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KotCzarnypop some 3g usb modem, and voila!08:50
MaxdamantusWhy does QR code scanning suck so much?08:57
MaxdamantusKeep having trouble trying to scan the COVID tracer codes on the bus here using mBarcode, but it seems to work if I take a photo instead, then display the photo on a large screen at home and again use mBarcode to scan that.08:59
MaxdamantusmBarcode is unable to scan that exact photo. Neither is a recent version of `zbarimg` or `zxing`.08:59
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MaxdamantusExample image:
KotCzarnymaybe photo app uses some smart algos to stabilize image09:08
KotCzarnywhile app isnt that good at it09:08
MaxdamantusMaybe, but mBarcode/zbarimg can't even find the QR code in the image produced by the photo app.09:09
MaxdamantusI suspect there's some colour correction that happens by showing the image again from an LCD.09:10
Maxdamantusmaybe random values of individual pixels are throwing the algorithm off.09:11
KotCzarnymake it b&w and check if it changes anything?09:14
Maxdamantusafaict zbar already converts it to greyscale.09:18
KotCzarnyconvert to 2 colors b&w09:18
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KotCzarnyanyway, might be too noisy for app09:19
KotCzarnytry zooming before taking pic?09:20
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MaxdamantusmBarcode doesn't seem to let you zoom. It's always zoomed in.09:22
MaxdamantusWill probably have to add some debugging to zbar to figure out what it's actually struggling on.09:23
KotCzarnytoo few pixels for the app to work on, i guess09:24
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sicelonice to see a number of people still using N900 as daily :)12:04
siceloMaxdamantus: the 'app' has a website? i'm trying to understand how you would use N900 here, assuming the barcode scanning would have worked12:05
Maxdamantussicelo: the QR code represents some base64-encoded JSON which contains information identifying the location, including a unique "gln" number.12:09
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Maxdamantussicelo: and I figured out from the Android app the URL where hashes of glns with positive cases are published.12:10
KotCzarnysicelo: you can always write app yourself, that takes qr data from that site and redirect to proper url12:10
infobotKotCzarny meant: sicelo: you can always write app yourself, that takes qr data from that qr and redirect to proper url12:10
Maxdamantusso just have to log those entries along with timestamps, then occasionally poll that URL to see if I'm a close contact.12:10
KotCzarnythe whole point of n900 is hackability12:11
MaxdamantusThe app doesn't send data to a website. It just logs it locally and checks against the known cases as explained above.12:11
MaxdamantusIt was simple enough creating an mBarcode plugin to just append that JSON and current timestamp to a log, and the checking part will also be easy.12:12
sicelothat's nice! *me likey12:12
sicelothe android device was using Android version less than 7 (or 8?)? I noticed that after 7 or 8, mitmproxy doesn't work to get API calls an Android app makes, since it seems those version enforce certificate pinning12:15
siceloor there's newer/better way to get around that, which i don't yet know of :)12:15
KotCzarnysquid + manually added cert ?12:16
MaxdamantusThat will presumably have the same problem as mitmproxy.12:16
MaxdamantusSince it's still not using the pinned public key.12:17
MaxdamantusFrom what I understand of certificate pinning, pinning itself is probably a bad idea.12:25
MaxdamantusI suspect if they're doing something reasonable, it's probably just changing the set of trusted certificates.12:25
Maxdamantusie, only trusting a particular certificate, or only trusting certificates with particular public keys.12:25
Maxdamantus"pinning" to me sounds like where a key is set by a protocol, rather than provided as part of the OS/application, just like any "trusted" certificates are provided.12:27
MaxdamantusThe question is just whether you're able to add your own trusted certificate/key. If it's using Android's default trusted certificates, I suspect that's a yes because you can probably add your own CA cert to be trusted, but if it's bundling its own cert and only trusting that, you'd need to replace that bundled cert.12:28
siceloi also don't remember the details now, but iirc the apps contain some cert for sure12:35
MaxdamantusRight, so it just trusts its own cert instead of the Android-provided certs.12:37
Maxdamantus(which imo is a reasonable thing to do sometimes)12:37
KotCzarnyedit the binary to insert own cert?12:38
siceloa bigger job :p12:42
siceloif you have older android, and the app works there, that's the quickest way around it. a rooted device also can help (but my Sprint S7 is unrootable)12:45
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halftuxjuiceme: I found the association rules for maemo e.V. it is in our wiki I forgot about it. There you could find the rules about voting, and also a regular agenda of a meeting it looks like the last meeting was in 201719:48
siceloyeah :(19:52
sicelonice to see you here btw - slight nitpick - why the html emails?19:53
halftuxnot all were html only the replies I think sorry for that19:55
halftuxI think if we would like to keep this e.V. we should act fast...19:58
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halftuxsicelo: do you have a droid 4 (XT894)?20:35
siceloyes :)20:42
halftuxand leste running fine? I wasn't able to get this kexecboot running :( Tried also different fastboot version. You did the same procedure from wiki?20:44
siceloyes it's working fine (although these days i'm playing more with plain debian+sway on my N900 instead)20:47
siceloi used the same procedure. there's also #maemo-leste if you want to join. you'll get quicker help there20:48
halftuxoh I see. Never tried sway. Which debian version?20:49
siceloat what point do you get issues with the droid 4 procedure?20:51
siceloi'll move to debian on the droid 4 at some point since it's better/faster hardware - i just did it on N900 just for fun initially -just to see if wayland would really run on it20:52
halftuxit looks everything fine only that I get no sign that kexecboot kicks in and is booting from sdcard20:52
halftuxso it boots everytime to android :(20:53
sicelook. but do you see the kexecboot menu? i guess from your comment, no20:53
siceloso i think the uSD card is fine. your issue is somewhere with kexecboot.20:55
halftuxfastboot reports no error but I have the feeling that the bootloader is not replaced and I flashed this allow-mbmloader before20:55
siceloi did this procedure more than a year ago, so i have forgotten some stuff. but i would recommend joinig #maemo-leste. they'll help20:58
halftuxWhen I have some time I will try it again and therefore I will join maemo-leste channel...20:59
sicelocool :)20:59
siceloleste runs really well on it (droid 4)20:59
sicelothere are still a few issues here and there, but some refer to it as the Leste 'flagship'21:00
halftuxI can imagine and I would really like to tried it21:00
siceloi actually wanted to port some of the programs you maintain for Fremantle, e.g. cutenews - then sway happened and i got distracted21:02
halftuxfor development it is also better to have different screen sizes. For the N900 I was so lasy that I everytime choosed a fixed resolution21:02
siceloLeste uses Qt5, which is quite nice, since more s/w can run21:02
halftuxyes I tried already things in VM and N900 with leste. I can also use there things which I developed in qt5 (widgets) for sailfish21:06
sicelomaybe you would like to upload them to the Leste repos as well - it's open access21:07
halftuxI think qt5 package needs still some fine tuning for leste (last time I tried, already long ago), but it is really time consuming to fix/expand qt5, I have the feeling everytime when I have some time I start from the beginning to analyse the source code. I uploaded already one application to leste repos. When I got this droid 4 running I suppose more will follow.21:15
sicelooh great!21:20
siceloheh, i just tried running mutter/wayland on N900. working good it seems - of course it's not full-blown gnome21:20
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