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* enyc meows07:27
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brolin_empey$ cat enyc08:16
brolin_empeyI am trying to use ZoiPer for Android with my account to call two +86 (mainland China) PSTN numbers but ZoiPer always says “service unavailable” for the mobile number and “not found” for the office number.  Is there a PSTN number in mainland China that is answered by a computer instead of by a person that I can try calling to see if I can still call mainland China with my configuration?  Apparently calls to mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan,08:21
brolin_empeybut not Macao are enabled for my account.  I can still call a number in San Francisco, California that is answered by a computer instead of by a person (the DNA Lounge Infoline).08:21
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brolin_empeyI removed the 0 after the +86 in the office number, now I get a spoken recording in Chinese then English saying something like “Sorry, the number you dialed is out of service.” (in English, presumably the same in Chinese) so it seems like I can still call mainland China with my configuration.08:59
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brolin_empeyFor LGA775 motherboards that I can still buy now, over a decade since this generation of hardware was new, is there an alternative to the Gigabyte Ultra Durable series if I want all solid capacitors?  This model is currently available on eBay and looks nice:  I do see some possible downsides but probably nothing critical.10:55
brolin_empeyThe Asus P5E-VM DO was my favourite model of LGA775 motherboard but it has electrolytic capacitors that do not last in the long term so now my company has Yet Another motherboard that we had to stop using due to blown/bulging electrolytic capacitors.11:00
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luke-jrwhy use obsolete stuff, especially if you have to buy new hardware to go with it?11:21
brolin_empeyluke-jr: It is not obsolete unless maybe you need EFI instead of literal BIOS for some reason.  With an LGA775 DDR2 motherboard, a Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU costs only 4 CAD and 4×2-GiB DDR2-800 DIMMs for 8 GiB of main memory costs only around 30 CAD on eBay.11:27
luke-jrbrolin_empey: did Intel even release microcode fixes for all the security holes in that CPU?11:29
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sixwheeledbeastobsolete is the exact term, when something is obsolete it doesn't mean it's not functional or deployable. Spending money on very old hardware seems silly in most cases. There is a good second hand market for a bit but things move on so fast you would need a specific use case IMO.12:56
sixwheeledbeastAlso there was the great capacitor plague due to faulty electrolyte around a decade ago.12:59
sixwheeledbeastIntel are still struggling with more and more exploits some will never be patched due to concerns over performance.13:10
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sixwheeledbeastI feel that's why they are refreshing the same old stuff for now. They need to look to a new process that will be secure for long term development.13:16
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APicMaxdaman1us: Indeed i could download both NITDroid-0.0.9.tar.bz2 and nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-07_7-rc7_armel.deb from, thank You very much! I was always searching for gingerbread.tar.bz2, but that is probably not much newer or even older than NITDroid-0.0.913:31
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