is a device out there14:07
sixwheeledbeastah ding14:07
dev-zerosorry, the N77014:07
KotCzarnythere is no n77014:07
KotCzarnyits just nokia 77014:07
dev-zerook, sorry, yes, sorry for the confusion14:08
KotCzarnyi guess you cant do much with 64M of ram14:08
dev-zeroright, the 770 was just the "Nokia 770" and the successor then gained the "N" prefix14:08
KotCzarnyi was looking to buy used 770 to port oscp there, but failed due to crazy prices14:09
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dev-zeroKotCzarny: I doub't you're still interested?14:26
KotCzarnywell, not many users of n8x0/n900, so even fewer for 770 probably14:29
dev-zerowell, I always hoped that kernel support was mainlined and that something like Yocto would get a recipe for building images for it14:30
KotCzarnytbh you would be better off with newer device14:31
KotCzarnythere are SOCs that have more than 64MB nowadays14:32
dev-zeroI know, and you can get some hardware with a touchscreen with a quarter of what I paid14:32
dev-zerobut on the other hand, this is hardware I have and barely used (since Nokia cancelled the thing 3 months after I got it and it died a slow death, so to speak)14:33
ketaseh, 770, i have used it14:37
ketason the back it said made in estonia14:37
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L29Ahwhere do i buy bl-5j that isn't garbage these days?18:16
infobotpolarcell is probably BL-5J Replacement - Wannasee Electronic on Ebay or
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