IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2020-08-03

sunshaviswb: 4 opening my garage door?00:14
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sunshaviswb: or for talking to my SBC? or both00:18
sixwheeledbeastgenerally about the apps and the protocols00:21
sunshaviwell my SBC has /dev/lirc0. so probably I could play a little bit with it00:25
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sicelopierogi wasn't exactly using the LIRC backend/protocol00:39
sicelomight be easier to adapt the other applications instead, i suppose. not saying pierogi won't work :)00:44
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sixwheeledbeastindeed thats my point, everything was hardcoded but layout was better from a UX POV01:32
siceloah yes. i missed your comment. my bad :)01:39
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untakenstupidnicwhat are some slightly powerful but cheap phones which could do linux stuff? Nokia 8110 4G is powerful enough but there doesn't seem to be much hacking community around its OS.01:50
sicelo8110? 0.o01:55
ashleyyou sure? from what I've seen there's a decent hacking community around the 8110 (not necessarily its OS though, but that particular phone has generated quite a bit of interest)01:56
untakenstupidnicthe KaiOS phone01:56
siceloi know this is getting you out of Maemo, but you might want to perhaps choose from whatever phone is in the 'Community' section of
siceloyes i know about 8110 4G ... I just ... am not sure it's that useful. just my own 2 cents01:57
untakenstupidnici thought its the n900 of new generation when i saw its page but the website for GerdaOS is offline, also they barely have a terminal emulator01:57
untakenstupidnicnot even an irc channel01:58
sicelothey have irc channel (which i'm in)01:58
untakenstupidnicwhat is it? #kaios is empty01:59
sicelobut seriously, for linux, look at pinephone, droid4, or those other devices. i'm sure that A3/A5 exists in your market01:59
siceloif you're interested, you could even port Maemo leste to the A3/A5 .. shouldn't be hard02:00
sicelountakenstupidnic: #bananahackers02:00
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