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KotCzarnyhmm, anyone know of a mini dab/dab+ transmitter similar to fm transmitter in n900?09:57
sixwheeledbeastDon't think that's a thing due to cost and regulation?10:02
KotCzarnypity, simple 1-10mW might be fun10:03
KotCzarnytheoretically its just an mp2/aac stream10:03
sixwheeledbeastit became common a little while back to open up FM TX as long as it's very short range but DAB you would need a license I imagine.10:08
sixwheeledbeastwhile its possible i doubt someone would make them if they get regulation kick back in a lot of countries or are unwanted.10:12
KotCzarnymany garage door openers and computers accidentally exceed these limits, through poor design or breakdown of some sort10:14
sixwheeledbeastQuick search just shows rack mount kit or people that don't understand the difference between transmitter and receiver...10:14
KotCzarnyya, i have been able to find only rack mounted ones10:15
KotCzarnyie. big ones10:15
sixwheeledbeastwould be on a different RF spectrum tho10:15
sixwheeledbeastgarage door are normally 433 or 86810:15
KotCzarnythe regulations were about magnetic field strenght10:15
infobotKotCzarny meant: the regulations were about em field strenght10:16
sixwheeledbeastyes but the intention of the product would make a difference10:17
enycKotCzarny: external serial/parallel cables can be wonderuflly noisy radiators attached to poor pcs i ntoiced ;p10:55
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KotCzarnypmpp: does your sdk support wiringop?13:07
KotCzarnyerm, wrong chan13:07
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