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xmnAny smart folks in here at the moment :)10:09
xmnI have an interesting usb port issue I'm trying to trouble shoot10:10
xmnI had a successful usb port repair but been acting up and now doesn't charge. But will start the charging if the n900 is turned off and booting into that special charge only mode.10:11
clorthave you tried different chargers and cables?10:12
xmnHowever I wondering could this be software based? Since it still can start the charging process, but then goes into a gharge boot loop.10:12
xmnhey clort, yeah10:13
clortrunning system needs power, so trickle charge doesn't work, if that's the situation10:13
clortbut i'm not a smart person wrt charging10:13
KotCzarnyhigh resistance of some pin? (ie. bad solder)10:13
xmnWhen I plug one of those usb meters inline, it looks like it never figuring out what kind of charge to give it? PD ...10:14
xmnclort thankfully I have an ext charger and 2 batteries :)10:15
xmnKotCzarny interesting10:15
xmnSo do you think this could work at first then slowly break down?10:15
clortwhat is supplying power10:15
clortcomputer or dumb 5v charger10:15
clortmaybe your power source is trying to do the negotiation10:15
xmnclort I tried them all10:16
xmnFor away the computer was working.10:16
xmnThen most only shutdown boot charge (or whatever its called)10:16
xmnKotCzarny would you think reheating the solders could reflow for a better connection?10:17
xmnThe other choice is to try and move a tiny magswitch chip for the keyboard over to my 2nd parts board :(10:19
clorti'm not sure what to use n900 for now10:24
KotCzarnymaybe you can try measuring reistance10:24
clortthinking maybe streaming webcap with battery backup10:24
KotCzarnyto check if it's the case10:24
KotCzarnyclort: install oscp and use it as a remotely controlled audio player10:25
KotCzarnysoon i will add tidal/spotify support ;)10:25
clortis it available for armhf / omap4 too?10:25
xmnYeah I think this usb meter can do that .. but honestly don't remember how10:25
KotCzarnyclort: yeah, although i would have to update the repo10:26
KotCzarnyfor a quickie i can upload the binary somewhere10:26
KotCzarnyor you can build from arch repo10:26
xmnbut I can share that it my semi working board shows dcp-1.5a usb2.0-hs, 5.1469v, 0.4494A, 2.3130W10:27
xmnI'm charging it up to see what is the normal stats are10:28
KotCzarnywithout display n900 eats ~5-10mA10:29
KotCzarnywith display on/audio playing its ~100-250mA10:30
xmnyup thats what I have 05810.6mAh10:30
xmnon a different screen10:30
xmnon the meter10:30
xmnI was thinking that maybe I could factory format the device and clean up any issue. But if its like you say then of course that would matter10:31
xmnIt's just very inconsistent in how it works10:31
clortthat's really amazing low power10:32
clortwith omap4 and kernel 5.10 i never get near that10:33
clortbut it still has power when i wake up in the morning, so it's all ok10:33
xmnyeah the n900 power usage can be pretty amazing at times10:35
xmnit why I can still get more then a day of battery from a 1300 battery10:36
xmnthe sad part is all this work and tmobile is shutting down 2/3g in January So this may really be less a priority. Meaning I had to get a PinePhone to replace it till something better comes along10:39
xmnAnyway thanks guys for giving me ideas and opinions appreciate it.10:39
clortshut down 3g eh so no gsm either?10:39
KotCzarnyyou can still use n900 for wifi calling maybe10:40
KotCzarnyie. sip/voip10:40
xmnwell some body was saying you could do some kind of business gsm thing10:40
clortis there some ez-pz sip call package for linux10:40
KotCzarnyn900 has sip integrated10:41
clortcause i am too tired to learn sip10:41
xmnbut for consumers I think yeah, will see.10:41
KotCzarnyso you just create sip account on n900 and it works10:41
xmnsip on the n900 is super easy though10:41
xmnand yup still can use my sip account10:41
xmnsad that skype stop working10:41
xmnBut I do find the sip is a bit cpu intensive and that creates call quality issues10:42
xmnMaybe on a fresh clean system it could be better, not sure10:43
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bencohoh, skype finally stopped working on n900?11:33
bencohxmn: you might want to give droid4+leste a try by the way ... not that it is ready for daily phone use, but ... I think it's in the right direction at least11:35
clortbencoh are the pulseaudio mappings fixed up for droid4 so i can do microphone input now?11:43
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bencohclort: no idea tbh11:56
clortooh 5.10 is on repo12:04
clorti'll be courageous with one device12:04
clortwell i'm retardo with pulseaudio, so i have no mic in12:07
clorti can arecord with just alsa12:08
clortnice, got calls werkin with alsa12:12
clortalso bencoh with xgamma, pulling down the blue gamma makes d4 have such a cozy mellow look12:30
clortgreys are way off but oh well12:30
KotCzarnyxcalib ?12:31
clorta shader that only selectively biases saturation of colors that arn't grey is available12:31
clortso you can alter color balance without messing up greys12:31
KotCzarnyxcalib and icc12:31
clortidk that12:32
clortwhere do i get an ICCPROFILE for this display KotCzarny12:34
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xmnbencoh yeah, keeping an eye on maemo-leste. But not a fan of the droid and frankly not looking to jump from one old device to another slightly newer_but_still_really_old_device. I would image also it doesn't support 4g either ;).  So with the PinePhone and there keyboard I'm hoping to capture some of the best usability of the n900. we'll see. And leste does run on the PinePhone. Appreciate the recommendation though, some great work being done14:14
xmn on the droid4.14:14
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