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t3st3rEh, interesting, Maemo forums claims I'm bot. That's what I get for using Tor? oO08:53
KotCzarnylots of bots use tor08:54
t3st3rPretty much like saying "many criminals eat same food like you". I can't deny it.08:55
KotCzarnynope, not the same08:55
KotCzarnytor is used by specific types of people08:55
KotCzarnysome for good reasons, but a lot for bad reasons08:56
t3st3rFor me it looks privacy-unfriendly. Eh, been (and still is) maemo user. And I'd say it rather sad to be locked out like that08:56
KotCzarnytor is a tool08:56
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t3st3r<KotCzarny> tor is a tool <- Yes, and I also have some knives on kitchen, even if I dont use them to kill...08:57
KotCzarnybut 'balaclava' is the better analogy08:57
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KotCzarnysome use it for skiing etc, but you dont normally wear it for shopping08:58
KotCzarnyif you wear balaclava in shop, its suspect behavior08:58
t3st3rHmm, I thought it's innocent unless proven guilty but seems these days it's more fun to shot suspect 1st, investigate later :\08:59
t3st3rWell, forum suggested me to come here. Was it in vain or something?08:59
KotCzarnymost likely tor ips wont get excluded09:00
KotCzarnybut you can wait for an answer from someone else09:01
t3st3rHmm are you staff? I somehow remember your name from ages of the past.09:01
KotCzarnynope, just a regular user09:02
t3st3rAhh okay. Maemo been best thing I've used ever. So it's kinda sad to be banned out of forums. But, seems, I have to live with it.09:05
KotCzarnyyou can always set up some proxy and use it09:05
KotCzarnyjust for t.m.o09:05
t3st3rThat's possible. But brings some questions on overall privacy policy anyway.09:07
KotCzarnyprivacy policy is 'there is a bot problem, and not enough manpower, so here's that'09:07
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KotCzarnyand if you look closely, there is nothing invading your privacy on tmo09:09
KotCzarnyno google, no doubleclick, no nothing09:09
t3st3rI don't even see it - as the only thing forum is willing to show is... Sorry, if you aren't a bad bot, it seems that you are using an IP address or a proxy that is listed in the forum anti spam blacklist.09:11
t3st3rFeel free to contact our staff on irc freenode #maemo channel.09:11
brolin_empeyGoogle acquired DoubleClick in 2007.09:46
t3st3rSo two evils became one.09:54
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infoboti heard techstaff is techstaff(AT) - the folks that keep your maemo infra running. Devotion to Duty
siceloKotCzarny: nice balaclava analogy10:13
infoboti heard unbanip is please contact techstaff <at> maemo <dot> org with your request, or see ~techstaff, or see, or if your ip is dynamic, try changing it, or tags: RBL, tmo IP blocked, spam10:19
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siceloby the way, how to close an application on N9/Harmattan? I'm getting a bit tired of having to go to the task manager here on Nemo/N90010:47
KotCzarnyi think it's some swipe10:47
KotCzarnybut dont remember which10:47
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* enyc meows11:27
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MaxdamantusSwipe up iirc12:03
MaxdamantusFrom the very bottom of the screen.12:03
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