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WizzupDoes anyone know how fremantle rotates its input device (touchscreen) when the device orientation changes?12:25
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MaxdamantusWizzup: my guess would be using randr.13:30
MaxdamantusWizzup: `xrandr --output LCD --rotate right` seems to work for me.13:30
WizzupMaxdamantus: right, but what component does that?13:30
MaxdamantusOh, hildon-desktop iirc13:30
WizzupThat rotates the screen, I don't think that rotates input13:30
WizzupThat is usually done via xinput13:30
MaxdamantusThe input seems to be rotated when I do that too.13:31
Wizzupyes, but this is not 'normal' on Linux13:31
Maxdamantus(I've disabled the rotation functionality in hildon-desktop)13:31
MaxdamantusWhat do you mean? xrandr is how I've always rotated screens in Linux.13:32
Wizzupyes, but it won't rotate your input devices for you, at least not touch screens13:32
Maxdamantushaven't really used any other devices with touchscreens, but I would expect Xorg will know to transform the touchscreen inputs appropriately.13:32
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WizzupIt doesn't, I can assure you13:33
Wizzupthat's why stuff like this exists
WizzupMaybe they patched X to do that or something, but it doesn't work like this on X in that last 10 years13:36
Wizzup(I've dealt with lots of touchscreen devices, and they're separate entities from the screen, and there is not necessarily a way to tell X that they belong together13:36
WizzupSo usually they have to be rotated separately13:36
* Wizzup back later13:37
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sixwheeledbeastThe way I remember it all windows have an extra flag that permits rotation and the whole window is redrawn by hildon. It's not a rotation as such everything is flexible and just redrawn. There wasn't much to enable it from the CSSU guys back in the day, Nokia had purposely not made it a thing as not everything would be able to play nice.14:41
Wizzupsixwheeledbeast: right, that is for windows, but not the input layer14:46
WizzupI know how that works, but that's not what I mean14:46
Wizzupbasically, if you take any modern linux, and a device with a touchscreen, if you rotate the screen with xrandr, the touch device won't follow implicitly14:47
Wizzupso all input will be wrong until you make the touch input device match the screen14:47
Wizzup(this is what 'xinput map-to-output' does)14:47
sixwheeledbeasti don't really understand it in depth it's just what I recall. if the window is just redrawn instead of "rotated" then why does input layer matter? to the touchscreen nothing is different?14:51
Wizzupthe window isn't drawn rotated, the screen is rotated14:52
Wizzupand the window properties do not relate here: they just tell hildon is it needs to force a certain screen rotation14:53
Wizzup(I know, because I just finished porting them to leste qt 5)14:53
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sixwheeledbeastoh not sure then15:12
sixwheeledbeastMaybe something in the xserver-xomap metapackage has some answers? that was a package modified by the community for rotation support15:16
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