IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2020-10-11

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brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: Apparently the Debian 10 disc image I have does not have a Help command at the boot menu, which looks like this:04:15
brolin_empeyThis is the first screen after I boot a physical computer from this disc.04:16
Maxdamantusbrolin_empey: looks like that's using grub. maybe try pressing `e` then changing the `linux` line to have `init=/bin/sh` at the end04:19
Maxdamantusactually, might not be grub. looks like you can get to the boot line thing using escape if it's the other bootloader.04:20
Maxdamantus(the image I have just happens to have a "Help" entry which seems to let you enter a boot commandline)04:21
brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: I booted the Debian live environment from the Debian 10 disc and tried to mount the root file system on the USB SSD so I could use chroot to get a shell in the Debian installation on the USB SSD and try to regenerate the initramfs but apparently the ext4 volume for the root file system on the USB SSD is corrupted because I cannot mount it.  Let me get another photographic screenshot.04:32
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brolin_empeyNo, it is not 01:42 here.  It is 18:40 but I did not bother to try to fix the clock in the live session.04:39
brolin_empeyI kept running mount before I ran dmesg, which is why the same message keeps repeating in the dmesg output.04:40
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MaxdamantusHm, so maybe the copy failed, and maybe that's why it wasn't able to find the partition.05:08
brolin_empeyIs this something about features (not) supported by different versions of the ext4 file system driver?  Apparently the ext2/3/4 driver for Windows has limited support for extents but I guess the driver on Linux should support everything necessary even if it is still a 4.x kernel instead of a current 5.x kernel.05:38
enycpossible,  64bit and metadata_csum  features not always supported....06:18
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sicelosomething weird is happening on my other N900. It's switched off, but will turn on the backlight every so often (as if it will turn on), and then off again20:31
siceloif i boot it, all seems well. i wonder what's going on20:32
KotCzarnyyou have a virus!20:35
sixwheeledbeast^some alarm or cronjob maybe?20:37
KotCzarnydo they work in fakedead?20:38
sicelono. it's not even waking up fully. it just lights up backlight with  nothing on screen, and then turns off a while later20:38
sixwheeledbeast^I believed so20:38
siceloand the cycle goes on20:38
sixwheeledbeast^tried charging it?20:38
KotCzarnydying power button?\20:38
sicelobattery is full20:39
sixwheeledbeast^take the battery out for a bit?20:40
siceloif power button had issues, then i'd be having the system menu keep popping up in fremantle, i think20:40
KotCzarnyhow often it happens?20:41
sicelosixwheeledbeast^: i did. as soon as the battery makes contact, the backlight comes on20:41
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siceloi only noticed it an hour or so ago, with device having been untouched for at least 2 days20:41
siceloi guess for the time being i'll keep the device switched on :p20:42
sixwheeledbeast^My device powers up on battery insertion.20:42
sicelosixwheeledbeast^: without pressing power button? that sounds ... unusual. or i'm mistaken?20:43
sixwheeledbeast^IDK I have a device that does and one that doesn't20:43
sixwheeledbeast^never been an issue20:44
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KotCzarnyjust checked on mine, taking out/reinserting doesnt trigger anything20:45
KotCzarnyshould stay dark20:45
infobotmethinks boot-process is
KotCzarnyi still suggest something about power button or flex cable20:46
KotCzarnysome short20:46
KotCzarnybut intermittent20:46
KotCzarnymaybe some goo, humidation, nature starting a nest20:47
sicelothat sounds plausible KotCzarny. but, when booted, all is normal. if i power down, then it starts :)20:47
KotCzarnyhow often it happens when powered off?20:47
sicelosince i observed it the first time, it's consistent now20:47
KotCzarnybut how often20:47
sixwheeledbeast^as you can see dbus and alarmd are active while in act_dead, if something is triggering them the system may try to boot I imagine?20:47
KotCzarnyswb: cron might be the thing, if it really is active during poweroff20:49
sixwheeledbeast^I am pretty sure alarms wake the device up in act dead it's been a while but I recall testing it.20:50
siceloalarms do wake up the device (no idea about cron, which isn't part of maemo). however, alarms wake it up and show the alarm, and later a prompt to power up or down20:51
KotCzarnytry pressing power button few times and sliding screen too20:51
KotCzarnymaybe it clears up20:51
sixwheeledbeast^Does maemo have logs from act_dead state in dmesg or /var ?20:52
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sicelohere's a (silly?) problem i have,22:11
sicelothe android phone runs a hotspot, to which laptop is connected (for internet)22:11
siceloi have a second ip address on the laptop (172.x). i need the Android to reach a service (radicale/caldav) on the laptop via that address. Android is not rooted, but i do have ssh client & server.22:13
sicelowould there be a way to get this done :)22:13
KotCzarnythen add default route via that vpn22:14
KotCzarnybut its internal address22:15
KotCzarnyso hmm22:15
siceloanyway, maybe i shouldn't be lazy. let me just get out a wifi router and create a proper network22:17
siceloin the meantime, the N900 has somehow stabilized. i don't know what to make of it. anyway, it's sitting peacuflly now and i won't disturb it :p22:19
KotCzarnyi still bet on hw22:20
siceloit's possible.22:20
siceloandroid :(22:27
siceloso with laptop as hotspot, android won't sync with my radicale instance because there's no internet access.22:28
siceloso much trouble22:28
siceloalthough, i was also dumb to use IP address when setting up the caldav client (DavX5)22:31
siceloyay, tinyproxy (on laptop) to the rescue22:59
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